Friday, September 18, 2020

From Lousy to Great!

Argh!  It looks like Blogger has taken away my option to use legacy blogger. 
I've been fighting with the new blogger format since it first appeared.
A couple of weeks ago I threw up my hands and didn't even try to deal with it anymore.
I went back to using legacy only.

And now tonight, at the end of a frustrating day
that went downhill from the beginning, no legacy blogger.
I've been tearing my hair out trying to work around
some of the maddening things with the new blogger format.

And then, unexpectedly, literally just this minute,
I found the answer to one issue that's been driving me crazy for weeks!
Not that I haven't searched for solutions on-line and tried to get help from Blogger!

Ta Da!  
If you want the new Blogger to single space between lines when you hit return,
the damn answer is so simple it almost made me cry.

I feel so stupid with computers sometimes!
I joke occasionally about being learning disabled with computers,
but it's really not a joke.  So many simple things elude me.

Just in case any of you have been perplexed, frustrated, maddened
by this problem, here is the answer!
In the tool bar across the top, between the B for Bold and the TT for Font,
there is a "dropdown for choices" arrow.
Click on that arrow and choose "Normal" at the bottom of the list.

Mine was on "Paragraph" which double-spaced every time I hit return.

Now, if you were one of the many engineers in my life, 
you would have tested every option across the tool bar
to see what the result was, from left to right, up to down, 
End of problem.
So logical.

I'm frantically clicking on everything looking for line-spacing options.
Who knew "Normal" meant single-space between lines?

This is how my day started to go downhill:

So in honor of flat tires, here are a few funnies:

And my favorite:

I'm so excited about finding the answer to the single-line spacing problem
that my day has taken on a happy color in retrospect!
I feel great!

I know I'm way behind in visiting everyone, but I'll get there.

Have a happy Friday!

    Till next time ~
    Fundy Blue

     On the Bay of Fundy
       © M. Louise (MacBeath) Barbour/Fundy Blue
       All Rights Reserved

And, oh yay!
Terry and I ventured out to our favorite Parkway for dinner and drinks.
After six months of self-isolating at home, it felt fantastic!
Now to deal with that skunk line ~ LOL!

Parkway Bar and Grill
Aurora, Colorado, USA
September 2020
© M. Louise (MacBeath) Barbour/Fundy Blue
All Rights Reserved

Social Distancing
Parkway Bar and Grill
Aurora, Colorado, USA
September 2020
© M. Louise (MacBeath) Barbour/Fundy Blue
All Rights Reserved


  1. An alaskan Malamute flat tyre!!! And that first real coffee, we waited just 6 weeks or so, it was delicious, so I know how elated you would have been.

    1. I definitely was elated, Jean! But now cases are rising in Colorado, and a restaurant near me in Parker has been closed because of Covid-19. I'm not sure we'll risk another dinner on-site at Parkway for a while. 😭 Be very grateful for your wise and strong Prime Minister. The US is an unimaginable mess right now, and the situation is truly horrible and heartbreaking because so many people died needlessly and many thousands more will suffer needlessly as "Long Haulers" dealing with the aftermath of Covid-19 infections. I take great comfort in the fact that many people, like you and Hugh, can live in more normal circumstances. Terry and I will get there! We just have to be vigilant about what we do. Meanwhile you and Hugh enjoy every normal moment. Hugs to you both!

  2. Those were funny! Although really wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of a pride of lions.
    I html format all my posts in Word before taking them into Blogger, so I've never typed directly in Blogger. I wouldn't have known that about the spacing either. Glad you figured it out.

    1. OMG, html! That stuff makes my eyes spin, Alex! LOL At least the new blogger has stopped opening up posts in html when I go back in to work on them. My own blog was bad enough, but the IWSG anthologies blog nearly pushed me over the edge. The workarounds I invented ~ LOL! I may be slow with computers, but I am dogged and eventually figure stuff out. Have a great weekend, my friend. Oh, btw, I am so pleased that the IWSG scored Dan Koboldt as a judge this year. I'm reading the book he edited, "Putting the Science in Fiction," and it is excellent! It's a reference every writer should have imho. Koboldt has stellar credentials!

  3. LOL! You figured it out.

    Duct tape is good for anything.

    1. Duck tape is the #1 item in my "survival" kit ~ LOL! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  4. You and I Louise are in the same boat with the blog issue.

    Enjoyed your post and pictures,most uplifting.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Computers, LOL! I have to keep reminding myself to think like an engineer, but I'll never admit that to my engineer relatives. I've been doing more posts with humor in them, because I might as well laugh as cry. We need humor and good laughs more than ever. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend, Yvonne!

  5. Oh, I hate New Blogger too. Come back, Legacy Blogger, COME BACK! I'd gladly pay a monthly fee if I could have Legacy Blogger back. Everything takes 3x as long in New Blogger. Thanks for the info re line spacing!

    I loved all the flat tire LOLs. I had a flat tire about a month ago for the first time in my driving career. (I hit a curb with my rear tire and heard a "pop" -- oh, oh! but I made it home before it went completely flat). Thank goodness I have AMA and they came within an hour to put the donut on for me. My tires were due to be replaced anyway so I treated my car to four brand new ones -- splurge!

    1. You bet, Debra! I've figured a lot of things out about the new blogger now, but a lot of wasted time has gone into that.

      As for tires, argh! I bought new tires in November: researched them, special ordered the top ones recommended for my vehicle,and had them installed, balanced, the works at Big O Tires. About six weeks ago I noticed several were going flat. I thought it might be because I was rarely driving my car and it was really hot in the garage. I went to Big O and had them all topped off with air. About 10 days later I had to go out and darned if one of them wasn't going flat. Off to Big O again after a scary drive to and from a dental appointment. Bead seal leak, something I knew nothing about. Big O fixed it, and off I went. I head out to go to the grocery store yesterday and another tire is suddenly almost flat. I gingerly drive to Big O which is three miles away. A bead seal leak in a second tire. Two tires down ~ maybe two to go ~ LOL. At least I know what to expect. Thank goodness for the great guys at Big O! They've come to my rescue a lot, and mostly for free.

      I'm sure my experience is unusual. I wish you much better luck with your new tires! You and your Rare One have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I'm not loving the new Blogger either, but I think I have enough of a handle on it to do the very little that I do on it and not make myself any crazier than I already am. :)

    Funny pics! The lions cracked me up. And the one with cat not wanting to go to the vet. Only in my case, it would be a tortoise biting at the tire. :)

    1. The image of your tortoises biting tires cracked me up. I'll be chuckling about that every time I think of it. I think I've finally solved the most aggravating things about the new blogger. Onward and upward! Have a great weekend, Madeline!

  7. lmao that is what Orlin would do if he had a chance. Wise to take a picture of the tire and use it to get out of things. A flat tire is a pain in the arse, had one a few weeks back with the work vehicle.

    New blogger is a pain, but at least it sped up. Before it was sooooo slow with everything. Hopefully you get no more flat tires or double spacing!

    1. Happy Friday, Pat! I've got the worst of the new blogger figured out now, after I stumbled on the solution to line spacing. As for tires ~ argh ~ Two of my new, as of November, tires have had bead seal problems which have given me two flats in a little over a month. But if the other two go, at least I know what to expect ~ LOL! Have a good weekend ~ maybe you can squeeze in digging one more giant hole with your nephews. Take care!

  8. Dear Louise, I struggle with New Blogger. Decidedly I struggle. I will try adjustments you recommend. It will be lovely to conquer my confusion. In the morning I'll take my computer to Big-O for a bead seal leak check. Then I'll visit aquatic zoological sites to find out why Bead Seals leak in the 1st place. Tires me out but sometimes struggle pays off.

    1. Thanks for the laughs, Geo! You have such a great sense of humor, and I won't forget Bead Seals ~ LOL! Stay safe, my friend!

  9. It is so frustrating when you can’t figure out something and googling doesn’t help. I use Blog Touch for my blogspot blog and it works great.

    1. It's so good to see you, Peggy! Thanks for the tip. I hope you, Don, and family are doing well!

  10. I often drink a Fat Tire (and I think the brewery is out your way!). :)

    1. LOL, Jeff! Thanks for the laughs! I hope all is well with you! Stay safe!

  11. I freakin' hate the new blogger. My friend Dezzy just showed me this trick recently which made things a little better, but I still want legacy back. I can't upload multiple pictures at a time without them disappearing if I don't insert them all at once. It's maddening!

    1. I have definitely struck a chord with this blog post. Argh! I wonder if anyone at Blogger is listening? I hope everyone is doing well in your family, Theresa!

  12. i wonder blogger is renewed in worst form ,may be influence of how world is going these days ,backwards in many ways indeed

    i too miss the old blogger ,it was so easy and simple ,new one seemed to bring up make our mind more exercise

    glad you found solution dear Louise
    i so enjoyed funnies ,Alaskan flat tire made me laugh and the first haha so funny
    how nice you went for outing and had dinner out ,i know how nice it seems to be back in normal routine :)
    loved your smile ,it fills my heart with joy always :)

    1. Thanks, Baili! My mind is definitely well-exercised! We've been out for three dinners now. Such a simple thing and yet it means so much. We only go late on Sunday evenings when the restaurant isn't busy and we can eat outside. I hope that you, Ali, and boys are doing well. It's so good to hear from you. Sending you a big hug!

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