Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Losing the Fitbit War

"How can you have so many more steps?
exclaims the Ever-Patient?
"There's something wrong with your Fitbit!"

We're comparing steps after a gorgeous fall day
at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Lily Pads, Denver Botanic Gardens

"We were together the whole time!" he complains.

"Hummm," says I. 
 I know exactly what has happened.

"I don't think so, Babe.
I calibrate my Fitbit all the time. 
I'm walking to St. Anthony,
and it's a long way 
to the northern tip of Newfoundland.
I want my miles to be right."

"Humph," says he, not wanting to concede.

"What can I say?" I reply.
"You're part vampire."

 Hiding His Sparkle

With a perfect autumn day,
a Chihuly exhibit, 
and events marking the end 
of the Jewish High Holy Days,
the gardens were mobbed.

Terry does not do sun or crowds well.

This is just one of the secluded spots 
we stopped at to quietly sip coffee:
a dim, cool oak grove.

I don't do quiet well.                                
Nor do I light for long.                                       I entertained myself by                                 
shooting Terry and our table.

Suddenly I became aware of a rustling in the grove.
I paused and listened.
A blur flashed to my right.

 What the?


And then I was scrambling.

The grove was alive with scurrying squirrels!

When squirrels scurry
you scramble ~

If you want to catch them
on their frenzied hunt 
to find and bury acorns!

Find It

Clamp It in Your Mouth

Bury It

Cover it Up

Hunt for Another

The Fitbit count is no mystery, Babe.
While you're chillaxing,
in the dim cool, sipping coffee
I'm chasing enterprising squirrels.

I took 553 photos in just under three hours
scampering all over the gardens:
up, down, around and around.

When you photograph anything that moves,
or doesn't, that step's count gonna climb!

Denver Botanic Gardens

Sorry, Babe!
You're never going to catch me!


  1. I've never seen them bury them over here. I'm sure they do, but they haven't really been in our backyard ever since we cut down the giant tree.

    1. Hey Adam! That was the first time I ever saw squirrels burying nuts, and boy was it hard to catch a clear picture of one doing so. They were in a frenzy! Have a good one!

  2. Part vampire... LOL! When we were in upstate NY, the squirrels were downright deadly. If you got in their way, they'd attack. Seriously. I'm much more a fan of these nice squirrels who shy away at human company. =)

    1. Hi Crystal! My husband is a serious shade seeker, so I've been calling him part vampire for decades. I had to sneak around with my camera trying to catch the squirrels, because the moment I moved too fast or got too close, they were off and running. Your comment makes me think of the attack squirrels in some commercials on TV, funny if it weren't so scary looking! Happy Hump Day!

  3. Cute squirrel - and those gardens look nice.

    1. Thanks, Patsy! The gardens were amazing, and much bigger than I anticipated for right in the middle of Denver. Have a good one!

  4. Hello dear Fundy!
    You always have a fun ways to tell stories!
    Oh yes... your count of clicks cant burst your card with anything moving, don't I know that, and you can delete 75% of them, WOW what an economy!! LOL!!!
    I love that fisrt picture, not moving but so serene!
    OK, I love your squirrels too soo cute!
    The dig, burry and loose an a-corn in seconds!!!!
    Keep well, hugs from France!

    1. Hugs, Noushka! You always make me feel good! At one point Terry yelled, "Look at these dragonflies! They're flying around in wheelsI" I came galloping, saying, "Where, where? They're mating wheels. I've got to get them for Noushla!" :( They were gone by the time I got there! LOL! Take care!

  5. The cats love to watch them scurry about. One sits on the back porch at my mother's and teases the dog haha

    1. Poor dogs! They always lose!!!! LOL! Have a good one under your sun!

  6. I can see you now....chasing along with the squirrels. I loved the pictures. Hubby could never keep up with you. Over five hundred pictures. My, oh my! You got some great shots. Sadie would go crazy with all those squirrels. Just today she raced out in the back yard and treed an unsuspecting squirrel who dared come in her fenced I territory.

    1. Hi Peggy! Yes, I'm going to get another post or two out of that trip to the botanic gardens. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the photos! Have a happy day!

  7. Lucky you. I haven't been to the Botanic gardens in years. My sister just moved to that neighborhood, though, so I intend to go again soon. I live up north in Longmont. ;)

    1. Hi LG! That trip was my first time ~ I can't believe it! What a fantastic place. If you like blown glass works, I hope you have a chance to get there before the wonderful Chihuly exhibit closes. Have a great day!

  8. Replies
    1. Got me! LOL! I can't sit for long! Happy Wednesday, Debra!

  9. I very much enjoyed this series of gorgeous photos!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. I was thinking of you, Linda, when I was taking the photos. I know that you like squirrels. I hope that you are enjoying a happy week!

  10. Hi Louise, It's Barb - loved your squirrelly pictures :) The Squirrels in Yosemite work together to gather and protect their acorns - they don't hide them in the ground they hide them in holes the woodpeckers make - learned this on my hiking trip last month - 10 days & not a single picture - LOL - I'm not convinced that we are related :)

    1. HaHaHa! This was the first time I've see squirrels burying them in the ground. I have seen them hiding them in tree holes. They were acting like me on a busy day! LOL! How can I be retired and have NO time!

  11. Those squirrel shots are amazing! Great eye.
    You took a lot of photos.

  12. Thank you, Alex! I figure if I take a lot of photos, I eventually get a shot I want! Have a good one!

  13. I hope you bring an extra battery for the camera with you, Louise! 533 pics....sounds like Ron on a typical day!! He always carries an extra.
    LOVE that first photo! Perfect!
    Can tell you were/are a teacher.....step by step instructions. I wonder if the squirrels mark those spots in any way or do they just remember/smell where they buried things?
    Pretty soon you will in NFLD!!

    1. Extra battery? Try three extras! And an extra memory card! LOL! I have no idea if the squirrels remember where those acorns are They were moving fast! I've got to add up my miles again ~ see where I am! Have a good evening!

  14. There I guess you told Terry, now maybe he'll listen or not!

    Squirrels own our backyard and SOphie totally ignores them, huh?

    Give her a rat and she is gone to GonzoVille chasing ans growling. I know there are any rats in your dissertation but someday you might just happen upon them and RUN (like I do)!!

    Botanical gardens I do enjoy ~ now let's see where would there be one close for us? Ahh Montreal I guess!

    Lily Pads are always a show stopper, quite peaceful and lovely!


    1. Hi, Ron! We're always going to botanical gardens, but I had never been to Denver's ~ in 32 years! How pitiful is that? They are great, and I'm going to be doing a couple of other posts on them. Despite the mobs, it was possible to find serene spots. Have a good one!

  15. I bet you're pretty darn fit!
    Friend Jan, who owns the appaloosa Lakota, is a curator at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

    1. Hi Terry! I'll bet you're fitter! I hope that your friend, Jan, has a reserved parking space! That traffic was something. And what a cool job she has! Have a good one!

  16. The Gardens look lovely - I'd not heard of them before. What a beautiful photo of the water lilies. And wow, you got a lot of good squirrel shots! They're all over our yard but it's hard for me to get any clear photos.

    How far have you made it on the way to St. Anthony?

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you for the kind comment! The Denver Botanical Gardens are really big, considering they're in the city. It was my first visit, but it won't be my last. I have to total my recent walks to see exactly where I am on my long walk. I have a simple camera that I use on automatic focus. Usually when things like squirrels are moving fast, I won't zoom in right on the subject. I can do that in editing. If the subject stops and I'm quick enough, then I'll zoom and click. I take a number knowing eventually I'll get a shot like the full length leaping squirrel with the acorn in its mouth. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don't! I rereading the LOTR books, by the way. Have a good weekend!

  17. I have a vision of you scurrying around and it makes me smile :) Wonderful photos. What a great way to spend the day. On days that you don't feel like running after those squirrels, just come take photographs in my backyard. There are oodles of them visiting day in and day out...

    1. You have me smiling with your kind comment! Have a happy weekend, Martha! Wait ~ It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! Have a fabulous time with your family!

  18. I love your blog! Great to meet you at Alex's earlier this week.

  19. O my goodness, what gorgeous pictures! Ah Louise, I'm sorry to have been neglectful -- thank you so much for popping by and leaving your sweet comments. I've been so busy with the kids and the shop and dolly commission and general Mom things.. I've had blog posts stewing in my head, but when I have a bit of free time, I just want to veg lol! I'm working on another new doll over the weekend, and then I really will try to get a post done. I trust all is well with you and all at home -- big big hug!! P.S. And YES, those sandfly bites have disappeared, praise the Lord -- it was about a week of prescription antihistamines and steroid cream lol

    1. It's wonderful to see you pop up, Jan! I know that you are busy with so much on your plate. I honestly don't know how you do it all. All's great on my home front. Take care, my friend! Whenever you post, I'll be delighted to read it. You're a busy mom, and if you don't take care of you (i.e. vegging), you can't take care of your beautiful family. Have a happy weekend ~ big, big hug right back at you!


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