Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Drop-in Visitor!

How do you feel about visitors 
unexpectedly dropping in on you?

Having lived in Newfoundland,
I've learned to make sure
there is always something on hand
to welcome unexpected guests.

In an outport without phones,
no one called ahead.
They just dropped in!

Put on the kettle.
Fill up a plate.

A bit of food.
A bit of drink.
A comfy place to sit and chat.

Sometimes a neighbor
would just drop in to sit a spell
and then go on.

No need to even talk.
Just a companionable silence 
with a pot of tea and biscuits
and lots of clotted cream and jam.

Biscuit with Clotted Cream and Jam
Source:  Wikimedia

But what to do with this unexpected guest ~
just hanging out by the driveway 
when I walked up?

How lovely to have somebody
give me her undivided attention!


Tea?  Coffee?  Sweet biscuit?
Somehow my Newfie experience is not going to help.

Something from the garden?
Some dried flowers 
or a bite of shrub?

If I feed you, the neighbors are not going to be happy!

Leaving already?

Do come again any time!
I love it when you drop in,
My Love,
even if you're not the chatty type!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Debra! I love muley ears! They can swivel and point in all sorts of directions! Take care!

  2. OMG!!! Are you kidding me? That is AWESOME.....and I'm just a weensy bit jealous. And why did you never mention that you have biscuits with clotted cream? I'll be right over!!!

    1. Hi Audrey! I love my muley neighbors! Biscuits with clotted cream and jam was one fabulous Newfie treat that many wonderful neighbors in Westport, White Bay, Newfoundland served me! You could not go in a Newfie house without having something. They would literally give a guest the last food in their house! They are amazing people! Take care, Audrey!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Adam! Hope all is well with you and yours!

  4. What a pretty visitor. I tend to discourage similar visits

    1. Hi Dreaming! I thought you might be in the camp that discourages such visits. The deer have a clear path to my house from Aurora's Ponderosa Preserve, and I am always delighted when they come to my house! I don't know if you are aware of the Demonstration Garden at Aurora Parkway and Gartrell (NW corner), but there was an "Open House" there recently. I think more questions were asked about how to discourage deer than anything else! But they are beautiful creatures ~ How can one not love something with ears like theirs! Take care!

  5. Well I don't mind nice neighbours I get along with lol! What a pretty deer -- I would love for more animals to drop in, but with all the condo development here, that's happening less and less :(

    1. Hi B&R! I wish you did have more animals! Sing is so garden like compared to where I live. I'll never forget the first drive I had from Changi to our hotel ~ those spreading trees were lovely. But it is hard to live in a small country with a growing population. *hugs*

  6. Oh, how adorable! Look at the size of those darn cute.

    1. Hi Martha! I agree! The muley ears are so damn cute! They make me feel a little better about my big ears! LOL! Take care!

  7. Hey Louise, it's a good thing Muley's don't live in NFLD - or they might be served up to you the next time you visit - LOL - just teasing I love the Muleys too!

    1. Hey back at you, Barb! Muley would probably be better than rabbits with eyes, seal flippers, or turr! Things have changed with more food available. Do you remember the scoff Maxine laid out when we were in Glovertown in 2011? We've got to get back again!

  8. Louise, such beautiful photos!! What BIG ears this deer has! Better to hear you with, my dear!!
    I think we, not to mention Sophie, would be so surprised to see something this size in our Coloradians just take it in stride!
    I suppose it was wondering the same thing as you, what were you doing in its yard?
    Have a good evening Louise.

    1. Hi Jim! Thanks for the kind words about my photos! I'm sure she did wonder why I was there! I always feel sad about the animals that are being pushed out by human development. On the way back from Black Hawk through Clear Creek Canyon on Monday, I spotted an honest-to-God beaver lodge. The sun was just right to see a bunch of gnawed off little trees! Wow! I did have a good evening watching Nashville with the E-P. Love that show! Love country music! And tonight is Date Night at Parkway Grill! I hope you and Ron have a fun weekend!

  9. I was just thinking about that the other day, people would always drop in when I was growing up, now not so much, I miss it.

  10. Hi GT! I miss the drop-ins too! People are way too busy these days. When I go back to Nova Scotia, we all go back and forth from house to house, and it is so much fun! There is always a multigenerational gang and a big pot of coffee on ~ unless it's the evening and the wine bottles are opening! Have a great weekend!

  11. OMGOMGOMG ~~ look at that biscuit ~~ look at that clotted cream ~~~ look at that jam!

    'Nuff said, I'm showin' up at yer house sometime and I won't tell you when!

    Such cute deer in your world and I love your Colorado Spruce (we lost all of our due to dampness and blight) so sad.

    Check out my "hairy" post on Saturday, you might like it!!


    1. Hey Sophie! I will be checking out your "hairy" post shortly! I'm catching up after getting things a little more under control! I like when Canada has Thanksgiving so much more ~ Get one big holiday out of the way before the next big one starts! I love our blue spruce too. All those times I looked at the huge ones in my grandmother's yard when I was growing up, and never suspecting I'd live in Colorado. Life sure takes you on twists and turns! I hope The Trinity is enjoying a great weekend! Take care!

  12. Louise-- I sort of miss the days when friends dropped by unexpectedly- seems like everyone is SO busy these days. Any guest who was served beautiful biscuits and cream would be thrilled with such a gesture:)

    Our woods are full of deer. They just stand and stare at me when I drive home after work. They are so pretty---- but they eat the Gardeners flowers:(


  13. Hi Vicki! I can't imagine how busy you must be, Vicki with all you do! I'm still shaking my head over the beautiful photography of everyone's scarfs you did throughout the year, not to mention everything else you have done. I forgot to comment on your gorgeous nests ~ they are true works of art! I love observing deer. They are gentle and beautiful animals. My neighbors are all in agreement about their dislike of how the deer eat flowers, shrubs, trees, and other things. I'm always reminding myself that we moved into the deer habitat, and deer have the right to live too. But then I haven't experienced as much of their destruction. I hope that you are having a great week!


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