Friday, October 29, 2021

Halloween Villains

My friend Rain's Thursday Art Date themes have finally pushed me
into attempting art, something I've been meaning to do forever, 
In my past I dabbled with art, usually in a required course
or in demonstrating art projects I wanted my elementary students to do.
I could count on the fingers of one hand how many times
I've sat down and made something artistic for the sheer fun of it.

In the last two months or so, I've learned so much about art,
and my idea about what art is has expanded.
I'm learning from Rain and from the talented people
who participate in her Thursday art date.

This week's theme is Villains.
I only recently learned that all kinds of art stencils existed.
I knew there were stencils for letters and geometric shapes,
but there was a whole world of art stencils I knew nothing about.
So for Villains, I ordered some Halloween stencils from Amazon to try working with them.

I was excited to shuffle through my 28 stencils when my Amazon package arrived.
It took me about five seconds to realize that I wanted to create 
a picture using bits of about fifteen stencils.

Six Stencils at Work

What I learned as I played with the stencils,
tracing the outlines, inking them, and coloring them,
was how relaxing the process was.  
And I forgot about perfection!  I just had fun.

It took me about five hours to complete my picture,
and when I was finished, I panicked.
I thought I had misspelled villain.
Even my super-speller-husband thought it was villian.
Fortunately, after a dinner break filled with imagining how to fix my drawing,
we checked the spelling again, and I breathed a sigh of relief:  villain.

I'm quite pleased with my finished picture, 
and I realized it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
I relaxed and had fun creating something.
That's what counts! 

Halloween Villains
October 28, 2021
© M. Louise (MacBeath) Barbour/Fundy Blue
All Rights Reserved

I heard back from my doctor, and my tests confirmed I have Graves Disease.
It's a very good result, and one I can deal with.
After months of searching for an answer regarding my troubling symptoms, 
it's a relief to have a diagnosis!
I'm feeling grateful and positive! 

Stay happy and safe!

Till next time ~
Fundy Blue

On the Bay of Fundy
© M. Louise (MacBeath) Barbour/Fundy Blue
All Rights Reserved



  1. The Villains, how we sometimes doubt ourselves over spelling, you were right all along,.And the diagnosis, you will be so relieved to put a name to it, and then get treatment sorted. I know when I was scheduled for the angiogram last year, the relief was almost visible in the air, Specially after one doctor had been adamant in her firm words " Your chest pain is not cardiac " . The wonderful surgeon proved her so wrong!!!Have a safe Halloween, I'm guessing no tricks or treats down here, with covid cases popping up in the most unexpected places after some people travelled back to the South Island after visiting up north. I do like the art work, and to find the stencils online is great.

    1. Hi, Jean! I'm sorry to hear cases are popping up in New Zealand. Right now Colorado is a hot spot along with four other states. Even though I've had my booster shot, I remain careful and wear a mask. That said Terry and I are still going out for dinner at Parkway tonight. I understand your almost visible relief. I feel that way. There is nothing worse than months of good medical test results and no answer for what is affecting you. I'm glad your wonderful surgeon found out what was going on. I have discovered so many art supplies online. I had no idea playing with art would be so relaxing. I'm usually such a perfectionist, but I'm okay with my art being imperfect. Have a lovely weekend! Hugs to you and Hugh. Enjoy spring!

  2. I love your Halloween villains, you made a wonderful piece of art with them. I love working with stencils, too - quick, relaxing and fun, and with nice results. What more do you want!? Glad the doctor has given you a diagnosis, now you can cope with the symptoms, and I hope you get a suitable medication. Have a great witch weekend! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hugs to you, Valerie! I think it was you who clued me into art stencils, and they are fun! I am enjoying this Halloween weekend, even if no trick-or-treaters show up where we live. I do miss the Halloween celebrations at school with all my excited kiddos. I'm wearing my black teeshirt with four skeletons dancing on it. They glow in the dark ~ LOL! I'm just a big kid! Hugs to you, Valerie! Have a fun weekend!

  3. Huge smiles.
    On lots of levels.
    I really like your creation - and like even more that you had fun and found it relaxing.
    And a big hooray for a diagnosis and a treatment plan.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks, EC! Since there is no possible way I can be perfect with art, I've let go of perfectionism when doing it. Since I'm a perfectionist in the rest of my life, this is amazingly freeing! Now, if I could just move this feeling into other parts of my life! LOL! You have a wonderful weekend, EC! Hugs ti you!

  4. Fun drawing!
    Glad you finally have some answers. Now they can do something about your symptoms.

    1. Thanks, Alex, and yes! On to treatments very soon! I'm hoping I can manage everything with medications. Otherwise it might be a bigger dose of radiation in my future. One day at a time. Have a great weekend with your wife!

  5. Its always good to pick up a new hobby. Nice artwork. In my recent blog, I shared some interesting halloween art I saw in yards around Decatur, GA, playing on COVID (there were a few more that were even more political, but I didn't post them). Glad they know what you're body is dealing with and are able to treat you.

    1. Hi, Jeff! I'm starting my replies with you. You've been so good to visit me when I haven't been returning your visits. The past few weeks have been pretty intense for me. I will be by to see your Decatur Halloween Art. I'm sure that you are ramping up for Sunday. Have a lovely and meaningful weekend, my friend!

  6. Love your villain art, so glad you are taking the plunge, I look forward to seeing your grow in your art, it just gets better!

    I looked up Graves disease as hyperthyroidism. It is very treatable which is the good news if you have to have it.

    1. Thanks, Christine! I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about art. Thanks for the Graves Disease encouragement. I was relieved when my hyperthyroidism was confirmed as Graves. I know it's treatable, and for that I am grateful. Hugs to you! Take care!

  7. i am grateful dearest friend Louise that disease you have is treatable easily !

    this is truly a grace of dear Lord! i did not dig about it but i think hyperthyroidism is result of lacking iodine and people of mountainous area have more chance to have it ?
    i hope the treatment will start soon inshaallah!

    honestly never saw such poetic drawing of villains :)

    this is absolutely captivating art , so beautifully done !
    you have very rich imagination wow !
    i can see the whole scenario within small drawing ,i really liked it and this is impressive how fast you are improving ,congratulations for that !

    please keep updating , take great care !
    thinking of you with heart filled with prays!
    hugs ,blessings to you and all you love!

    1. Happy Saturday, Baili! Yes, I am very relieved to have Graves Disease! My mother had it for fifty plus years, and my brother has had it over 30 years. Consequently I am not afraid of it, because I am familiar with it. I see my endocrinologist in 23 days, and then I shall get started on a treatment plan.

      Meanwhile I have a week in Vegas coming up, and that will distract me. I am looking forward to seeing Derek Hough at the Venetian. Derek was a dancer for a long time on "Dancing with the Stars" and is now a judge on the show. I love dancing which I've rarely done, but in an alternate universe I am a fabulous ballroom dancer!

      People who lack iodine usually develop HYPOthyroidism, because they need more iodine to create enough thyroid hormones. It's not surprising that mountain people developed HYPOthyroidism, because they lived away from the ocean. This used to be a big problem until iodized salt became available (Salt that has added iodine).

      People with HYPERthyroidism create too many thyroid hormones, so among other things, they have to be careful with iodine intake. Fortunately, Terry and I have been reducing the amount of salt we eat. When I was growing up, it was drilled into me to only buy iodized salt. I have always done that. Now perhaps I can experiment with some non-iodized gourmet salts, like the pink Himalayan salt that I've wanted to try. And wow, I just learned that this salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mine near the Himalayas in Pakistan! I love that! Isn't Google great? ~ Knowledge of anything at my fingertips!

      Thanks for your kind words about my art. I am having so much fun with it. I've wanted to get into art for a long time, but I never felt like I had enough time. I'm loving it, because it relaxes me. I have so much to learn ~ But then I love learning! What is life if you can't keep learning?

      I will keep you updated! Thank you for your love and prayers, Baili! You are an amazing person and friend, and I treasure you! Love and blessings to you and your family. Big hugs to you!

  8. Nicely done indeed. Always good to spell right too lol

    Great you got a diagnosis and now can deal with it. If one has to have a disease, one that is treatable is the best to have. Hopefully you get on the upswing soon.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Thanks for being a supportive friend!

  9. precious Louise thank you for taking time and such details i had to learn anyway but this lack of time keeps me things i love to do yet i know Nature is watching me and observing my love and passion foor learning and she will give me chance to do so eventually before ending my existence in this world :) actually i love her madly and how she cannot not love me back for such passionate love of simple woman like me :)

    what a relief that everything is in control and your treatment will begin within a month my friend ,i am thankful and happy indeed!

    i while being in my village did not ponder on lack of iodine or the disease it can cause ,i had less resources and there were numerous issues in my life threatening me ,if i would have known i could have help my friend for sure .
    yes i read in my text book that Khewra Punjab is one of the largest salt mine in the world .

    my mom used simple salt like others mostly though we had pink salt at home which mom would use in some dishes and drinks occasionally. we too have it at home always and use it just like mom did specially in summers we add pink salt in sherbat ( home made drink with lemons and herbs ) .
    i am using iodized salt since more than twenty years .
    you are in my thoughts and prayers dear Louise ! have a safe journey and blessed trip !
    oh dancing is a liberating form of art indeed :) i am amazed how we think alike and have same passions lol oh yes not in this world but somewhere in the other corner of universe i am too dancing with you :))) Hugs and blessings!

    1. Such a lovely comment, Baili! I love that we're dancing somewhere! You will have time to do the learning you want, too. I know it! Nature may not love you back in the way you would like, but the Creator does. I haven't ordered pink Himalayan salt yet, because we will be away; but I will. And when I cook with it, I shall think of you and your mother. We are heading out to get a new washer and dryer in a few minutes. I'm tired of hanging wet laundry around our house since our dryer died a few weeks ago. Life ~ Interrupting what I want to do, LOL! Have a happy and fulfilling week, and love and blessings to you and your family!

  10. Louise! It's FAB!!!!I love it, so happy you are enjoying it! Once you start to really enjoy the actual process of creating art, isn't it SO relaxing? I can sit and spend hours on a drawing and the time just flies. I love those stencils! ♥♥

    1. Thanks, Rain! I had so much fun with it! I have so much to learn ~ LOL! Have a great week!

  11. ...I hope that you had a spooktacular Hallween.

    1. We had lots of fun! I hope you did too! Take care!


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