Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning Music Break: Brother Louis ~ Stories

"What does matter to me is truth."
I wrote those words in a comment
a couple of days ago
on an imaginative blog I almost never miss:
Pat Hatt's "It's Rhyme Time."


And since then 
this post has bothered me ~
the one I wrote 
in October last year
and didn't publish;
the one I wrote "flying on one wing"1
after an evening at Parkway.

Digging a little too deep in the muskeg.

Unpublished October Post ~

Friday Night Date Night.
Parkway Bar and Grill.
It's the Ever~Patient's and my standing date for years now.

I was feeling really good at Parkway.
I had written well earlier today, 
even if it was painful.

I even told some of the regulars 
I was writing a book.
That's how good I was feeling.
Writing a book!
I admitted it ~ at the bar!

Parkway has a fun game called Buzztime.
I'm always calling out the answers to the questions.

So the Ever~Patient Terry and I 
got in this big discussion  
about a question that popped up tonight 
on one of the TVs above the bar.

The question was about dirty song lyrics that weren't.  
I immediately knew the answer to the question:
the Kingman song.

But suddenly, 
all I could think about was
a different Louis Louis song: 
"Louie, Louie, Louie, Louis ~ 
Louie, Louie you're gonna cry!"

Sadness billowed
as I tried to remember the lyrics,
"Blah-bah blah-bah, when you taste brown sugar. . ."


The E~P kept trying 
to tamp me down.

He had me parked 
between him and the
drink station
at the end of the bar.

He wanted me all for himself.
I can so get engrossed in conversations
with others at the bar.

But I was on a creative high,
buzzed and bopping from person to person,
and there was no subduing me.

Funny how a few sips of merlot can slam you 
on a sad, creative high
sharpened by a song you had buried deep.
Sad and high is more than possible.

The feelings have nothing to do with now.
Nothing to do with who you love now
with everything in you.

But once, 
when there was no place in time or space 
to love somebody who loved you,
this song felt so good.

Copper and white,
not black and white.
It doesn't matter.

Sometimes it just feels right 
to drown in a song.

You Tube ~ Stories ~ Your Music Jukebox - The 70's

1  I had had a dangerous third glass of wine,
    rather than my customary and safer two.

    Refers to a Maritimes saying when on a tear:
    "You can't fly on one wing."
    (excuse after an odd number of drinks to have another)

    Followed by:
    "I need one for the road."
    (excuse after an even number of drinks to have another).

    Repeat ~ until you feel invincible.
    Then stop!  
    (Usually you forget to stop.)  


  1. That one for the road can be dangerous, especially if you've had quite a few before.

    1. You're so right, JL! Fortunately I can walk to and from Parkway easily! It's a little scary when I think how many times I've heard that said by people in my past ~ when you really think about it. Have a good one!

  2. A bar is certainly not a place where I would've thought to write. But hey, whatever works. (Just don't drink and drive!)

    1. Hi, Sherry! I appreciated your feedback, because I realize that I hadn't made clear that this post was written after I had been at the bar. And you're right about not drinking and driving. I almost always walk to Parkway and ride home with my hubby, my designated driver. Or he picks me up and drives me there and back. Have a great day and happy writing!

  3. "Sometimes it just feels right to drown in a song." Amen. And I do it often!!! :-)

    1. Thanks, Audrey! You get it! Songs are powerful memory inducers ~ of all kinds of memories ~ almost as strong as smells for me. And sometimes, it's just a great song! Have a happy day ~ It's so great to see you back!

  4. Writing in a bar. Hey, it worked for Hemingway. Well, at least for a while.

    1. Writing after being at the bar, Elizabeth ~ Sorry, I realize I didn't make that clear. But I wouldn't hesitate if the situation were right! On a different note, I got to visit Hemingway's home in Key West. That was amazing! And I still remember learning of his suicide on my blue transistor radio in the north.

  5. A third glass of wine? You party girl, you... I'm also a two-glasses-maximum type of wine drinker. That's all I can handle and even that is too much

    1. Hi Martha! Two wines over several hours with a meal and with Terry to drive me the one klick home, and even that can leave me a little tipsy! The bartenders always tease me! I hope you're having a great week!

  6. Wine has been known to help a many a writer :)

    1. Welcome back, Keith! Loved that wedding photo of you and Beate! That's one of the scary things about alcohol and writing ~ Sometimes it allows you to dance closer to things you've hidden away. Have a good one!

  7. Something was telling you to write this post, Louise.....and you did! Gives anther perspective, I am sure, of how you perceive things in an 'altered' state.....insightful maybe.
    I remember both those songs very well! Both BR (before Ron) and when I was 'altered' somewhat a lot of the time!! Hey it was the early '70's!! lol

    1. Hey Jim! You're right, but it took a few months for me to post it ~ niggled by that comment I wrote on Pat's blog. Sometimes you can shut things out of your mind for decades, and then suddenly you can't. I know those altered states from that time! Have a great day!

  8. I know both these songs 60's and 70's and when a certain song comes on the radio, or on TV, or from the ether, a memory is triggered sometimes good and sometimes not so good. I learned many moons ago after watching many people indulge too much, to NOT indulge too much because of witnessing the invariable after effects.

    Louie Louie #1 was such a spastic song almost like watching Elaine on Seinfeld, heck she would love it.
    The other song was so early 70's and that's all I can remember.

    Anyway, don't apologize but do remember E-P has your back and leaving him at the bar while your cavorting around the bar well.........for me this is, how shall I say it......not my cuppa cuppa.


    1. I guess the songs and story triggered a memory in me.

    2. Hey Ron! I'm sorry if my post triggered a bad memory for you! It sounds like it was a painful one.

      I'm somewhat laughing as I read the responses to my post! For me it was all about painful truths bubbling up when my guard was down, things that have haunted me my whole life. And instead people are reacting to the wine and the bar! Obviously that says that I'm not communicating what I was trying to say.

      I am trying to look at the truth of things that happened in my past, because I'm so good at burying them to avoid them. I don't drink and drive. I rarely have too much and not intentionally. And Terry always has my back. And yes, guilty, sometimes I bop around and say hi to the regulars. And sometimes so does Terry. What really makes him nuts is if I get into a conversation about education!

      Sometimes when things surface, I can't sit. I have to move. That Inner Gingerbread Man I semi-acknowledged on my blog quite a ways back rears. Someday I'm going to smash him to smithereens, but I couldn't even link this post to that early post, and I never wrote part b to that post ~ not ready to address it yet. But I got a little closer to looking at the truth by posting this. We shall see. Some people might look at my past and think, "What's the big deal?" But to me it was huge and colored all of my life.

      No apologies, I'm just going to go do a post on warm, cute, fuzzy bunnies, or some such! LOL!
      Have a happy day, Ron!

    3. High 5 Louise ~ our lives are what we make it and not everything is smiley faces for sure. If something triggers a memory then we have to make the best of it and that is what I have done. So thank you for that.
      Carry On Fundy Blue, sounds almost like a British movie.


  9. haha going on a tear after a good drunk, well you've got that one up on me as the cat has never done that. The truth shall set you free, or make you want another drink.

  10. Sometimes the truth does both! LOL! Never gone on a tear, Pat? I don't know whether to say "Good for you!" or "How sad!" I remember one party at our house in Newfoundland when even our dog went on a tear. Someone spilled creme de menthe on his back, he started licking it, and discovered he liked creme de menthe. We always had to watch Buddy after that because he wanted more cdm. We'd have to keep our glasses up higher than he could jump, but sometimes Dad snuck him a little to lap from a saucer. No one parties like Newfies!

    1. and I can vouch for that Louise because Newfies are everywhere here and CDM is flowing in the streets!!


    2. :0 !!!!! I'm so glad that I got to live in Newfoundland!


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