Friday, September 6, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out? Woof! Xs 4

The sun is shining brightly 
in  Broncos Land  this morning!
Woof!  Woof! Woof!  Woof!

Mile High Stadium
(True Fans Call It Mile High Stadium!)
Source:  Wikipedia

This photo is when the stadium was officially called Invesco Field at Mile High.
MHS is now officially known as Sports Authority Field at Mile High.
Confusing ~ I Know! ~ It's a Money Thing!

I, however, am not shining brightly!
I was up way too late last night ~ reading ~ Not!  
I was watching the Broncos wipe up the field with the Ravens.
And it felt so good ~ like redemption!

Last Year ~ Into the Pits of Despair!
The 2012 NFL Divisional Playoff Broncos/Ravens Match Was Not Good!
Source:  Lovely Denver 

LOL ~ redemption!  
eye don't git it!!!
But I'm truly trying to!
It sure felt like redemption 
to the stressed-out male on the couch with me! 

This is the year, I have decided 
that I am going to become a true  Broncos fan! 
After more than thirty years of trying to ignore  Broncomania,
I have decided to embrace it.
eyem tryin 2 git it!!!

Broncos Cheerleaders
Do U Git It?  
:O !!!  
Source:  Wikipedia

Last night's game was a grudge rematch
of the 2012 NFL Divisional Playoff Game 
between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens 
on that day of infamy, January 12, 2012.
The day of the Mile High Miracle ~
and I don't mean for the Broncos!

The  Bronco had the game IN THE BAG!
Less than a minute left in regulation!
And they let Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco 
rocket a pass to receiver Jacoby Jones
who scored a game-tying 70-yard touchdown pass.
Source:  Wikipedia

You should have heard what came out of the mouth of 
the stressed-out male on the couch with me 
when that happened!

You should have heard 
what the E-P ~ Not! spouted when I retorted, 
"Don't count your Super Bowls before they happen!"
Probably shouldn't have said that.

The E-P takes football very seriously!  

Thanks to Dancing With the Stars
I know who Jacoby Jones is!
I know who his mother is! 

Jacoby and Shmirnoff
Source:  Zimbio

Yeah that game,
the Mile High Miracle game the Broncos lost 
38-35 in double overtime
when a rookie kicker! Justin Tucker 
sent a 47-yard field goal between the uprights
Heartbreaker!  We were supposed to win the Super Bowl!
Life has been grim in  BroncoLand  until late last night.

Justin Tucker ~ Broncos Spoiler
Source:  Wikipedia

(I'm having to do a lot of on-line research
because last night's stressed-out male on the couch 
had the nerve to take the Denver Post's sports section
to work with him today ~
no doubt to bask in the glory of Denver's win
at odd moments throughout this happy day!)

The Ever-Patient Terry and I have been married forever,
and his sports behavior still flummoxes me!
Woof!  Woof!  Woof!  Woof!
He's positively Pavlovian!

eye don't git it!!!
But I'm trying to!  :-/

After last night's drubbing 
of the Ravens by the Broncos,
Broncos Fans can finally put 
last year's bad memories of 
what could have been to rest.

Probably not!
Sports Illustrated described the Mile High Miracle game as 
"one of the most exciting and entertaining
postseason games in NFL history" 
with its memorable: 
single digit temperatures
28 points in the first eleven minutes,
five lead changes,
and three return touchdowns.
Source:  Wikipedia 

Last night's game definitely eases the pain though ~

once it finally started after the 33-minute severe lightning delay.

Poor stressed-out male on the couch ~
He had to watch seemingly endless
rehashing of last year's infamous Ravens' victory
over and over again during that long 33 minutes.

When the eyes of the nation 
are focused on Mile High Stadium,
Denver usually seems to have a blizzard!

The "White Gold" Broncos Blizzard 
Seen by Skiers Round the USA!
October 15, 1984:  Broncos Beat Packers 17 - 14

But a severe lightning delay? ~
after Ryan Seacrest whipped fans into a frenzy??

  Source:  gif via @erikmal

Raven's Fans got Keith Urban!  :(
I love Ryan Seacrest, 
but somehow Keith Urban trumps him
when it comes to football appearances!
At least they'll be together again for us all 
on the next season of American Idol.

Keith Urban

Highlights and Lowlights of the 49 - 27  

Broncos  Rout of the Ravens:

:(   No Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil (for the Broncos), or Von Miller 

:)   Julius Thomas and Wes Welker, our new weapons

:(   The Ravens led 17 -14 at halftime.

:)   Joe Flacco ~ The guys look at the cheerleaders!  
                           I look at the players!  'Nuff said!

Joe Flacco
Source:  Wikimedia

      :(   Danny Trevathan intercepted a Joe Flacco pass during the
            fourth quarter ~ then dropped the football just before he                     
            crossed the goal line because he was so busy showboating.    

You should have heard what came out of the mouth of 
the stressed-out male on the couch with me 
when that happened!

You should have heard 
what the E-P ~ Not! spouted when I retorted, 
"Don't count your touchdowns before they happen!"

Probably shouldn't have said that.
You'd think I'd have learned last January.  LOL!

:)  Peyton saves the day by throwing 7 ~ seven ~ !!!!!!!
       touchdown passes in one game.

 Manning Source:  Wikipedia
     Peyton is one of only six players to achieve this.
     Joe Kapp of the Minnesota Vikings
     was the last one to do so in 1969!
     To watch this record-tying touchdown pass click here.

      Demaryius Thomas caught Peyton Manning's pass
      and ran 78 yards to cross the goal line ~
      with no showboating!  Whew!

Demaryius Thomas
Source:  Wikipedia

eye think eyem gittin it!!!

Woof!  Woof!  Woof!  Woof!

Go Broncos!


  1. God that song gets stuck in ones head
    Oh the dread
    Football i can take or leave at my sea
    But glad it is fun for thee

    1. Hey Pat!
      How's it goin' where you're at?
      Got my Amazon delivery!
      Your two books made me shivery!
      "Suck a lemon, suck a lime
      I will win every time!"
      (My third grade boys would have loved that!)
      Maybe the Broncos could use that Hatt!
      What do you think, Pat!

  2. I am not a football fan and I have no idea what's going on. I was reading through this post but then I came alive when I read his name and saw Keith Urban. I got to meet him in person 5 years ago ~ ooohhhh, and he's EVEN BETTER in person. Anyway, I laughed every time I read "the stressed out male on the couch".....very funny!!!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Louise!

    1. Hi Audrey! Isn't Keith Urban just the cutest! And can he play a guitar ~ not to mention sing! Lucky you ~ to meet him in person! You have a beautiful weekend too, Audrey! I'll have to catch up on eyeryone's blogs tomorrow ~ I literally blew the whole day on writing my blog ~ after getting up late! Terry actually got food poisoning at a restaurant because I didn't get up to make his lunch. He let me sleep after our late Broncos night! Oops! Oh well! Take care!

    2. Hope Terry is all recovered after the food poisoning episode! That is NO FUN! I didn't realize how talented Keith really was until I met him backstage before one of his shows. My best friend works for CMT and got special passes for us. He's much better looking up close and, best of all, he smelled SO DAMNED GOOD. Whew. Glad men like him exist....even if I can't have him for myself! Ha! Hope your week is off to a good start!

  3. Hahaha.... I am like you. I've not been a Bronco's fan - I don't particularly care for football. Mr. Dreamy used to be a football nut but has mellowed. But, we did watch last night's game and I did enjoy it. Then, when they mentioned Eric Decker, I realized I had actually talked to the guy! Woot! He came to the therapeutic riding place where I volunteer last year. I was the horse leader as he side-walked with one of the handicapped kids. He was really quite a nice guy! So, that has sealed my version of Broncomania!

    1. Hi Dreaming! I was reading in Oprah ~ O Magazine ~ about horses being used for therapy. Amazing stuff! How awesome that you volunteer with therapeutic horse riding! And how fun that you got to work with Eric Decker! I'm serious about becoming a true Broncos fan! I really what to understand what all this mania is about! LOL! Have a great weekend!

    2. Where do you volunteer for the horse riding therapy?

    3. I volunteer for Saddle Up! Oprah is right, equine therapy is amazing. I have seen huge changes in kids and adults.

  4. You had me at Keith Urban :) He is just so adorable!

    And I could have finished reading this post without pressing the play button for the song. But...nooooooo....I couldn't resist, and now the song is stuck in my head! Tap, tap, tap goes my foot...and I'm bouncing around in my computer chair...LOL...

    1. Hi Martha! Your comment is so funny and true! I've had that song stuck in my head since I started working on this post yesterday! At least it's a song with lots of energy! May you have a different song stuck in your head today! LOL

  5. I enjoy watching Canadian football from time to time but I'm not a big enough fan of it to watch American football too. You're doing well to become a Broncos fan -- good for you!

    1. Hi Debra! Once we got at TV in our family and when we lived where we could get TV reception, Dad watched every Canadian football game he could. We had a little twelve-inch black and white TV ~ You could hardly see the scrambling midgets on the screen. I've actually been to a couple of Stampeders games. I was just verifying how to spell Stampeders, and I noticed that they beat the Eskimos 22 - 12 yesterday. So sorry for you, but I'm sure my family members are waking up happy! LOL

  6. Hi Louise! This is the most I have ever read on football! And I still have no clue what it's all about! I don't 'git' it!! lol
    But, I am happy that you are gittin it now and with such passion!! I bet hubby is happy too!

    1. Hey Jim! u dont have 2 git it! LOL! Hubby is going to be watching football half the day today! I've committed to the Broncos for the season. Denver is a sports crazy city, and there are so many football crazed fans here. I'm trying to appreciate what all the craziness is about! There has got to be something there to enthrall so many people! LOL Sad to say, but I didn't know what a touchdown pass was until Thursday night! LOL Have a great week!

  7. Hello Fundy!
    Sorry I haven't been a good blogger these days!
    Sooo busy bringing all the tons of logs back from the woods. A huge and killing job!!
    And sorry I am not into sports... this is Chinese to me!!! LOL!!
    But it seems like a great reportage for the fans!
    I hope you are well!

    1. It's great to see you, Noushka! I've lived lots around people who were cutting logs and dragging them home for their winter stoves, so you have my complete sympathy! Football is Chinese to me too, but I'm making a real effort to get it! Have a great week!

  8. Aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!

    No football pawlease!! Oh don't tell Terry please.

    Jacoby Jones was fun on DWTS but he started making all these weird faces, AAaaaarrrgggghhh!!

    Cheerleaders vs FB players ~~ I'm in your boat there!

    wink wink!!

    Psst ~~ Keith Urban is back on IDOL ~~ double YAY!!


  9. ROFLMAO! Jacoby was a bit over the top, but it was obvious that the apple didn't fall far from the tree! I'm very happy about the Idol judges ~ now if they could just bring back Tyler! I hope you're having a good day, Ron!


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