Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Scavenger Hunt That Wasn't: W is for Water

I wasn't able to participate in this month's 
Made with Love Scavenger Hunt.

This summer has been heavy on
battling unexpected demands,


traveling abroad,

The Sculpture "Suncraft"
by Jón Gunnar Árnason
Reykjavik, Iceland, 2014

and wonderful times with my family.

It had been five years 
since all five MacBeath siblings 
were together in one place at one time.
So family trumped everything,
and it was pure bliss!

My Sister Barb and My Niece Heather
Heather was on her way to the airport to move to Surabaya, Indonesia,
and she drove out of her way to meet with "The Aunts."
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 2014

So last night, I decided I'd put up a few photographs
for the first item on August's list:
W is for ...

W is for Water!
I've had a water-filled summer!

Peggy's Cove
Nova, Scotia, Canada, 2014

I Prefer Mine on the Rocks!

Ron and Sophie Doodle
Lawrencetown Beach
Nova Scotia, 2014

Ron and Jim, 
My Wonderful Buds 
Lawrencetown, 2014

Checkout Their Awesome Water-Filled Blogs:

Waterfront, Lunenburg
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nova Scotia, 2014

Fundy Shore with Fishing Boat 
About to Go Through Digby Gut into the Annapolis Basin
Point Prim, Nova Scotia, 2014

Digby Gut from the Annapolis Basin Side
Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia, 2014

Water Lilies
Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens
Nova Scotia, 2014

Tidal Mud Flats and the Town of Digby
From Joggin Bridge,
Nova Scotia, 2014

Fundy Blue Out on Her Beloved Bay of Fundy
Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014

Four Logging Humpbacks
Bay of Fundy, 2014

Heading Down the Slip
to Board the Petit Princess
Tiverton, Nova Scotia, 2014

Waterfront, Halifax
Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014

Waterfront, Halifax
Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014

Gulls on the Wing
Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia, 2014

Peggy's Cove

Nope, you just can't keep this Pisces from the water!

I'll be back in the hunt next month,
and I'll be checking out all the hunters' photos very shortly!

September's List
S is for?,  2pm,  Car Park,  Hat,  In the mirror,  Garden,  Lock,  Nails,  
Lamp,  Street sign,  Game,  Out side your window

Thanks to Jill (Greenthumb) 
and her Made with Love blog 
for setting up the scavenger hunt.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bittersweet Farewell

How time flies when you're having fun!
After almost three wonderful weeks
in my native Nova Scotia, 
it was time to say goodbye.

We Five:  Bertie, Barb, Louise (Me), Roy, and Donnie
One Last Photo Together (This Trip!)
Digby Waterfront, Nova Scotia, 2014

It's always bittersweet to leave
my sisters and brother.

Except for Terry, 
there is no one I'd rather spend time with
than my awesome siblings.

We get each other.
We always have one another's backs.
And boy, do we have fun together!
Often ridiculous fun!

Do you and your family 
do ridiculous things together?

We have a tradition of rolling down 
the steep grassy hills 
of Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal.

Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, 
Nova Scotia, 1930 

Our newest niece Jeannie 
married our nephew Neil in 2012.

Jeannie and Neil
Moana Surfrider, Waikiki, 2012

There was no way 
she could escape Nova Scotia this year, 
without rolling down a Fort Anne hill
for the first time.

Jeannie is an awesome sport,
and she is now an official member of the family!

Jeannie Rolls

We don't have to do anything special.
It's enough just to be together.

Roy, Nat, Else, and Bob

Bertie with her FIL Bob

BR:  Donnie, Susan, Roy,
FR:  Barb, John, and Louise

Barb, Sara, and I
Halifax Waterfront, Nova Scotia, 2014

Families are the best!!!!!

'Til next time ~
Love and miss you guys terribly!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It's been tense on the home front 
this past ten days or so.
A lot is being left undone.

The Ever-Patient and I have been battling each other.
Long silences and intense looks
have filled our days and nights.

      We aren't making 
      much eye contact.

                         And when we do,
                         the looks can be
                         downright unfriendly!

It's outright WAR!

Neither of us is going to surrender.

No Surrender!
Source:  wikimedia

Our home is a battlefield 
where we marshall our troops.

It's the Great Canasta War of 2014!

Do you love to play cards?
I mean REAL cards ~
where you shuffle and deal and hold them in your REAL hands.

Terry and I LOVE to play cards.
Hours can pass as we battle,


Our desire to win makes for long games.

I actually unloaded the dishwasher
and peeled the spuds for a large potato salad
while Terry contemplated one discard.

It's about time, Honey!!!!!

"There is so much to think about in this game, 
because you are very crafty," says the E-P. 
"You must be worried, 
because you are getting cranky!" says I. 

"I am," says he.

I don't know why! 
The E-P has won the last three games!

But then he wants to win EVERY game!

We're at a STANDOFF!!!

I'm going to make sure 
these cards are well-shuffled!

Because I'm going to win the next game!

"We'll see," says the Ever-Patient.