Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013 Scavenger Hunt

April's scavenger hunt had me scrambling!
Pink, for one item, was in short supply
during repeated snowstorms
and winter overstaying its welcome.

Despite some challenges, 
I tackled the 12 photo list on
Jill's Made with Love blog.

So here we go with my results!

Scavenger Hunt April 2013

1.  Pink ...
Tutus with Pink

2.  Six ...
A New Arrival's Portrait

3.  Aurora, Colorado ...
Some of the Things in My City
Can Be Downright Perplexing! 

4.  Sport ...
Golfers Swing into Action at Heritage Eagle Bend

5.  Night Light ...
Fiori di Como
Chihuly Installation, Lobby
Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Almost every time I go to Las Vegas
I have to go to the lobby of the Bellagio 
to see this garden of glass installation
by one of my favorite artists, Dale Chihuly.
It is especially lovely at night with its soft lighting.
This glass installation weighs 40,000 pounds
and has hung above the heads of countless admirers
since its creation in 1998.  Source 

6.  Something I Collect ...
Richard Halliburton Books

Richard Halliburton was a famous travel writer
and adventurer in the Twenties and Thirties.
He disappeared at sea after March 24, 1939
in an attempt to sail a Chinese junk
across the Pacific from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

7.  Big ...
Big Transmission Line
Near Arapahoe and Douglas County Line

Big and More Fun!
Not Quite Richard Halliburton!

Definitely Not a Fashionista ~
After a Long Jungle Ride to Sairung Falls!
Sairung Elephant Camp
Outside of Khao Lak, Thailand

Note:  For a different perspective on elephants, read Bangkok Haunts by John Burdett.
Royal Thai Police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep is one of my all time favorite literary characters.
This excellent murder mystery is not for the faint of heart.

8.  Dinner ...
Better Than Thanksgiving ~
Traditional Family Lobster Dinner
in Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia

9.  Texture ...
Textures in Earth and Sky
Along Piney Creek

10.  Curl ...
Curl in a Drake's Tail Feathers

11.  Take Off ...
Presidential Supply Plane 
Takes Off from Buckley Air Force Base,
Aurora, Colorado 
After Presidential Visit, April 2013
(Photographed from Moving Car on E-470)

One Day I'm Going to See Air Force 1 Taking Off!
You Tube:  Air Force 1 Leaving Buckley AFB by StoutZone

 Vertical Take Off!

12.  Plastic ...

Plastic Bags ~
Recycle Please!

Not a Pleasant Sight
in My Park!

Now for next month's list!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Liebster Award!

Liebster Award
What a delightful surprise 
to open my blog this morning 
and find that Paul Forster 
had awarded me a Liebster Award!
Thank you, Paul!  
I find Paul's blog inspirational 
because he is so open and vulnerable 
as he shares his life, his struggles, 
and his songwriting and music.

"Huh? You got a Lobster Award?"
said my Ever-Patient hubby this morning
when I distracted him from his iPad
to tell him the news.
No appreciation on the home front ~
but then, he was reading the news.

Olaus Magnus's Carta marina
With Big Lobsters!

I'm new at this, 
so I have used 
what Paul posted on his blog
as a guide.

Actually Noushka nominated me 
for an award once before, 
but I had just started blogging 
and couldn't number 
the blogs I was following 
on one hand!
So I had to decline regretfully.

Now I have found so many more blogs ~ 
and they are wonderful!  
No easy nominating decisions here, 
let me tell you!  
And Paul has already nominated 
some of my favorite blogs!
But there are plenty more worthy blogs!

Here is how it works:

The rules:
  1. Thank the person who awarded you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked, and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo
  5. No tag backs
11 Facts about me:
  1. I live life in exclamation marks!!!
  2. I was born a Canadian in Nova Scotia, and I became an American citizen in 1999.
  3. I love land-locked Colorado, but I also long for Nova Scotia ~ hence my blog name Fundy Blue.  I have spent a lot of time on the shores of my beloved Bay of Fundy.
  4. Like Paul Forster, I love to travel!  I grew up reading the books of Richard Halliburton who was a famous travel writer and adventurer in the 1920s and 1930s.    He inspired me to go visit the headhunters of Borneo ~ which I have done ~ and many other places which I am slowly crossing off my Bucket List!  I want to visit all seven continents.
  5. I love photography and writing.  So when I was given an encouraging push into the blogosphere by Ron of .from sophie's view, I found the perfect retirement avocation.
  6. My first name is Myrtle, after my grandmother Myrtle Jane (Pratt) MacBeath ~ a fact my brother never lets me forget.  I have always been called Louise, but my family usually calls me Weesie.  Not Roy ~ he still calls me Weasel!
  7. I won the husband lottery!  In spite of the fact that Terry is often distracted, he is the best husband one could have.  I call him the Ever-Patient or the E-P in my blog because he has to put up with me!  He is so level-headed and calm, while I'm like a roller coaster.
  8. I come from an extended and loving family.  My three sisters and one brother mean the world to me.  We are very close!  My parents are both deceased, but I think of them everyday.  Of course, I also love my extended family very, very much.
  9. When people describe me, they usually use the descriptors passionate and energetic.  People are often surprised when I say I am quite shy.  They mistake me  for and extrovert, but I am an introvert.  I scored a solid INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality test.  I barely registered on the Sensing end of the Sensing-Intuition continuum.  I scored zero on the thinking end of thinking-feeling continuum ~ I was all feeling!
  10. I 'm probably the only geologist who came through Acadia University with enough credits for a solid minor in theatre ~ but I have the science credits too!  I later went on to do an Honors Degree in English and an MAEd. in the Diverse Learner.
  11. I'm a binger ~ When I'm doing something I'm passionate about I don't want to stop for anything else ~ except an occasional piece of chocolate to keep my energy up. This is very disconcerting to my husband!  And because I am a square peg and can't be forced into a round hole, I'm going to sneak into my last answer that my all time, favorite book (and movie) is Lord of the Rings.  And that's saying something, because I have a hard time picking favorites!

Questions asked:

1.   What is the last dream you remember?  
The night before last I dreamed that I was a hawk flying in Monument Valley, and when it occurred to me that I wasn't a hawk and couldn't fly, I started to plummet and woke up with my heart pounding!

2.  What is your favourite relaxation activity?
Sleeping!  Otherwise, it's hard for me to relax!

3.  What style of music do you prefer?

4.  If you and I spent the day together what would we be doing?
Talking in the middle of the night when we insomniacs are both wide-awake because our minds are working overtime!  Followed in the daylight hours with a hike some place beautiful in New Zealand ~ maybe somewhere where LOTR was filmed.

5.  Do you prefer hot or cold drinks?  
It depends:  Cold in hot places.  Hot in cold places.  I definitely prefer my cold drinks without ice.

6.  What is your favourite indulgence?

7.  If you could achieve one thing this year, what would it be? 
Complete a draft of a manuscript I'm working on ~ given a year starting right now!

8.  Are you patient or impatient?  
Impatient!  I like to think of myself as patient, but everyone says NOT!

9.  If you could spend 24 hours with someone famous who would it be and why?  
J.R.R. Tolkien ~ I'd like to have a discussion with him about developing his female characters more and why he didn't/couldn't!

10.  When are you at your happiest?
When I'm curled up with Terry just being.

11.  Lastly, looking at yourself in the mirror which part of you are you most proud of and why?
My sparkly brown eyes ~ because I was given the gift of finding great delight in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary, and that gift makes my eyes sparkle.  When my first marriage ended, my mother was so distraught because my eyes were flat, and she was worried that the sparkle would never come back.  After a very few desperate months it did!  So my mom didn't have to go strangle my first husband and spend the rest of her days in jail for murder!  Seriously!

Here are my questions to the people I will be tagging:

1.  What is your most favorite book? 
2.  Where do you live, and why do you like or dislike it?
3.  What is the unfulfilled dream you most want to accomplish during the rest of your life?
4.  What is your life's passion?
5.  What is your earliest memory?
6.  What is the most favorite place you have traveled to and why?
7.  Have you ever had an out of body experience?
8.  How do you prepare your favorite vegetable?
9.  Have you ever felt like you lived before?
10.  What is your most favorite music recording?
11.  Lastly, what scares you the most?

I now tag (and I know this involves your time ~ just know I appreciate it and you!):

Sophie at .from sophie's view (http://fromsophiesview.blogspot.com)

Jim at Ocean Breezes (http://jabacue.blogspot.com)

Noushka at 1000 Pattes {http://1000-pattes.blogspot.com}

B&R at Bikbik and Roro [http://bikbikroro.blogspot.com]

Francie at a North End Journal (http://7thdecadegirl.blogspot.com)

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Optimistic Existentialist at Musings of an Unapologetic Dreamer (http://keithawynn2011.blogspot.com)

Thank you again for the honor, Paul!

Now to let my nominees know!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

HR8: What My Father Didn't Tell My Mother

My father also wrote many letters 
to his mother, Myrtle Jane (Pratt) MacBeath.
His father, Royal Stewart MacBeath, had died in 1951.

Royal Stewart MacBeath
and Myrtle Jane (Pratt) MacBeath
Married:  January 2, 1922

It's interesting to see what my father 
told his mother and didn't tell his Sally.

Dear Mother
wrote my father to his mother
on Sunday, September 11, 1960.

Thank you for sending me the extra $20.00.
I wouldn't have asked for it
except that I was desperate.
I only brought $175.00 with me,
and my expenses paid
and still owing
amount to $176.47,
and I still haven't reached Lansdowne House.

I have had to spend so much more 
than I anticipated,
and I wasn't being
being extravagant. 
For instance, my room
at the Windsor Hotel
for three nights 
(Tues., Wed., and Thurs.)
cost $24.00.

instead of just an overnight stop at Nakina,
I am going to have to stay
until Monday or Tuesday
on account of the the transportation problem
of getting to Lansdowne House.
A combination of bad flying conditions
and the fact that they are hauling in
the winter supplies has forced me
to lay over here for three or four days.

Train Station at Nakina, Ontario
Last Stop on Railway
Before Flight to Lansdowne House
D.B.M., Sept. 10, 1960

At Nakina, Ontario 
Which is a Division Point on 
Main Canadian National Railway Line
D.B.M., Sept. 10, 1960

The hotel bill here
(3 nights:  $12.00)
and the extra meals add up.
Here is a detailed list of my expenses.
As you can see I have not been
flinging money around lavishly.

  Dad Tallies Up His Expenses
D.B.M., Sept. 11, 1960

The books I bought at the convention
were books that the various publishing houses
had at the convention for the teachers to buy.

Definitely on My Reading List!
1960 Edition

I bought three books on the general subject 
of teaching to primary grades
because I have never taught primary grades before,
and I needed some sort of guide to help me.

Actually I am terrified 
of teaching grades one and two.

There were books written especially 
to help a teacher to teach 
Indian children to speak English
and then to start them reading English.

All the Indians at Lansdowne House
speak the Ojibway dialect as their native language,
and before you can teach them anything else,
you have to teach them to speak English.

Cree-Ojibwa Village
Frederick A. Verner [Canadian Painter, 1836-1928]
Painting by Verner in the Public Archives of Canada

In spite of the fact that
Helen Cox didn't charge me
for excess baggage,
they reweighed the baggage at Moncton,
and I had to pay 
an excess baggage charge of $7.00.

If I didn't have enough expenses already,
we were all nicked for a $10.00 registration fee.
This covered expenses for
a banquet at the convention
and the yearly dues in
The Northern Ontario Indian Teachers Association. 

I was getting desperate...
enough about the sordid details
of my financial problems.

I had quite a trip from Sault Ste. Marie to Nakina...

Algoma Central Railway
The train is crossing the trestle over Montreal Falls at the hydro dam on the Montreal River.
The train has five locomotives to pull the train up and down the hills.
It is heading south to Sault Ste. Marie (aka Soo)

The Algoma Central Railroad
is a real small railroad
with real character and very antiquated rolling stock.
It reminds me of the old Dominion Atlantic Railway
before they brought in the new modern dayliners.

Passenger Rail in Canada, 2010
Operator (Colored Bars on Upper Right) 
VIA Rail
VIA Rail Corridor
Ontario Northland ~ to Mooseonee
Keewatin Railway ~ The Pas to Pukatawagan (operated by Via Rail)
Algoma Central Railway (a division of CN Rail)
Tshiuetin Rail Transportation ~ Sept-Îles to Schefferville (black)
VIA Rail Corridor (May be jointly operated with Amtrak)
Frequency (Colored Bars on Lower Left)                               
2 trains/week (each way)
3 trains/well (each way)
5-7 Trains/week (each way)
≥2 trains/day (each way)

...all along the railroad, 
which incidentally runs through
some of the roughest, wildest, and most beautiful 
country I have ever seen, 
there are fishing and hunting camps
for wealthy tourists 
who want to rough it 
at about $18.00 - $22.00 per day.

The train stopped at about every one of these camps
to let off tourists,
pick up tourists,
and unload supplies.
All told I believe there were 19 stops
in addition to the four regular stations.

Apparently these camps are flag stations,
and if you want to catch the train,
you stand out by the track and hail the train,
just like a bus.

Algoma Central Railroad Car
D.B.M., Sept. 10, 1960

Once we stopped in the middle of the woods
for no apparent reason.
I didn't know if we had broken down or not,
and considering the condition of the train,
this wasn't a too remote possibility.

Later I found out that they had stopped
to pick up an Indian
who had come out of the woods
and had hailed the train.

We made another stop about 5 miles further on 
to let off this same Indian 
at another indeterminate point
deep in the woods.

Boys oh boys,
The Algoma Central Railroad is really something!  

Nakina is a real frontier town of about 1,000 people.
It is a divisional point on the CNR.

Main Street, Nakina, Ontario
Taken From in Front of the Nakina Hotel ~ Looking East
D.B.M. Sept. 10, 1960

Flag is Probably 
The United Kingdom Union Flag
(1801 to present)
D.B.M. Sept. 10, 1960

There is also a very large telegraph station here,
because Nakina is one of the main relay stations
on the Trans-Canada CNR telegraph system.

Telegraph Office at Nakina
This is one of the main relay stations on the CNR Trans-Canada Telegraph System
D.B.M. Sept. 10, 1960

However, apart from the station and the telegraph building,
the only other buildings in the town
that look substantial
and are in a good state of repair
are the Hudson's Bay Store
and the Ontario Provincial Police Station.
The rest of the buildings are of
rather dubious construction, origin, and architectural style.

View From My Hotel Window, Nakina
D.B.M. Sept. 10, 1960

Log Cabin, Nakina
D.B.M. Sept. 10, 1960

There are no paved streets or streetlights.
However, there are two taverns.
One of them is located in the Nakina Hotel,
which incidentally could never be mistaken 
for the Waldorf Astoria.
The Nakina Hotel is clean (I think),
warm, and comfortable,
but that's all you can say for it.

Nakina Hotel
Sketched with Picasa
from a photograph:
D.B.M. Sept. 10, 1960

In several places the plaster
(actually, I think it is beaverboard)
has been broken and the places
where it has been repaired
are too numerous to count.

At first I was very puzzled as to why 
the plaster should be in such terrible repair,
but last night about two o'clock 
the answer to the puzzle was provided.

I was awakened by 
the most awful racket 
outside in the hall.
I opened the door and took a look.

Two miners 
(there is an iron mine near Nakina)
who had been out on the town 
celebrating in the taverns
were having a disagreement.

The fight was short, vigorous, 
and accompanied by the most 
graphic and picturesque language
I have ever heard.

However, the fight stopped just as quickly as it started.
The combatants threw their arms around one another,
kissed each other, and made up.

One of them offered me 
a drink of Indian moonshine,
which I politely declined.
Then they took off to do more celebrating.

One of the miners in his exuberance 
took a swing at the wall
and put his fist through it.

Well anyway, that explained 
the poor conditions of the walls... 

Nothing Like a Good Fight!

I have been too busy so far
to write anyone but you and Sara.
Tell Aunt Maude I am going to write to her
as soon as I reach Lansdowne House.
In the meantime, I know 
you will be reading this letter 
to Aunt Maude and Uncle Chester.

   My Grandmother and her Siblings

My grandmother, Myrtle Jane (Pratt) MacBeath (in stripes)
with her sisters, Maude (above) and Belle (below),
and brother Chester Pratt ~
Probably taken in St. Peter's Bay, Prince Edward Island (1900s?)

Give my love to Aunt Maude,
and tell her I am thinking about her
and that I hope she feels better.

Well, I must sign off now
and get this in the mail
and go to dinner.

Bye Now,
Love Don

To Be Continued ...

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