Thursday, October 2, 2014

IWSG Redux: Thank You!

What a fun day yesterday was!

As an IWSG co-host, 
I had the opportunity to visit
so many great member posts!

If you are a writer out there
looking for a writing group to connect with, 
looking for information and inspiration,
this group is a great place to start.

I was excited about 
the IWGS eBook anthology 
that the group is compiling
for a projected December release
before yesterday.

After reading 
what members posted 
for the anthology 
on their blogs yesterday,
I'm even more excited.

I predict that this eBook will become
a valuable and frequently referred to resource 
for writers in all stages of their writing journey.

I've only been a member of the IWSG for a few months,
but I'm grateful that I found the group 
and took the plunge to join.

Sometimes it's hard for a beginning writer 
to find a physical group in his or her vicinity
that will welcome and inspire a newbie.
Certainly that's my experience.

So this morning, I want to send 
a heartfelt and grateful thank you
to Alex J. Cavanaugh,
the founder of the IWSG,
for creating a wonderful group and website
where writers can meet, share, and communicate.

I can't even begin to imagine
how Alex does all he does for the IWSG
while writing and publishing Amazon bestsellers.
I can only say, "Wow!" 

And, I want to send 
an equally heartfelt and grateful thank you
to IWSG members 
for welcoming and encouraging me.

The collective knowledge of IWSG members
and their willingness to share it
is both amazing and helpful.
Somehow helpful just doesn't seem to be a big enough word!

Just a personal note:
If I haven't responded to your welcome comment
on my blog, I will.
I ran out of stream last night 
from hippity-hopping
through so many great blogs!

Writing Boy with Little Sister
Albert Sameul Anker, 1875

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I don't know how Alex does it, I have spent several hours on the computer this last 24 hours! It was great fun though and an honour to read so many thoughtful and inspiring posts. The anthology is going to be huge.

    1. It was great fun to co-host, Suzanne! Now I have to get back to my writing. Happy writing to you!

  2. This group is a great place. I've been a member for a year now and love it! I like that you jumped right in and became a co-host. That's awesome! :D

    1. Thank you, Chrys! I tend to leap before I look ~ but this was a great experience! Have a good one.

  3. "Cough" kiss arse "cough" lmao

    A great group indeed and lots of help for all, all the way around

    1. LOL! You're never afraid to give your AO, Pat!

  4. Replies
    1. It was, HGH. So I know you're female ~ That eliminates about half the world's population! I hope all is well with you!

  5. You have such an engaging writing style it is hard to imagine you are 'insecure' however I do understand the need for encouragement and guidance so I'm sending my very best wishes to you and your group!

    1. Hi Francie! It's great to see your face pop up! Thanks for your kind words. I know that I can usually put words together well, but it's a slow process for me, and putting my writing out into the world is the hard part. Writing a book seems so huge, but lots of people do it, so I'm going to figure it out somehow. I can't wait to see your next drawing. Have a great week!

  6. Hi There,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now your newest follower, and don't worry. I'm no longer contagious *cough cough*

    1. Hi Adrienne! I'm glad that you are beyond contagious! It's never fun to be under the weather. Thanks for folioing my blog. That's always encouraging for a new blogger. Have a good one!

  7. Thanks for coming by and letting me know you're actually a teacher! lol Sometimes I think, "Well, maybe that's what everyone else did with their English degree, and I'm the oddball." XD

  8. Hi Debra! Thanks for stopping by. We all follow our own path. I'm glad that you didn't put your writing on the back burner and have gone for it! Have a good week!


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