Friday, September 13, 2013

In the Wet Wet!

The sun is shining through breaks in the clouds,
and I can see growing patches of blue, blue sky.
It is a welcome sight.

As I said in last night's post,
Terry and I are safe 
and fortunate to live in a part of Aurora
that has not been hit by severe flooding.

Southeastern Aurora, Yesterday Afternoon 

Flooding has ravaged streams and creeks
stretching along 150 miles (241 km.)
of the Front Range, 
and flooding has forced 
thousands of people from their homes.

Source:  YouTube/ABC News

The Colorado National Guard 
and local first responders are working
very, very hard to rescue and to help people
stranded by the flash flooding.
The situation is improving,
but as many as twenty people are still missing.

I chose to go out yesterday to attend

a fund-raising luncheon and silent auction
on the west side of the Metro Area.
My district's Retired Employees of Cherry Creek Schools
(RECCS ~ pronounced recess!)
hosted the event to support a scholarship fund 
for Cherry Creek high school graduates.

South Gartrell Road and Aurora Parkway, Aurora
Yesterday Morning (9/12/2013)

One of my former third grade students received
a $2,500 scholarship from RECCS last spring, 
so I really wanted to attend the luncheon.
You go, Girl!  I'm so proud of you!

Had I checked the National Weather Service website
before I took off yesterday, 
I would have seen this unusual announcement.
Like ~ Who does that???  Not me!!!

941 AM MDT THU SEP 12 2013


Really, the phrase Biblical rainfall amounts 
did not occur to me as I headed west.

Arapahoe Road (9/12/2013)

After almost an hour of driving, I made it,
and the rain appeared to be slacking off.

Holly and Belleview (9/12/2013)

What education employees 
won't do for their students ~
pretty much everyone expected showed up.
RECCS raised a lot of scholarship money,
and I had a blast catching up with retired friends.

Rain was still coming down as I neared home.
But not too badly.

Parker and Arapahoe (9/12/2013)

So I picked up some hot coffee 
at our local Starbucks 
and headed for Piney Creek.
With my camera.
In high heels.
Yup, me, in high heels ~
It's not every day I get to go to 
Glenmoor Country Club!

How was I to know that the Ever-Patient 

had been sent home early 
because of rain coming in 
through his office roof?
He should know by now that, 
if I have our one cell phone,
it's never on and I never answer it anyway!

So while the E-P Terry was pacing the floor at home and worrying,

I was about a half a mile away taking photos
and hoping to beat the next band of heavy rain.

I met the E-P heading out on our street
as I was heading in.  
He was most happy to see me 
after visions 
of my old and low Saturn floating away!


By 9:00 a.m. today.
I was back along the creek bed again ~
sans high heels 
but under a big black umbrella.

I don't mean to diminish the flash flooding 
that has devastated nearby areas;
it's just that my wet world 
was lovely this morning.

Stay safe!


  1. "Bibical rainfall amounts"...I love that.
    It made me think though that there are many kids (and adults) who would not understand that.
    Stay safe, praying for all in Colorado and the first responders. xx I HEART Colorado!

  2. BIBLICAL!! AHH, sorry about that!

    I do know how to spell BIBLE, I even know the song!

    THE B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me!
    I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E!
    I hope you are singing!! xx

    1. Hi Kay! I have no idea how my reply ended up below Martha's Plowing Through Life! Yours were the only messages posted when I started writing my comment to you. Computers are endlessly confusing! LOL!

    2. Yes! I was singing it! And then my old Bible camp song started, and it's been stuck in my mind for hours and hours! LOL!

  3. Some outstanding photos! Are those deer waiting to get on the Ark (to continue your BIBICAL theme, LOL?)

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the photos, Debra! Poor deers were soaking wet! Normally I can get very close to them, but they took a look at my big black umbrella and flew across the field. When muleys pronk, they can cover territory fast! Sorry to say they would have missed the boat by taking off like that! Have a good one!

  4. Beautiful photos! It looks like a couple of deer in that last photo are mooning you...LOL...

    1. Hi Martha! Tee Hee! You have such a great sense of humor! Thanks for the kind words about my photos! Sorry about my reply to Kay popping up under yours. I will never get computers! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Hi Kay! I thought that was quite a quote from the National Weather Service. "Biblical rainfall amounts" is A LOT! My brain has a talent for automatically correcting misspellings, so I didn't even notice! My head is always filled with music! My actual singing is scary though. There are amazing vocalists in my family ~ but those genes skipped me! Have an awesome weekend, Kay!xx

  6. Need to build an ark
    Then put it in park
    Just in case for the next time
    Let all aboard but a mime
    The duck looks happy too
    All kinds of water for him to play in at your zoo

  7. Hey Pat!
    I'm collecting wood in my garage,
    getting started on a floating lodge!
    When the mallards' playground grows,
    gotta head for high ground as the water flows.
    More rain coming our way ~
    couldn't go to the mountains today. :(
    Take care!

  8. I cracked up at the Biblical Amounts and the comment, "So things are not looking good". This storm has been amazing. I am so thankful for the sun today... while it lasts!
    The deer have quizzical looks on their faces... wondering why you are out on a day like that!
    Mr. Dreamy says, "Thanks" for the tip on the raindrops.

    1. Hi Dreaming.
      I hope those stitches are feeling a little better!
      The storms continue to be unreal.
      Are you okay where you are? I know Parker was nailed yesterday afternoon along with Aurora.

      When our emergency sirens went off, we ran to the basement thinking tornado ~ Duh! ~ Then we realized it was a flood siren! I'm wondering if the sirens go off for the whole city at once? We didn't get heavy rain for too long in our little spot, but it was all around us. I was at Cheddars yesterday for a late lunch with friends ~ nobody else came ~ I didn't realize what was going on in other areas outside the foothills. I just made it home before the rain hammered us.

      I think the deer were looking at my big, black umbrella that I was holding. Normally I can get quite close to them, and they don't spook. I had to go back to my car and change my camera batteries between the first set of deer photos and the last. When I crested the hill those deer fled! I must have looked like a giant black mushroom coming at them. I wish I could pronk like the mules ~ They can move!

      Stay safe! I hope Mr. Dream is looking at raindrops and not a deluge later today.

  9. I'm so glad you are safe and dry. I would hate to see that forecast here. Your pictures tell the story. I hope by now some of the water has gone down. Water is so powerful and can do so much damage. It seems our country has had it's share of bad weather.

    1. Hi Peggy! Thanks for your kind comment. The water has gone down, but more heavy rain is forecasted for later today. The ground is so saturated with water that it can't absorb any more. Meteorologists are predicting more flooding for areas that have already flooded. Thank goodness the National Guard has been rescuing people by helicopter from completely cut-off towns, like Lyons. Terry and I remain high and dry on a hillside. There are wildly varying accounts of people missing ~ from 200 to 350. We're staying put. Fortunately the rescue efforts have been going on during the weekend, so it's easier for people to stay off the roads and not try to get to work. Our country has been hit with a lot of bad weather. It seems that whatever is going on with global climate is destabilizing the weather, and we're getting more extreme weather of all kinds. Take care, Peggy.

  10. Take care. I've been worried about you since the news coverage has shown us such dreadful things. Glad you are okay. Best wishes for you & everyone in Colorado.

    1. Thank you for your concern, Francie. Terry and I remain safe and dry, although Aurora was hit hard with large hail, heavy rain, and more severe flash flooding yesterday. Aurora stretches a long way from north to south, so the extreme weather can vary quite a bit within the city. Usually our area gets hit by a lot of snow in storms and blizzards. Frankly I'll take heavy snow over heavy rain anytime. Having spent a lot of time in remote areas of Canada, my larder is always stocked, and I have an old-fashioned can opener! Thanks for your well-wishes for everyone in Colorado. Some people are really suffering, and there are many people missing. But we'll get through this. We have amazing first responders and caring, helpful people. Take care.

  11. Holy Moly, Wet means wet ~~~ (we only have one cell phone too, if that helps)

    The video is the same that I saw on CBC last eve....the worst of it of course. Hope your wet world is drying up a bit now, a whole lot actually.

    Imagine throwing the bible into this, just to scare you more(if you had heard it though) winks.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, in high heels and sans spikes too ~~ the wetness is definitely evident. That mule deer really has her/his eye on you.

    Take care!


    1. Hey Ron!
      It has been unreal here, but Terry and I remain safe and dry ~ at least inside. We're still getting rain, and middle to northern Aurora got slammed yesterday afternoon. Our emergency siren went off, and we were in the basement thinking tornado ~ but it was for flash floods. First time it hasn't been a tornado warning!

      I haven't been down to Piney Creek yet to check the water levels, but I don't think they're going to have changed much. We seem to be missing the worst of it in our little patch of Colorado. Still 200 - 300+ people missing or unaccounted for. Our National Guard has been evacuating people (and pets, sweet Sophie!) by helicopter from cut-off areas.

      I thought the National Weather Service announcement was amazing ~ usually it's quite dry stuff. Normally I don't check it, but I read of the quote in a google search and thought, "You have got to be kidding!" So I went to the site, and there was the quote! Memorable to say the least.

      What has happened is tragic, but then there are so many tragic things going on around the world. It's aways a lesson to learn that it can happen here too. You are lulled into complacency when you live in a free and affluent country. I have tremendous belief in the capacity of regular people to rise above events.

      I have bloody blisters on my toes after that high-heeled stunt! Nothing stands in my way if I'm after a photo! That female mule deer was staring at my big black umbrella. I'm creeping along holding the umbrella, trying to zoom and focus my camera with one hand, while carrying my car keys (no pocket in my jeans!), and I'm sure that muley is thinking "What the ....???"

      We'll be hunkered down watching the Broncos play today ~ Woop! Woop! (I'm continuing in my quest to be a true fan!) Yesterday the University of Boulder football game was cancelled, but they had all that food bought for the game. The CU Buffaloes (aka Buffs) cooked and served the food to all-comers. About 25% of the university buildings have water damage, and a lot of students were forced from their apartments and dorms. Some won't be able to get back into their dorms for the rest of the semester. A lot of hungry kids showed up. That should offset some of the bad publicity the Buffs have garnered over the years.

      Take care! Belly rubs to my favorite Labradoodle!

    2. Muthah Nature is at in once again, not being glib here at all, because people in general are experiencing more upsetting natural disasters than ever now. Always on the look out for the unusual weather patterns that amble their way over our way, not wanting ANY hurricanes at all any more.(fingers crossed knocking on wood). They just make me super nervous and cause too much destruction.
      That's so impressive what the Buffs, (like that name, kinda)~~ people do put all into perspective when necessary, it always come to be .

      Ron (rubbing Sophie's belly again, gees everyone gets me to do that)

    3. Hey Ron and Sophie!
      How could anyone not want to send a belly rub to you, Sophie? You deserve every rub!
      May you have no hurricanes, Ron! I'll take a blizzard over a hurricane any day. Who knows what the winter will bring this year. We could have used all that rain falling as snow and building up our snowpack in the mountains. Then all that excess moisture could have flowed down the Colorado River to the Gulf of Mexico. Take care!

  12. That sun was so nice today; I'm so glad the mountains are receiving moisture, but it is really wreaking havoc. I keep wondering why this "Biblical" downpour couldn't have happened when we had fires needing to be put out!!!

    Glad you are okay and high heeling it to such great photos!

    1. Hi Snowcatcher!
      Thanks for the kind words about my photos ~ and I hope you are doing well. I'm with you ~ why can't we get the rain when we really need it ~ and spread out a little more. Really, a year's worth in a few days?

      Yes, that sun was lovely! I got out for a three-mile walk, some of it along a dirt road by the high plains, and enjoyed every minute. Then I went to meet friends for a late lunch. On the way I heard flash flood warnings for Evergreen and surroundings. No one showed for our lunch date! So after I stalled with a glass of wine (waiting for late arrivals who never came) and ate a small lunch, I drove home and heard flash flood warnings for Castlewood Canyon, Franktown, and moving for Parker. I get home and hear about Aurora ~ explains why nobody showed!

      I feel so badly for the people who are having such a difficult time ~ especially those who have lost loved ones.
      You take care!

  13. Glad your still safe, I think your photo were worth getting wet feet for.

    1. Thanks GT! I felt a little guilty having fun in the wet wet when so many people have lost so much. But I can't resist nature in all its moods. Your country has had more than its share of natural disasters in recent years! Somehow people have a greater appreciation of what's happening when it's hit close to home. You seer so much on TV that it's almost unreal ~ then the reality hits and you get it. Have a great week Jill!

  14. Glad you're dry and safe, great pictures and blog!

    1. Hi Smile! Thank you for your kind words! Have a happy day!

  15. Deluge unleashed! I fear climate change will be the undoing of us all. Glad you are safe. Take care.

    1. Hi Mark! It's good to see you! We have sunshine this morning. I do worry about climate chafe ~ because it is happening! Have a great week!

  16. Hello Fundy!
    Well yes, from France we have been following these floods... My goodness, that was bad!
    IR seems the weather is going from extreme to extreme now and the living are hit badly once in a while.
    We had our share too in the south of France: the combination of terrible rains with 5 to 6 (unusual) meters of snow in the mountains... and the rivers in the Pyrenees wiped out entire villages.
    Thanks for sharing these 2 last posts.
    Cheerio XXXX

    1. Hi Noushka!
      It has been crazy here! I haven't heard an update today, but last night reporters were saying almost 700 people were missing. It is so sad. The number just keeps going up.

      Of course now the eyes of the nation with be on Washington D.C., the Washington Navy Yard, and the multiple lethal shootings this morning. More than our climate is extreme!

      I know the weather in France has been weird this year. How sad that whole villages get wiped out in natural disasters in the Pyrenees and all over the world! I traveled through the Pyrenees years ago, and they were beautiful!

      You take care, my friend!

  17. Oh my-- that kind of rain terrifies me-- I hate having to drive in those conditions. The flooding is devistating-- no one is ever prepared for that situation.

    The photos of the lake and the deer are beautiful and peaceful. I do love rainy day photography-- just not that biblical rain that you describe!!

    It's always SO nice to hear from you--


  18. Hi Vicki! Thank you for the kind words! Here at my home we got 11.64 inches of rain, while just north of us in our city the rain totaled 15.04 inches. That amount of rain is a 500-year event ~ meaning a place will get rain like that here only once in five hundred years! Colorado has a huge clean-up ahead. Hundreds are still unaccounted for ~ I hope they are just stranded somewhere. Take care!


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