Thursday, August 15, 2013

640 Miles and Walking!

What a summer!
Good and Bad!
Calm and Crazy!

Through it all I have kept on walking 
to St. Anthony near the northern tip
of the island of Newfoundland.

Walking Along the Shore of
Lake Tahoe Last Week ~
(In my universe this is on the way to St. Anthony!)

Yesterday, on Day 432, 
I hit 640 miles (1,030 kilometers)!
I've averaged 1.48 miles (2.38 kilometers) day in and day out.
Those 25 feet (7.6 meters) days in the hospital,
among other tough walking days, 
didn't help the average.

But one step at a time I'm headed for St. Anthony,
and I'm going to get there!

My trainer Julie says, "Don't let this define you!
Keep walking!"

Like I wouldn't ~ LOL!!!!!

640 miles and walking!!!!!  :) 

St. Anthony, Newfoundland

St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador is located in Newfoundland
St. Anthony
Location of St. Anthony in Newfoundland
Coordinates: 51°22′21″N 55°35′41″W


From my home onto I-70 East 
to the Colorado/Kansas border is 172 miles.

I-70 through Kansas is 424 miles (682 kilometers).
Kansas was wider than I thought!
And full of sunflowers!

I am now 44 miles into Missouri.
This brings me to Maple Leaf Lake Conservation Area
with its boat ramp, fishing jetties, and small ponds.

This is a Google map of my walking so far.
I'm following the one of the routes 
I used to take when driving
from California to Newfoundland years ago.

Somehow I lost the link to this Google map image,
and now I can't find the original map.
One day I'm going to be brilliant in computers,
but apparently not yet!!!!!

Duh! ~ I discovered this morning 
that you can drag the green B balloon end-point
along your route to an exact spot or an exact number of miles.
How easy is that?!
I may be computer-challenged, 
but eventually I stumble across useful things.

Terry (My Ever-Patient), Me, and Roy (My Brother) 
Along Boreas Pass Road above Breckenridge
with Bald Mountain (Baldy) 13,684 feet (1,471meters)
in the Background.
(Breckenridge is also on the way to St. Anthony!)

So barring surprises, I'm back blogging!
Thanks for all the well wishes.
Can't wait to read your blogs!

Playing while I'm writing:
 ~ a wonderful Colorado group ~
The Lumineers:


  1. Damn that is a lot of walking
    Must have people talking
    You can walk the walk
    Ahead of the flock

    1. Hey Pat! Thanks for the encouraging comment! I'm walking! Take care!

  2. My goodness! I'm speechless about how much you have achieved and what a fantastic experience. Looking forward to hearing updates along your journey. x

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you for your kind comment. I think I may have mislead you though! It's a metaphorical walk. I'm walking every day and counting the miles ~ but I'm walking wherever I am and plotting them along a route to Newfoundland. I hope to walk the last ten miles from ten miles outside St. Anthony. I started walking early last summer a few days after I retired with the goal of recovering my health. I picked northern Newfoundland because I love Newfoundland so very much! I've had setbacks during the past year, but I'm well on my way. Wish I could walk step-by-step the whole way along the actual route!!!!! Take care!

  3. Hi Myrt :D

    I am relieved to see a blog from you! I was about to hop a plane to find out what was up!! Keep on walking - I am up to approx 700km since I got the "all clear" in April (inspired by you of course ;o). 3 weeks today and I am off for my 2 week hike in Scotland - you should be with me.
    Your sis Barb :D

    1. Way to go, Sis!!!!! I wish I could go to Scotland with you ~ the latest trip to the hospital put the kibosh on that! However, I'm working on joining you in the Middle East in April. I'm getting ready to send my passport to the Jordanian Embassy in DC to get my visa. I can get visas for Kuwait, Dubai, and Oman when I enter those countries. Were there any other countries you are considering. Terry is dragging his feet, but I'm going! By the way, I'm rolling on the memoir manuscript. Got my new computer. Got my new external drive. When are you coming to Aurora? XOX!

    2. Hey Weezie, I am coming for USA Thanks Giving - if you are going to be home & want me :) You have the complete list of countries in the Middle East that we are going to in April - it is going to be so much fun - my Danish friend Anne is thinking of coming too - so Roy will have a troop of 6 ladies to escort around to all the sites - LOL he will be glowing.

      I am so glad that you are "back" - you look great! Shall we have a race to St. Anthony - just joking I will never catch you - but we should think about flying there to celebrate once you have "walked there" - it was so beautiful the last time we were there.

    3. Hey Barb! Woop woop! We're going to Breck at Thanksgiving ~ so you'll come too!!!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I am so glad to be back!!!!! I was knocked flat there for a while ~ no blood transfusion!!!!! :( In the past I would have had one and that would have helped me recover faster! But I can fly now!!!! I hate being without energy, so I am very happy that I'm 1000% again! Petra here I come. Who is Anne? Not Anna????? Cannot wait to see you!!!!! LL

    4. Hey ~ are you going to swim with the dolphins and ski Dubai????? My friend Kelsey is teaching in Oman, so maybe we'll see her. I'm reading "Married to a Beduin" recommended by Sue ~ It's fascinating. Cannot wait!

    5. Hey Louise - I didn't know you didn't know Danish pronunciation :)Anne is pronounced Anna (or close to it) in Danish - so yes you have the right person!

  4. At one time in history, it was said that "all roads lead to Rome." Now apparently they all lead to St. Anthony! Keep on walking and good for you!

    1. Thanks, Debra! I so love St. Anthony! I'm headed for 1000 miles next! Hope all is well with you!

  5. Welcome back Louise! Good to see you looking so good and healthy!! Isn't walking great!? We have been doing it daily for 6 years....thank you to Sophie!!

    The two musical pieces had an 'East Coast' feel to them I thought.

    1. Hey, Jim! I am really feeling better, and I'm really back! I love to walk! Wherever! That 'East Coast' feel must be what makes me enjoy the Lumineers so much! I stumbled across them, and I fell in love with their songs. I've got everything crossed that I'm home and healthy for the next few months. Noreen is in Breckenridge for the winter, so we'll be going up to the mountains frequently. I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts. I'm rolling on my memoir! Take care. Hi to Sophie and Ron!

  6. Hey Girl!

    The summer has flown by and you are that much more closer to st. Anthony ~~ way to go!!

    Ups and downs are expected ~~ we all go through them ~~ I trust you are feeling better and raring to go. Those smiles with your guys tell it all.

    It's always great to hear new music, at least new to me...thanks for these videos.

    Jim, Sophie and I just got back from the Blandford Peninsula outside Hubbards. What a great place it is there. The day was brilliant, breezy and warmish, so love these kind of spur of the moment treks. Maybe I should post some pics. It's late now and I'm weary. Comes with the age I guess!

    Hi to Terry, oh I see Barb was here in NS. Hope she had a great trip.


    1. Hey Ronnie!!!!! And Sophie!!!!! It's so good to hear from you! Yes, I am raring to go! I hate being low energy ~ I am known for my high energy. Next stop on my way to St. Anthony: 1,000 miles! I loved the Hubbards area when I visited it. I'm glad the "Trinity" had a great day there. Barb had a great time as always in the Cove ~ as did everyone else. Roy is winging his way back to Kuwait right now. :( Terry does not want me to go to the Middle East this spring. I'm sending my passport off to Jordan non-the-less. Sorry you're feeling weary. I get that way sometimes. I find it hard to settle to sleep. So much I want to learn and do. I'm reading a great book called "Married to a Beduin" about a young New Zealand
      woman who married a Beduin and lived in a cave in Petra ~ fascinating. And I'm restudying the geology of the Four Corners/Colorado Plateau region. And I'm rolling on "Human Refuse!" Have an awesome weekend. Take care. Belly rubs to Sophie Doodle!

  7. You are an inspiration! I need to set a goal and get out there, too.
    Since you aren't really walking through Kansas... where do you walk? Do you walk the same place or do you change it up by walking in some of the great places we have out here?

    1. Hi Dreaming! I hope all is well with you and yours. I have a lot of catching up to do! I walk wherever I am. On the treadmill, on the trails near here, in airports, hospitals, around and around the house if it's snowing or raining badly outside ~ but it only counts if the time is set aside for walking. I don't use a pedometer, but I've done a lot of mapping so I know how to pace the distance on a walk or trail. I'm very steady at three miles/hour uphill and down. Thanks for the kind words. Have a good one!

  8. Wow, that is amazing! You go, girl. I can certainly relate because I love to walk, too. A lot!

    1. Hi Martha! Thank you! I do love to walk. Have an awesome weekend!

  9. Wow wee, that's amazing. Keep up the walking.

    1. Hi Jill! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm already working on my scavenger hunt pictures. I took all the shots in Nevada and at Lake Tahoe. Hope all is well with you! Take care!

  10. This is amazing and inspiring!!! Keep on walking my friend!

    1. Hey Keith! Thank you for the kind words! I'm walking to my favorite bar to meet Terry for dinner in just a few minutes: Friday Night Date Night! Have a great weekend!

  11. Whatever does the name of your blog mean?

    1. Hi Anony! Thanks for stopping by. My blog name comes from the International Nautical Flag for U (Uniform) which warns a vessel that it is "Standing into Danger," i.e. about to go aground usually on rocks or the shore. I chose it because I'm from Nova Scotia, I have a close connection to a shipwreck in Newfoundland, and I have an amazing ability to get into trouble or difficult situations! I am always standing into danger and running aground! LOL. Hope that answers your question. Have a good one!

  12. Wow, what a great idea! But then you have so many wonderful creative ideas that I enjoy reading about! Sounds like some plans for some more travels - going by your comments, have a wonderful time and meanwhile I'll have to start planning a trip down east - I've never been east of Quebec City, I'm ashamed to say. :(

    1. Hey Francie! I hope you do get planning a trip down east! It is a very special place! Thanks for the kind complements! I hope to get my next post out tomorrow! But I'm starting tomorrow morning with catching up on everyone's blogs. I've so missed reading them regularly. Got to meet Terry at Parkway in a very short time ~ or I'd start reading blogs NOW! Have a great evening and weekend!

  13. Hey Louise!
    Glad to see you! You know I love to walk too!
    I love Lake Tahoe, I have only seen it once in my life but it was unforgettable, the color of that water is incredible!
    Take care and keep walking!

  14. Hey Kay! Isn't Tahoe gorgeous?! It's good to see you too!!!!! I just got back from 2.7 hot miles of walking! I hope you have a great week! LL


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