Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Because

It's a chilly, gray day in landlocked Colorado.
Clouds have shuttered blue sky, and winds have stripped  golden leaves.
Rain and snow are on their way.

Gray Day in Colorado

It's a perfect day to sit down by the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and a favorite book.
I'm closing in on the end of Cloud Atlas, my final reread before the movie mutates my images of Mitchell's world irrevocably.

So, even though life is good, sometimes it's beneficial to take your spirits a little higher!  At such times, when I'm missing the ocean and I'm longing for the feel of Nova Scotia, I play again a video that never fails to make me smile.  That makes me remember the essential goodness of ordinary people and their capacity for fun!

Sometimes I play it just because.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport
Breast Cancer FUNdraiser Flash Mob
September 16, 2010

My cup of coffee is craving some Timbits from that HSIA Tim Hortons!


  1. Now that you are retired Louise, do you think Colorado is ready for a 'Tim's'!!! Just sayin'!
    What a great video clip and for a great cause. Thanks for this, it did give me a lift!

  2. My feet are still tapping as I respond....guess what I had a Starbuck's today and drove by Timmie's!

  3. Every time I watch the flash mob at the airport, I'm dancing with them! Hope that Starbucks was good!


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