Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013 Scavenger Hunt: Colorado

Hey!  I hope you have all had an excellent July!
The summer is flying by!

Thanks to everyone who wrote kind comments 

on my posts that I couldn't respond to 
and for all the well wishes when and after 
I was in the hospital.  

Soon I'll be back 

to my regular enjoying of your blogs 
and to writing more frequent posts 
on my own blog.

Thanks also to Jill 

and her Made with Love blog
for setting up the hunt.

Scavenger Hunt July 2013:  Colorado

1.  Black
 Black Engine 71 ~ Colorado & Southern Railway
Blackhawk Branch

C&S Engine 71 ran on the Blackhawk Branch narrow gauge line from Denver to Central City,"The Richest Square Mile on Earth."  
The engine pulled ore and passengers.
The Blackhawk Branch was torn up in 1941, 
and the last C&S narrow gauge run in Colorado 
occurred on August 25, 1943.
Source:  Wikipedia 

2.  Eleven
Eleven of Colorado's State Flower:  The Columbine

Taken in Breckenridge, Colorado

3.  Something Very Old
Torreys Peak, 14,275 feet/4,351 meters (left) 
Grays Peak, 14,278 feet/4,352 meters (right)
Seen from Peak 8 in Breckenridge
These mountains are part of the Front Range in Colorado, 
and they are formed of metamorphic gneiss 1.7 billion years old.
I have climbed both peaks.

Left:  Roy and Sue (Brother and Sister-in-Law) on Colorado SuperCar
Middle:  me and Terry
Above:  Me

To get the picture of Grays and Torreys from Breckenridge, 
I had to get high enough to see over 
the 12,000 foot+ Mt. Bald ridgeline and other high areas. 
We four took the BreckConnect Gondola 
from the town of Breckenridge to the Base of Peak 8.  
Then we caught the Colorado SuperChair 
to the top of Peak 8 just above 11,000 feet/3353 meters.  
From there we hiked to an overlook.

4.  Something Bright
Bright Sculpture:  Breckenridge Art Show, July 5th 2013

Bright Cumulonimbus Clouds in an Aurora, Colorado Sky
Portending Thunderstorms and Rain

5.  Coins
 Lots of Quarter Coins in This Win!
Ameristar, Black Hawk, Colorado

6.  Technology
The Hidden Technology Behind My Favorite Video Poker Bank

 Technology and the Modern Family!

7.  Numbers
Numbers on My IV

8.  Wheels
Wheels on I-70 Heading into Georgetown

9.  The Great Outdoors
Breckenridge, Colorado from the Base of Peak 10 ~
Beautiful and Great Outdoors !
Dillon Reservoir is barely visible in the middle of the photo. 

Fireweed in Breckenridge

10.  Smile
I Know I'm in the Photo, 
but This Hands Down 
Is My Favorite Smile of the Month:  
My Brother as He Gives Me a Hug!!!!
Top of Peak 8, Breckenridge

11.  Umbrella
An Umbrella ~ Breckenridge Art Show

12.  Feet

The Ultimate Outrage for a Waikiki SUP Dudette!
My Feet in Hospital Socks Color-Coded for Risk of Falling!

Better-balanced day on Waikiki!!!!!

I can't wait to see everyone's photographs this month!

Here's the list for August:
Brown, 10, Windows, Petrol Station, Boats, Framed, Chopsticks, Transport, Playing, Fantasy, Sharp, Post Card.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Little Break

Just a heads up!
I'm hoping to get a new computer ordered today,
so I'll be off-line for a little while.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately ~
recovering from a brief stay in the hospital.

Here's a favorite:
Gordon Lightfoot's Softly:

Source:  JohnEBMcC video You Tube

See you soon.
It will be fun to see 
how many ways I can mess up on a new computer!

Have a good one!