Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Missing Mike Zito

I need a Mike Zito fix!

Listening to him on my iPod shuffle
and my CD player just isn't working!
I want to see and hear Mike Zito live!

Mike Zito with Bobby Walker and Chris Alexander

I will never forget the first time I heard Zito play.
The E-P and I were playing video poker
at the Ameristar in Black Hawk, Colorado.

Suddenly I heard the sound 
of an incredible blues guitar
spilling out of Bar 8042.

I hit cash out, collected my ticket, and raced 
for the bar at the center of the casino.

Mike, Bobby, and Chris

From that moment on, 
if Mike Zito and his band
were playing at Bar 8042
I was there!

Note to Ameristar ~
Bring back Mike Zito!
Bar 8042 just hasn't been the same without 
this talented performer.

Mike Zito is a guitarist, singer, producer, and song writer
hailing from St. Louis, Missouri.

As a member of the Blues Foundation,
I had the honor of voting for 
Mike Zito's Pearl River
that was nominated for
"Song of the Year"
at the 2010 Blues Music Awards
in Memphis, Tennessee.
And he won!!!!!
Mike Zito collaborated with Cyril Neville
on the winning title track of his album Pearl River.

Two years later Mike Zito's album Greyhound
was nominated for 
the 2012 Blues Music Awards
"Rock Blues Album of the Year." 

Often when Mike played at the Ameristar,
Chris Alexander and Bobby Walker joined him.

Chris Alexander ~ Bass Guitar
Ameristar, Black Hawk, Colorado

Bobby Walker ~ Drums/Blues Harp
Ameristar, Black Hawk, Colorado

Zito was a founding member of the supergroup
Royal Southern Brotherhood that formed 
during 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
RSB members include:
Cyril Neville ~ singer and percussionist
Devin Allman ~ vocalist and guitarist
Mike Zito ~ vocalist and guitarist
Yonrico Scott ~ drummer
Charlie Wooton ~ bassist

RSB released their debut album
Royal Southern Brotherhood
on May 11, 2012.
The album debuted at 
#5 on the Billboard Blues Albums Chart
and at
#30 on the Billboard Heatseekers Album Chart.

In 2013 the album Royal Southern Brotherhood
was nominated a Blues Music Award
for best "Rock Blues Album of the year."
Source:  Wikipedia

In my opinion Mike Zito is just THE BEST!
Watching him play an electric blues guitar
and listening to him sing his powerful songs
are some of my most favorite musical experiences ever.

Move over my favorite Clapton and Vaughan,
and make room for Zito!
I enjoy him every bit as much as you!

I took all these photographs during a live performance 
by Mike Zito, Chris Alexander, and Bobby Walker
at the Ameristar in Black Hawk, Colorado, in April 2012.

Here's Mike playing one of my favorite songs of his
Change My Ways at the Riverfront Blues Festival,
Wilmington, Delaware, on August 8, 2010. 


  1. First i heard of him
    Is that grim?
    He sure plays great
    At any rate

    1. Hey Pat! It doesn't seem right that Zito is not flat out famous! I think he is an amazing artist! Have a good one!

  2. Just listen to that voice ~~~ you are SO right!!

    I feel like I'm at a blues concert/festival ~~~ mmmm ~~~ LIKE A LOT!!!


    1. Thanks Ron! Hey Sophie ~ Do you ever sing the blues? My scottie MacBeath used to get the blues real bad when my first husband played his blues harp. Mac would hop up on Mr. Razzle Dazzle's lap (That's what I call my first husband.), throw up his head, and howl along with the harp. It was hysterical. Mac, like me, fell in love with the blues! Hope it's drying out where you are! Take care!

    2. Well, LouLouDoodle, the sun came out and we had smiles for miles, then it clouded over and now we are hunkering down. It's raining again. I'd appreciate some help with this Louise. Just a little dance, drying up dance!! Not much to ask for really.
      Your doggie MacBeath sounded like a sweetie. Howling Doggy with Howling Hubby!! That would have been cool!

    3. Raining again ~ you poor peeps! and doodle! I'll try dancing. Someday I'll do a post of Mac and the Blues. I've got a picture somewhere of him howling!

  3. Too fun. Great pictures. What a thrill that must have been for you.

    1. Thanks Donna! It was always a thrill for me whenever I got to see Mike Z. play live. Take care!

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks for the kind words about my photos! It was tricky shooting in a bar with my point and shoot camera, but I did get some I was most happy with! Have a good one!


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