Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seidell's Suckhole

I hadn't thought of Seidell's Suckhole in several years.  Until yesterday.  I was sitting here at my kitchen counter thinking How can anyone be stupid enough to lose her own blog?  And the images and memories flooded my mind.  I realized that Seidell's Suckhole was the perfect metaphor for my battles with computers.  Sometimes I get sucked in, and I have to fight my way out!  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Whitewater on the Arkansas

Seidell's Suckhole is a notorious Class IV whitewater challenge in Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River in Colorado.  A suckhole is a place where a river drops, forming a low spot or hole.  The hole fills with waves by water rushing back upstream.  River rafts running through the suckhole can be upended, overturned, or get stuck spinning around.  Many a raft has dumped its crew in Seidell's Suckhole.  Not me!  Not Terry!  We ran through.

I don't remember much of the run - just a rush of cold, wet, waves and intense fear, then incredible relief and elation as I clung to the ropes on the raft and realized I had done it.  Strike another item on the Bucket List!

I do remember standing on a slope overlooking Seidell's Suckhole, previewing the run, and getting instructions on what to do if dumped.  I was looking into the churning whitewater and thinking You can do this, Louise!  This thought has gotten me into way too much trouble over the years!

I don't have a photo.  It's hard to hold a camera when you are clinging for dear life on a whitewater run!

So, I have another whitewater run on my Bucket List:  Rafting the Grand Canyon.  I put it completely out of my mind after the death of a friend on the Colorado.  But now I'm thinking Maybe!

As for computers - You can suckhole me, but I'm going to eventually fight my way out!

My husband just looked over my shoulder and commented, "No kidding, computers sure are your suckhole!  So is the time you're spending on them!"  My ever patient Terry is now scrounging in the cupboard for something to eat.  I'm sure he's wondering what's for supper.

Here's a You Tube video called "Rafting Seidell's Suckhole on the Arkansas River.  The music is "Here We Go" by Dispatch, according to comments listed with the video.  I am not on these rafts!  :)

International River Difficulty Class IV
Class IV:
Very difficult
Long rapids; waves high, irregular; dangerous rocks; boiling eddies; best passages difficult to scout; scouting mandatory first time; powerful and precise maneuvering required. Demands expert boatman and excellent boat and good quality equipment.Crooked Chute Petawawa.jpg

As I researched Seidell's Suckhole I found some interesting articles in my favorite Breckenridge read The Summit Daily News and at


  1. This video reminded me of a white water rafting trip we took on the Thompson River in B.C. The Kumsheen River Rafting Co....what a blast. Yours looks so much more dangerous...did I say you have guts!? Your Bucket List has some mighty powerful things to do...I must re-read mine...oops I don't have one! Anyway, looking frwd to your next installment!

  2. You've probably figured out by now, that I'm going back and checking my blog posts now that I figured out how to customize my layout, text, etc. I went through Seidell's Suckhole before an experience rafter who was a friend and mentor to me died rafting. I haven't been quite as gutsy since. I'm glad you got to experience rafting in BC. It is a rush. I still want to raft down the San Juan River in Utah and the Grand Canyon. The Colorado Plateau is a magnificent natural area.


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