Friday, October 26, 2012

The Barnes & Noble Reference Shelves

Every other Friday I go to my local B&N bookstore to treat myself to a cup of coffee, an apple tart, and a pile of interesting books.  I pick up the current copy of People Magazine, so I can catch up on the latest Stewart/Pattinson gossip (a guilty Twilight pleasure).  Then I'm off to look for interesting books to peruse while I enjoy my treats.

This morning I was searching through the writing section in the reference area looking for something on memoirs or blogging.

And right there,
on the B&N reference shelves,
underneath a selection of books on quotations,
was something I had never expected to find!

I had to take a photograph.
Can you spot what I discovered?

Fifty Shades of Grey!  The whole trilogy!

How helpful! I thought.

if the lights are low,
and you're trying to spice things up with something nouveau,
and you can't think of some salacious sweet nothing to whisper,
as you're trying to attach handcuffs to your partner and the bedpost,
you can sneak a peak
at your strategically placed reference book on your nightstand,
and find an appropriate quote!
Because, B&N has thoughtfully put the large print editions on its reference shelf!

Now, I know that the hardworking staff at my local B&N goes out of its way to help customers,
but this strikes me as truly going above and beyond the call of duty.

So, I dispatched the tart and the magazine and the books, and I was sitting there thinking,
Why stop with the reference shelf?

B&N could up its customer service a notch and add a display in the game section.
Nothing ostentatious and over the top,
like American Horror Story's Sister Jude with her closet of disciplinary tools.
No!  Something more subtle, like a discretely and tastefully packaged set of handcuffs or two.

I know just the spot!
Slip them between these two games in the games and puzzle section.
There should be just enough room.


  1. LOL! Louise, you are a riot! One day we're reading about a geological find, the next how to handcuff your partner!! I LOVE how your mind works! I have no clue actually how it does, but I like it!
    I wonder what the 'male' version of 'Shades of Gray' will be called? Can't leave us out of the mix! Hey there may even be.....think of the possibilities for us retired folk! Settle down Jim.....

  2. Thank you, Jim! Finally someone thinks I'm funny! My husband is always saying I need help in the humor department, but then he has to live me. I deliberately chose the word "partner" to be as inclusive as I could - it's a teacher thing! You'll have to write the male version of SOG! That's a little outside my area of expertise.

  3. Sense of humour...well I should say so.....tell your hubster that my hubster doesn't find me funny either...maybe they need a year of schooling in the WHS system....then they'd understand our senses of humour. There is no other reason under the sun for such insolence...winky wink! PS..B&N have a good thing going there with java and treats while you read....out Chapters stores used to do that...then stopped because no one was magazines and books!

  4. The same thing happened at Indigos in Calgary. My problem with reading at the Barnes& Noble Starbucks is that I'm always buying something! Now that I'm retired I'm buying even more. Terry gave me a NOOK for Christmas last year, but a NOOK is not a book, and I love books!


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