Thursday, June 27, 2013

Red Pepper, Oh Killer!

Have you ever thought about 
why a certain song resonates with you?
Why you play it over and over again?

Do you just listen,
letting the music wash
over and over you
again and again?

Source:  Wikimedia

Maybe you’re not even hearing the lyrics.
Maybe it’s just the compelling
pound ground drive your heals into the floor beat.
That beat that feels so god dam gu~ud.

Maybe your muskeg is off-gassing,
boiling off methane, 
and you don’t even realize it.

  Source:  Wikimedia

Because you’re not hearing the lyrics
your unconscious mind
is firing your way.

Ever been in the grocery store
with music playing somewhere in the background?

Source:  Wikimedia

You’re standing in front of
a gorgeous mound of vibrant red peppers,
and you’re trying to choose the perfect red pepper.
But suddenly you can’t see the pepper.
It’s a blurry red blob.

In fact, you can’t see any peppers.
All you can see is a big red blurry knobby blob.

Suddenly you realize you’re softly crying,
and you ask,
What is wrong with me?
What is going on?

An announcer interrupts the music,
and suddenly you realize what was playing
and why you can only see red blurs
through the tears flooding your eyes.

Bam!  Bam! Slam! 
Goyte’s  “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

So you flee to some dim corner
where no one can see you.
Where you can pull yourself together
so no one will see you 
crying over red peppers.

Then you go back,
pick up any red pepper,
and waltz through the checkout line
like you haven’t a care in the world.

If they only knew what was going on inside your head! 
But they don’t have a clue …
because you’re very good at hiding you.

I didn’t realize it at first,
but I’ve been playing and replaying
a Stones song a lot this week. 
Over and over on my daily walk.
Sometimes the Beatles just don’t do it. 
Sometimes only the Stones will do.
Over and over ~
down and dirty,
that compelling, pounding beat
that makes the kilometers fly ~
fly so well,
you don’t even see the high prairie flowing by.

Suddenly you hear,
not just the driving beat,
but words ~
words for the first time ever.

And you think, OMG
those are the lyrics to this song?

You race home to google,
“Stones Oh Killer you’re just a shot away.”

Source:  Amazon 

And you discover that the song is "Gimme Shelter"
and the words you’re hearing
are not the lyrics of the song at all
Just boiling methane from the muskeg pounding.

Oh, a storm is rising!
Alive!  You’re alive today!
If I don’t get some shelter,
yeah, I’m going to blow you away.

“Oh killer!  You’re just a shot away.
Just a shot away….

Bam!  Bam!  Slam!
That’s what your unconscious wants you to pay attention to?

No way Jose!
Push it back another day.

Ever been there???

“Oh, Gurl!  I’m gonna blow you away!

I’ve been checking out different versions of the Stones
"Gimme Shelter" on You Tube.
I rather liked the version with Lady Gaga,
but it’s those shoes!
They’re so distracting!
How does she prance around on shoes like that?

This is my favorite version so far:

Is there anyone more intense than Mick Jagger?
Well, maybe Keith Richards.
Ever wonder what goes on inside his head?


  1. Don't think I want to know
    What goes on inside such a head at my show
    And yeah things do flow
    And away they surely grow
    With words that make you crow
    As you sing and sound like a horn is about to blow lol

    1. Hey Pat! Where you're at!
      The summer heat is scorching at my mat!
      The rain, thunder and lightning
      last night was frightening.
      This little horn has had that screaming feeling,
      that Van the Man does love to blow,
      but my head's no longer reeling,
      and I'm writing in the flow!
      Have a good one
      under a cool sun!

  2. It's really amazing how certain songs resonate with us isn't it? It's like each song is totally unique to the listener. No two people "hear" a song the same.

    1. Hey Keith! Songs/music are amazing, and I think that you are spot on when you say that no two people "hear" a song the same way. I'm thinking of writing a piece on Music as metaphor ~ but so far I'm just trying to gather my thoughts around that title. I know that music goes way back in human experience. Absolutely fascinating. Have an awesome day!

  3. 1969 ~~~ Bam Bam Slam ~~ Partay Chestnut Ave !!!!!!!

    Now I want to be that black haired vixen!!!

    Isn't that just fine!

    1. Hey Ronnie! You and I both want to be that black-haired vixen! One time pawleeze! Eight minutes to look like that, sing like that, make "Moves Like Jagger," and sing with Jagger. That video clip is my all time favorite of the Stones (not that I've seen them all!), and I just discovered it when I was writing this post. I can't even count how many times I've played it! Seriously? Can anyone sit and just listen to that once! Not me!!! Sometimes you've just gotta dance, or at the very least type to the rhythm of the beat and dance in your seat. I'm finally coming through to the other side of self-examination ~ for this time at least! Talk about things staring you in the face! I just discovered this morning that you can see what blogs are the most popular and how many people are looking at those blogs on your stats page. And I only recently discovered the now, daily, weekly thing! Duh! I am LD in computers, but if I'm given enough time, I will be brilliant at computers. I hope you are having an awesome day with J&S!

  4. Well, you got Ron rockin', Louise!!
    Back in the day I only heard the music and not the lyrics. Why? I guess I was too distracted and not really living in the present enough to focus on the words. Now, I can and enjoy the music much more.

    1. Hey Jim. You nailed it in your comment. I rarely hear the lyrics because the music grips me. But I'm also very distracted (living in my head). I never realized just how busy my head is! In the past few weeks I've started paying more attention to the lyrics, what they are, and what I'm hearing as the words. Whoa! I've stumbled across a few websites that post how different people have heard the lyrics in different songs. Fascinating! A direct link to the unconscious! I've been in my head a lot this month, but the noise is definitely quieting. Maybe I should pick up a book of quotes from Pema! LOL!
      Have a good one! I'll be catching up again!

  5. It's his intensity, and that swagger!
    It was fun seeing a comment from your sister on my blog!
    Louise, would you mind sending me your email address?

    1. Hi Terry! Sorry that I'm just responding now, but it's been very busy around here! Intensity is one of my favorite words! And no one else has that swagger. Michael Jackson could certainly dance, but Jagger is far more interesting to watch! My sister Barb is awesome! And she's not afraid of horses. I actually have three awesome sisters and one awesome, maddening brother. As soon as I finish responding to the comments on this post I'll send you my email. Actually I'll stick it in here too: Have a great day!

  6. There have been moments in my life when certain songs were like a lightning bolt, or like a knife in the heart, or like the inner voice of the Divine. Often on the basis of a single line of the lyrics.

    1. Hi Debra! You have said it all in one sentence! Songs are powerful! For example, the first time I heard the actual lyrics of David Gray's "You're the One I Love," I nearly drove my car off the freeway, just from the lightning bolt of the words; I was so shocked. I'll be catching up on everyone's blogs again! This has been quite a crazy-busy month! Hope all is well in Edmonton!


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