Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Adventures # 1: On the Road Again

Do you like road trips?

I sure do!
And I still do after 3800 miles of highway.
Or 6116 klicks of black ribbon.

First Photo of the Trip
Not an Auspicious Beginning!

The Ever-Patient and I had not done 
a serious road trip in a very long time.

We had the brilliant idea, that 
since we were going on a cruise out of Seattle,
we should drive to Seattle for our jumping off point,
visit friends in Idaho on the way,
explore Vancouver Island after the cruise,
and whip over to Calgary to visit the family
on the way home.

Might not bite all that off again on another trip!

We decided to ease into it by driving 107 miles
to Terry's sister's home in Breckenridge.

  The Blue River in Breckenridge

Columbines Along the Blue River

There are few places more beautiful than Breckenridge
in this world, let me tell you!

Breckenridge, Colorado, USA


So we began our summer adventure
by doing a familiar and favorite thing
walking along the Burro Trail, 
(encouraged by hopeful buddies).

Both Rufus and Gracie are feeling their ages,
so maybe next time Little Buddies.

A Hopeful Rufus and Gracie

Here are some photos from a fabulous walk!

Burro Trailhead


Dandelions Galore

The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep ...
Robert Frost

Wildflowers Busting Up Everywhere

A Little Shower

Bald Mountain, Breckenridge
13,684 Feet or 4171 Meters

A Second Walk with a Sweet Girl

A Third Walk with an Old Guy

A perfect beginning for a long trip!
Only 3693 miles to go!
Or 5943 klicks!

What's the best road trip you've ever taken? 


  1. Louise, firstly, thank you so much for your comment on my blog yesterday and for mentioning about the recipes! You know, I had just remembered it after I added the poll, but I was unable to change the poll, as someone had already voted and I didn't want to take away the votes that someone kindly took the time to make.

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the one with you and the umbrella in the rain. You have such a beautiful smile! Hugs. :)

    1. Hugs, Linda! And thank you for the kind words! Rain or shine, we GO!

  2. Can't say I've gone on such a long road trip. Not sure my back would appreciate being in a car that long lol pups look happy for a little walk too.

    1. This long was definitely enough! Traffic has exploded in areas like Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Vancouver. And all those big trucks everywhere! Still it is fun! Love those labs; it's hard to see them slowing down. Have a great day at your bay!

  3. By your road miles or km., our distances are small, but maybe one of our longest ones was many years ago, when we travelled round the coastline of the North Island, taking a week or so, stopping off for 2 days here and there, maybe 1500 km. This was towing a caravan and with 2 small girls. Your home is lovely, and must be wonderful to arrive after long trips away.

    1. Hi Jean! What a wonderful trip around the North Island that must have been ~ although it had its challenges. I bet the girls never forgot it! When my niece Heather was visiting us in June, she showed us pictures of her trip around New Zealand ~ What a beautiful country! Thinking of you and Hugh and hoping that you are hanging in there! Hugs!

  4. after being raised in the military where we moved every 18 months I would get antsy and ask the kids if they wanted to go live some place else..we'd throw city's or states in hat and pick one and off we'd go..did that for years before I settled down in West, Texas

    1. Now that is brave, Jackiesue! What a spontaneous adventure it must have been for your kids growing up! Have a good one!

  5. I LOVE road trips. I could spend my life doing that. Hubby and I have done many over the years and hope to do many more. One of my favourites was taking the kids to Virginia Beach one summer and stopping to visit Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C along the way. That was a fabulous trip!

    1. I love road trips too, Martha! I also hope to do many more! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I've never done anything close to the road trip you undertook. Wow! As for the photos of Breckenridge, you are right! It is up there with some of the world's great scenic treasures! Love Rufus and Gracie and always love to think about you and Ever Patient's good fortune in finding each other.

    1. Hi Carol! I was so wishing we could stop in Vancouver and see you, but we had family commitments in Calgary and had to really push to meet up with everyone. It's quite hard to coordinate plans with four siblings and their families and other relatives who are on the move. But what fun we had on our travels and visiting! And boy did home look good! I hope that you are enjoying a great weekend! Hugs!

  7. I love road trips--in the midst of one right now. Currently I'm staying in New Jersey, but in 2 weeks we'll be heading back to Los Angeles. Already been gone for over a month now.

    Canada is such a great country to travel. One day I hope to go back to do a cross Canada trip.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. Hi Lee! I do hope that you get to go across Canada from Vancouver to St. Johns! It is a magnificent trip which I have done. Happy travels as you head back to LA!


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