Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning Music Break ~ A Little Bit of Country!

What is it about Monday mornings?

Source:  Google

With decades of experience behind me,
many Monday mornings still wind me up
until I'm chasing my tail!
Reactive, not proactive.

This Monday morning 
with that spinning in circles feeling
was totally my own fault.

I woke up a minute or so before 
the alarm was set to ring
and shut it off.
I think, It's so early!  
I'll just lie here a little longer.

Source:  Wikimedia  

So I linger under the covers,
and I'm drifting in and out 
thinking about the day to come:
I'm going to listen to 
Fareed Zakaria GPS and Meet the Press.

And, of course, 
there's going to be the Broncos against Giants
in the Peyton/Eli matchup in the third Manning Bowl.
Maybe I'll make some banana bread
and put it in Terry's lunch tomorrow.

And that country song I've been listening to
for days now is running through my head!
Maybe I'll do a blog post with the song in it
on Monday morning.

Monday Morning!  OMG!
Is it Monday morning?

I shake Terry awake:  
Poor Ever-Patient!
"Terry, Terry?  What day is it?"

(I have a really bad feeling 
it is Monday,
and we are now an hour late getting up.)

"It's Monday.  Why?" says the E-P,
(sometimes aka Anonymous Grumpy Cat).

Source:  memegenerator

Oops!  And the mad scramble begins!
Has that ever happened to you?

So finally I'm getting a chance 
to sit down and catch my breath.
I need a little musical relaxation
along with a good, strong cup of coffee.

Coffee and doughnuts for staff personnel 
while awaiting the early morning atomic blast!
May 5, 1955
Source:  Wikimedia 

So here's that song 
I've been enjoying so much.
I'm sure that it has been around for months and months ~
but I just discovered it listening to
the 2013 CMA Country Music Festival.

Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, 
and Keith Urban
blew me away!

The video starts with Swift singing "Red."
At the 4:20 mark it transitions into the song
"Highway Don't Care" 
by Taylor, Tim, and Keith
from the album Two Lanes of Freedom.

Song:  Highway Don't Care [feat. Taylor Swift, Keith Urban]
Source:  Amazon

Now I like Taylor and Tim just fine,
but I think Keith Urban is the best.
And can he play a guitar!

Source:  Wikimedia

Said the E-P looking over my shoulder yesterday,
"Are you still listening to that Keith Urban guy?"
Tee hee!  You bet! 
E-POS ~ no problem!
So join me for a Monday Morning Music Break
with a second cup of coffee or whatever!

Source:  You Tube/cmntexas

How do you handle a hectic Monday morning?
I'm open to suggestions!

Oh yeah!  Peyton and the Broncos won 41 - 23!
Oops!  Now it's Monday afternoon!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets the days mixed up sometime. When I can't get to sleep some nights I listen to the radio with my earphones. Now I have to let you know that since we are in rural pennsylvania When you scan it only steps five times. ....two country, retro rock, a a public station and ..wait it only steps four tmes. So you can guess that I don't hear much. Thank goodness I have Sirius in the car. Anyway I heard highway don't care the other night. Great song !

    1. Hi Peggy! It brought back memories when you shared that you could only get four stations on your radio! Sirius is great, especially when going through the mountains (week, except for tunnels). I hope that you are enjoying a great week!

  2. Ugg hate mondays too
    Flush em down the loo
    I just go with the flow
    Gonna come no matter what at our show

    1. Hey Pat! I hope that your week is going well!
      Half-way to Friday which is swell!

  3. You know, I flip my hair around like Taylor Swift all the time too but it just makes people cross over to the other side of the street to avoid me. What does she have that I don't?

    1. Cracking up! Too funny! I don't know about you, but I can think of quite a list of things that she has that I don't! LOL I hope that you are enjoying a happy, floppy week!

  4. I don't mind mondays, it's the weekend I dread. I don't work M-F but a 4 week rotating system.

    1. You have my sympathy, Adam ~ a four week rotating system would be hard on my system. I hope that you and Daisy are having a great week!

  5. I'm okay with Mondays. I'm usually well relaxed after the weekend, and raring to go. I don't feel that way when I get to mid week :)

    Mmmm...Keith Urban... There is just something about him!

    1. Hi Martha!
      KU definitely has something!
      You're halfway to the weekend!!!!
      Usually about this time during the week, I'd be getting excited because Friday was getting closer. Mondays were always tough because I worked 60-65 hours a week while teaching, and I rarely got a break on the weekend. Most weekends were a non-stop grind of squeezing household chores in around piles of paperwork, grading, and planning for school. Thank goodness I worked in a year round school so I got breaks throughout the year. I loved Friday nights when I'd get to meet Terry for drinks and dinner. I still love to do that!
      I hope that you are enjoying your week and that you're getting some relaxing time in.

  6. Mondays are sometimes the most difficult day of the week gor me, perhaps because its difficult to transition to schedule, routine and structure (oh, and stress) after a weekend of spontaneity, relaxation and pleasure. Good to hear the Broncos triumphed! (No TV... By choice)

    1. Hey Snowcatcher! Your weekends sound awesome, and you're halfway there! Before I retired from teaching my weekends were almost as stressful as my workdays. But at least on the weekends I could set my own schedule and work in my comfy clothes. And I'd get some sleeping in! Things are definitely more sane now ~ but Mondays still get me. I hope all is well with you!

  7. Howdy!! I have really become more and more of a country music fan over the years. I love listening to old Keith Whitley songs. I wish he hadn't been taken from us so soon!

  8. Hi Keith! I've come to appreciate country more and more as the years go by. I'm going to go to You Tube and check out Keith Whitley! Hope you're enjoying your day! :)

  9. Oh YESSsssssSSSSS!!! Mr. Urban, he can play my guitar any time ~~~ did I divulge that secret ~~~ yup I did!! Great video, more Urban though!

    Coffee X 2,3 cups...mmmm.

    You'll get over the Monday morning nerve attack soon ~~~ I promise. If I can, you can.


    1. I agree, Ron! That CMA video needed more KU! I share a similar secret! Winkers! Can't wait for Idol. Now if Idol would just add Steven Tyler back to the judges' panel then it would be just about perfect. I'm waiting for the slow down to hit me! I'm never going to be laid back. Maybe Terry needs to retire too ~ then the Monday nerve attacks might go away. Take care!

    2. IMAGINE ~~~ Tyler, Urban and Jay LO !!!

      Budda bOo Budda BiNg!!

  10. Really like Keith Urban. He's smart, articulate and can sing...oh yes, and he's married to Nicole Kidman!!

    Yes, as soon as Terry retires, you will not have to worry about those 'Monday morning' jitters! What day is it anyway? lol

    1. Hey Jim! Tom Cruise or Keith Urban? No contest! Lucky Nicole ~ she got it right the second time. Terry's is thinking about working longer! He likes that paycheck ~ but at least he has a job where he can't do overtime or take work home (security reasons). Have a great evening. Our home will come to a full stop for Survivor tonight! Take care!

  11. Louise did I mention that I am going to see Keith Urban in January!...I can hardly wait! I will post pictures!- Dutchess

  12. You're killing me, Dutchess! OMG! Lucky, lucky you! Take lots and lots of pics!


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