Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt August 2013: Reno and Northern Nevada

Tomorrow is September!
It's hard to believe!
I am seriously ready for some cool weather!

Terry and I traveled to Reno, 
Carson City, and Lake Tahoe, in Nevada
for a long weekend with friends this August.

Location of the State of Nevada in the U.S.A.
Source:  Wikimedia

We had never been there before,
and we found out 
that it is an area made for fun!

Reno and Northern Nevada

So come share some of our fun
as I hunted for photos 
in western Nevada!

 Flying into Reno

Thanks to Jill 

and her Made with Love blog
for setting up the hunt.

Scavenger Hunt August 2013:  
Reno and Northern Nevada 

1.  Brown
"Spirit of Nevada"
by sculptor Douglas Van Howd

This brown sculpture is a tribute to the wild mustangs of Nevada.
It stands outside Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

The level of detail on this sculpture is amazing.

2.  Ten (10)
Ten Nevada Assembly Journals

These ten journals are in a museum 
upstairs in the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City.



Two buds, Jon and Terry, taking a break from the sun outside the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City.

3.  Windows

Lovely windows in the historical 
Nevada State Capitol in Carson City.

The capitol building was constructed
in the Neoclassical Italianate style
 between 1869 and 1871.

It is listed in the U.S.
National Register of Historic Places. 
Source:  Wikipedia

4.  Petrol Station
When I told my friends and husband
that I needed photos from a "petrol station,"
they were happy to oblige!

Having Way Too Much Fun at the Petrol Station!

5.  Boats
I looked Everywhere for Boats,
and Then Suddenly I Spied Some
at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.



Looks Like Fun!

We had to slip across 
the California/Nevada state line 
to find a place to park where I could photograph
real boats on Lake Tahoe.

Pope Beach, South Shore of Lake Tahoe, California

6.  Framed
Historical U.S. Flag in the Nevada State Capitol

Nevada became the 36th state in the U.S.A. on October 31, 1884.

On the American flag each star represents a state,
so this lovely old framed flag has thirty-six stars.
This flag was used from 1884 to 1887 
until Nebraska became the 37th state.

7.  Chopsticks


These chopsticks are from 
the Club Cal Neva Hotel & Casino in Reno
Can you guess why we use chopsticks in our home?

8.  Transport
Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada

Cruising on Virginia Street, Downtown Reno

We discovered, to our delight, that in August 
Reno, Sparks, and the Lake Tahoe area host 
the largest classic car event in the U.S.A.
Famous rock 'n' roll acts from recent decades
entertain at venues throughout the area.
If you are nostalgic about classic cars, 
a very cool form of transport,
you'll find plenty of antique, muscle, and collector cars here!

1939 Ford Roadster
Nugget Hotel, Sparks, Nevada

9.  Playing
There are countless ways to play 
in Northern Nevada ~ outdoors and in!
Many visitors stop for a little fun in the many casinos.

Really Jon and Terry ~ They're Just Plastic Horses!
The guys are betting on the horses playing vintage Sigma Derby.

 Cindy and Jon Playing Keno While Terry Watches

Cindy and Louise Playing Chicken-in-a-Pot at Circus Circus, Reno
We were scoring chickens in the pots ~ 
Checkout those awesome prize flowers!

This is the most exciting form of play I found in Reno ~
I call it Ringing the Bell in Reno.
No way I am capable of this!

Look Way Up on the Top Right to Find the Bell

Almost There!
(Sorry for the fuzzy picture ~ twilight and way up with my point-and-shoot camera)

Ringing the Bell in Reno 
to the Sound of People Cheering on Virginia Street Below

10.  Fantasy
The Eldorado Hotel & Casino's
Fountain of Fortune Sculpture
by Sculptor Joe Barth, June 1995

This fantasy sculpture has marble, bronze, and gold leaf 
on its twenty pieces of of mythical figures:
tritons, dolphins, fish, cherubs, sea horses,
and the seventeen foot tall God of Fortune.

11.  Sharp
Sculpture Along Truckee River Walk, Reno

This raptor in a small waterfall
along the Raymond I. Smith Truckee River Walk 
has a sharp beak and talons.

Truckee River,

12.  Post Card
Postcards in Reno

A good postcard was hard to find!
So here's my own:

The Reno area 
was an amazing place 
for a scavenger hunt!

Can't wait to go back!

Can't wait to see everyone's
August photographs!

September's List:
White, 1, Graffiti, Ears, Repetition, Disney, 
Lace, New, Door Handle, Beach Life, Tree, Tattoo


  1. what a great collection! I enjoyed seeing Reno through your photos.

    1. Thanks Louise! I've just been enjoying all the interesting posts for the hunt, including yours! Happy hunting in September!

  2. A very entertaining collection! I particularly liked the fun at the petrol station, the framed flag and the classic cars. x

    1. Thank you, Julie! My friend Cindy and I had so much fun watching all the cars going down Virginia Street! The occupants of the classic cars were waving at us and honking their horns as they went by. I have never seen so many beautifully restored cars. We laughed till we hurt at gas station. Have a great week!

  3. This was great fun to read (and see). Your posts are always so informative and interesting! Maybe I'll do the scavenger hunt this month.. I said I'd do it last month, as I recall!
    I love the shadows of the plane as you were landing.

    1. Hi Dreaming! Thank you for your kind words. You must join in the Scavenger Hunt. It is so much fun! I think you take the prize for informative and interesting posts! Following your motorhome trip and all your adventures this year was so much fun! Take care!

  4. Looks like an exciting area to visit, Louise! I loved that black '59 Chevy!
    Good and well organized post with great photos! I was getting dizzy watching that wall-climber!!

    1. Hi Jim! Thanks for the kind compliment! The wall climber was amazing. I may do a whole post on ringing the bell in Reno. I blew a good part of today on my post, but it was fun to put together. I hope that you, Ron, and Sophie are enjoying a fun long weekend! Take Care!

  5. Hey!
    I've been to Reno and Lake Tahoe. I was amazed by the color of the water in Lake Tahoe even in November, it was beautiful!
    Guess what! You won my giveawy! Visit my blog and send me an email with your full name and address! Hope you have a great Labor Day.
    Kay G.

    1. Hi Kay! How exciting to win your giveaway! Thank you! I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day, too! We are having a lazy weekend at home. Lake Tahoe was lovely. It's so clear and blue. I would really like to see it in the winter surrounded by snow. I definitely want to return to the area. Take Care!

  6. So many great photos, i really like framed, chopsticks, and transport. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt. greenthumb.

    1. Thanks Jill! I have so much fun participating in your scavenger hunt! I had to laugh when I saw beach life for September. We're headed into fall and snow, and you're headed into summer. It won't be a problem though! LOL Have a good week!

  7. This was fun to read and informative ,too! Your collection is really interesting!I especially like your postcard- much better than the ones sold- and the petrol station- so much fun!The petrol station is the one that troubles me, since they aren't self service in Greece and I'm shy to go there and take a photo.So, when I saw that you took more than once, even having fun with it, I was impressed!
    Everytime I look at your posts it's a whole new world for me. As I only know the US from the movies, it's alwasy nice to look at the real thing through your photos. Such a diverse country!
    Thank you so much for your comment- there's a reply on my blog. However, I'd like to be retired and be able to travel and have so much fun like you! Take care!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment! We had fun at our petrol station, for sure. I'm becoming more daring at taking photos. I was taking lots of pictures in Thailand and Cambodia, and I realized that there was no reason why I couldn't in the US too ~ so I've been going for it. You will be retired, Rose Fern, before you know it! I keep asking myself, "How did I get here so fast?" I felt like I was working forever, and suddenly "Boom!" ~ here I am! You are a teacher, and that is no easy profession, but it is a joy to spend your life in the company of children. I'm glad that you have a job! Your country has been through so much in recent years. Take care!

    2. Dear Findy Blue, I really like my profession as much as I like travelling!I wish I could travel more...As things are really rough economically right now, future is really uncertain. I'm afraid I will be retired oneday without a pension, even though money has been kept from me for this reason. So, I probably won't be able to have a decent life, even though I will have worked hard for it.Things are so bad that kids have been very affected - they're not stubit- families go through hard times, and trust me ,teaching has become even hardrer. Having said all these, I admit, I'm one of the lucky ones to (still) have a job in Greece these days, but who knows?

  8. Oh my gosh, how fun. I've never been there and now I want to go. The sculps of the mustangs....spectacular.

    1. Hi Sandra! I'm glad that you enjoyed the sculpture of the mustangs ~ I must have spent 15 minutes admiring and examining it. And I want to go back to Reno and the area! Have a good week!

  9. BROWN ~~ WOW
    PLAYING ~~ climbing that wall tower gives me the heebee jeebies but I really would love to try and your SMILE just says it all!
    PETROL STATION ~~ Terry's smile holding the window cleaner ~~ perfect!

    Now, I hope there was A/C everywhere!? Is the hotness(LOL) dry or humid? SO nosy I am.

    SO you flew there instead of driving. How far is the drive anyway? I love to drive so you never know?

    Thanks for this Reno visit. I've never been there most likely will never make it but that's OK. We all can't be everywhere all the time, right!?


    1. Hey Ron! Thanks for all the commentary on my photos! Chicken-in-a-pot operators tremble when I pick up a mallet. Everyone has a talent, and mine is catapulting a chicken into a pot! LOL Yes, we had air-conditioning everywhere. It was quite pleasant in Reno ~ about 85F/29C isn. Lovely and dry. I hate humidity! Given that Terry is still working, we usually fly places because he is very careful with his using his vacation days. We could probably drive from Denver to Reno in about 2 days of steady driving. I'm starting to comprehend that I might not get to go everywhere! :( We shall see. I keep trying to be everywhere all the time ~ Maybe that's what's wrong with me! LOL Take care!

    2. Make a list of places ~~ make a Pros and Cons list for thme ~~ then whittle them down maybe. Dive into the top of the "must sees" and do it wholeheartedly. Then post your arse off, LOL!

    3. LOL indeed! Right now the Middle East is at the top! I'll be posting! :)

  10. First of all, this photo scavenger hunt is a great idea. I think I will try to establish that custom among my friends :D love the idea
    Lake Tahoe is a pretty place for sure. This (and the old cars) make me miss the states even more.


    1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for the kind words! I do love the states and old cars! Take care!

  11. Reno...isn't that where people can get a quickie divorce?
    Lovely pics, especially good are Windows and Transport, I think.

    1. Hi Fiona! Yes, quickie divorces were Reno's claim to fame, especially years ago when divorces were hard to get. I enjoyed your lovely church window and your bike! Take care!

  12. Great photos, I particularly liked fantasy and sharp!

    1. Thanks LBM! I enjoyed yours this month too! Have a good one!

  13. This is a familiar area - we drive through on our way from CO to CA. Looks like you found a little bit of everything there. I hope you came home richer!

  14. Hi Barb! Can't say I came home richer! LOL! But we really enjoyed the area. Whenever we've gone to CA it's been via I-15 ~ we're always heading to Orange Co. and further south. I think we'll be headed back to Reno though! Take care!


Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them very much.