Sunday, September 9, 2018

IWSG: September 4, 2018 ~ Computerless and Lost!

Hello, Fellow IWSG Members!
I’m sorry this doesn’t look like a regular IWSG post. 
I’m sitting in a train station in Brighton 
on the south coast of England, 
and trying to write a post with my iPhone.

I have no clue how to do internet links
so I can’t post links to our wonderful co-hosts. 
Thanks to each of you for volunteering,
and thanks always to Alex Cavanaugh!

Now I’m on the train to London’s Victoria Station,
hoping my battery doesn’t drain. 

I’m computerless and feel like I’m looking 
at the Cyber World through the wrong end of a telescope. 

I accidentally left my computer behind in
the security line at Halifax Stanfield International Airport on August 8th.
After a boomerang false start, FedEx delivered my computer safe and sound. 

But then we left for the UK, and luggage was too heavy. 
I’m still computerless ~ Argh!

My writing took a major hit in August and will suffer in September. 
I had hit 100 days/100 of writing in a row.
Then right back to a Big Fat Zero I went. 
So now I’m reduced to journaling only. 

Wishing each of you a great month of writing. 
I’ll be back in October with stories to tell. 

Now I’ll see if I can add a photo. 
I’ve done over 500 posts,
and I’ve never done one without a photo.

Now I’m in Haywards Heath ~ Don’t you just love the names of English communities?

That didn’t work,
So I’ll quit while I’m behind.
No photo. 😂

I’ll visit around tonight, after London. 
Sorry for any errors.