Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scavenger Hunt: April, 2015 ~ Changes

April is a changeable month 
on the High Plains next to the Rockies;
and this year it seems that change is everywhere:
weather, landscapes, life style.


With Terry's retiring, 
the schizophrenic weather, 
and my rapidly changing neighborhood,
it's been so unsettled that I hunted down 
all the photos for February instead of April.

I thought the categories had a familiar ring!

Fresh Snow on New Leaves 

A Corner of My Home

So now, with the end of the month bearing down,
it has been raining for several days.

A Gentle Spring Rain

Welcome Rain in a Dry Land

So I'll have to see what I can find 
in the photos I've already taken this month!
And share some major changes taking place around me.

For almost a year now, 
whenever I walked on the prairie,
I've been playing a game.

I've been carefully averting my eyes
and looking from selected angles,
so I can pretend that what was still is.

New Growth

I can walk on the prairie and see the first flush
of color in the bushes and new leaves on the cottonwoods.

But, like it or not, change is coming
with a different form of growth.

A Starkly Beautiful and Haunting Landscape
With a Hint of What is Coming


These feet
may be gentle ...

But these are not.

My prairie world has literally been turned upside down.

Upside Down

Almost everywhere I look,
from horizon to horizon,
the high plains' prairie is
being transformed into housing.

Clouds above.  
Earthmovers below.

Along the tributaries of Piney Creek,
you can still find pockets of unripped ground.

The Sweet Green of Baby Leaves

Along the banks in reeds
and among the prairie grasses
you can still hear the chuck-trill of the redwings 
and the sweet song of the meadowlarks.


I've spent time sitting in this chair this month
watching the big machines work.


I'm thankful that the economy is improving,
and I'm thankful that well-paying 
construction jobs are coming back.

Whenever I walk by the sites
and watch the men at work,
they wave at me through their glass windows.

Hot under Glass

Childhood Bedroom Classic

When I was a small child,
I loved the story of Mike Mulligan 
and His Steam Shovel, Mary Anne.

At least one copy of this
classic children's book
was in a bookcase in
one of our bedrooms
during my childhood.

It's hard to resist watching a big shovel at work!

With each shovel bite and bulldozer load,
infrastructure for future homes is laid.
A development takes shape step by step.


A Rain of Dirt Covers Pipe for New Homes

Despite my sadness at the disappearing prairie,
I can't resist returning over and over to watch.

Some things make me laugh, 
like this bright collection of honey pots on a trailer
waiting to be placed for the convenience
of the construction workers;
just imagine bumping and banging around
in that heavy machinery all day!

The honey pots on a trailer make me think
of an Easter basket filled with bright eggs.

One item left on my changes scavenger hunt:
Whatever You Want.

Here are some of those February items,
I collected thinking they were for April!

A new road takes shape along a walking trail.

On the Road

That cool tap I was so excited to find!


A new sign advertises one of the several developments
underway in my neighborhood.


Fortunately in this area, land along the creek beds 
is being left in a semi-natural state and 
links up with parks, open space, and regional trails.
So we have wetlands and wildlife corridors for animals.
It's not the same, but it's something.

We shall see.

May's List:
Blue,  Crystal,  Vintage,  Fluff,  Global,  Mask,  Bus,
Frame,  Collection,  Poster,  Ribbon,  Whatever you want.


  1. I bet most of those construction guys are glad most of the big machines have air conditioning

    1. No kidding! This is spring; in the summer it gets really hot, and despite the water trucks spraying things down, it gets dusty too. Have a good one!

  2. Oh yes, such big changes coming to your area! You won't recognize it in a year from now.

    1. It's hard to imagine, Debra! But it's coming! Have a happy Friday!

  3. Change is hard but it can be good. You are correct that it is a sign that the economy is improving! I am glad to see all the evidence in your photos.

    I love that they call one of the developments "Inspiration!"

    I'm glad they are preserving the land along the creek beds. It is good to hear that not everything will be developed.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Lauren! Have a great weekend!

  4. Your photos are beautiful! Seeing those trucks reminds me of summer in Montreal...the noise, the dust, tearing up the streets, but necessary work for our safety. :)

    1. Thanks, Linda! The heavy equipment operators have a tough and dangerous job. I had a a street paving crew in Honolulu jokingly try to take the box of malasadas I had walked miles to get from Leonard's Bakery. If I hadn't bought them for our hotel staff and cleaning ladies, I'd have shared them. I think sometimes people take for granted what they do and how hard it is. Happy Friday!

  5. They are going right to town with their big toys lol change can be a pain in the arse, but you never know.

    1. It was amazing to watch those big earthmovers up close, Pat. At one point there were eight of them roaring around in a huge figure eight ~ like maybe 3/4 mile long. I hate to see the prairie go because I've had such pleasure exploring it. But people need homes too. Tough one. Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm sorry you're going to lose some of that amazing view. At least the machines will provide some interest and entertainment while they are there.

    1. It breaks my heart, Alex; but at least there is a string of parks that I can follow for miles. And it is fascinating to watch the big machines! have a great weekend!

  7. Progress comes in many forms, and many people deplore the development of new housing areas, but the facts are that more are needed, So good that many natural areas will be left, and this will be a benefit to many, including birds and animals who might have lost some of their homes and habitats.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful words, Jean! People need homes too, and Colorado is a popular place. The development I am living in was prairie less than 15 years ago, and it could be that we buy a new place in one of the developments. So I certainly can't point NIMBY fingers. But it is hard to see it go. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Clever seguing between your pictures with a story. I'm sorry about the prairee, it always makes me sad when we become more penned in by buildings.
    That raindrop on the end of the slender branch is beautiful x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie! I was trying to figure how to make a bunch of machine photos more interesting, since I know not everyone is fascinated by them like I am. So I decided to tell the story behind the machines. When I discovered that earthmovers had arrived in my "Prairie Pocket" I was seriously depressed for several days; but I got on top of it. Fortunately, Arapahoe County voters have passed taxes to support open space and parks and did so when just about every other tax proposal went down in flames; also we have the Colorado lottery and its money goes to open space and parks throughout our state. But it is still hard! :( I shot the raindrop right out my bedroom window ~ LOL! have a lovely weekend!

  9. Interesting set of photos , creek bed photo looks a lovely place.
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda! The creek bed has a gentle beauty which isn't always obvious. It's alive with busy, singing birds right now. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. The way you've woven the scavenger hunt list into the story of change in your prairie location is ingenious. There are pros and cons to economic growth and you've shown an example of both in your fascinating post. In many ways it's a disturbing set of photos for someone like me who has a certain mental image of unspoilt prairie terrain, taking for granted it will remain undisturbed and free from drastic construction activity. The change is a reality for you and coincides with personal changes. I trust that there are positives in your life right now to compensate for these other changes going on around you. All the best my friend.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Linda! I had fun writing the piece and putting required scavenger hunt photos with it! It's a fun intellectual and creative challenge! I have a life blessed with positives right now. I've rarely been so happy, and I am grateful for all the goodness that I have. You have a lovely weekend, Linda! Hugs!!!

  11. So.....what kind of "hot" were those men in the big truck. :)

    1. I know it's sexist to say this, but I love men in hardhats!!! Have a good one!

  12. The way you wove your story in with the scavenger hunt photos was beautifully done and you really touched my heart. I have to walk further and further to find scraps of land which haven't been built on in our village so I can empathise with your sadness. I hope you can continue to find the positives amongst all this change. Love the yellow bird too! x

    1. Thanks, Julie! I guess development is happening everywhere. The yellow bird is a meadowlark, and it has the loveliest song. I find it really hard to catch with my camera because it is very flighty. Have a lovely weekend! Hugs!

  13. I love the way you have adapted your February photos into the April ones and how then you have used them to tell the story of the changes you are experiencing in your local landscape. I enjoyed reading your words and lokking at your photos:)

    1. Thank you, Rosie! I'm having so much fun with my writing and photography now that I am retired. It makes my day when people enjoy my post! I hope that you are having a wonderful day!

  14. I hope you get to see as much nature after the building.Those colourful birds are gorgeous.

  15. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. You sound like me all over the place at the moment. Great group of photos, I really like fresh, chair and feet. I love that book also and used to read it to the children in preschool.

    1. Hi, Jill! I'm glad that you enjoyed the photos! I hope things calm down a little for you!

  16. Not exactly the kind of growth one would expect or prefer in Spring ~ you have done a great job of intermingling the changes underway, and the two photo challenges. Those huge machines must seem like some form of beasts laying waste to the land ~ amazing what they can get done. Best wishes on Terry's retirement :)

    1. Thanks, Glo! Your best wishes brought a smile to Terry's face just now! You're absolutely right, this is not my kind of growth! But what can one do? Have a good one!

  17. Gostei da maneira que você colocou a lista de caçada na história de mudança em sua localização.
    Seria bom que a natureza fosse conservada, mais infelizmente a mudança se faz necessária.
    Gostaria de agradecer sua visita e doce comentário em meu blog.A Liza se recupera bem da pneumonia. :)
    Um excelente fim de semana e feliz caça em Maio.

    1. Hi Roseli! I am happy to hear that Lisa is recovering from pnemonia. I had it very bad when I was a child, and I have never forgotten how aweful it was. Thanks for your kind comment about my blog! Have a lovely weekend!

      Estou feliz em saber que Lisa está se recuperando de pnemonia . Eu tinha muito ruim quando eu era uma criança, e eu nunca esqueci como era horrível . Obrigado pelo seu comentário tipo sobre o meu blog ! Tenha um lindo fim de semana!


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