Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 2013 Scavenger Hunt: Colorado

I can't wait to see what photographs 
everyone has come up with for November.  
It's been fun chasing down the scavenger hunt items.

1.  Gold
Gold on Galena

Specimen #228 in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
has tiny crystals of gold on cubic crystals of galena.
It was mined in the Central City District 
of Gilpin County, Colorado.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science 
Photo of Gregory Gulch

Gregory Gulch is the site of Colorado's first gold lode strike.
The diggings are located on North Clear Creek
between Black Hawk and Central City
in Gilpin County, Colorado.

The largest gold rush in American history 
brought a major influx of people into Colorado in 1859 
when Colorado was still part of the Kansas Territory.

The rapid growth in population led 
to the establishment of the Colorado Territory in 1861
and to the formation of the U.S. state of Colorado in 1876.

 Location of Colorado in the U.S.A.
Source:  Wikimedia

Colorado's Largest Known Gold Nugget

This nugget weighs 12 troy ounces 
and was found in Pennsylvania Mountain,
Alma District, Park County.
DMNS # 10549

2.  Five
Five of a Kind is always a welcome sight
when playing Deuces Wild.

Even more so when it is sandwiched between
a Straight Flush
and the Four Deuces!

A Modern Strike in Black Hawk!

3.  Patterns
Central City, Colorado

It is fun to walk through historic Central City, Colorado
and look at all the fascinating patterns in the old buildings. 

Patterns in Brick and Paint
Black Hawk, Colorado

Patterns in Lace Curtains,
Central City, Colorado

4.  Bread
Bread and Dough (Investments!)
Central City, Colorado

Bread from Pompeii (Cast)
Denver Museum of Nature and Science Exhibit

Okay ~ I cheated!
I actually took this photograph last January.
I was stunned by this plaster cast 
of a carbonized loaf of bread
recovered from the ruins of Pompeii.
Somebody long forgotten shaped this loaf
and probably died in the 79 AD eruption of Vesuvius.

5.  Happiness

Happiness is visiting our four-footed friends,
Gracie and Rufus on Thanksgiving weekend.

6.  Rain
Snow Guns at Work, Breckenridge

It has not rained in our area this month, 
although it has snowed several times.

This photo of Peak 10 in Breckenridge 
shows snow shooting out of snow guns,
or artificial snowmakers on the runs.
It's a stretch, 
but this is a form of precipitation, if not rain!

I could hear the snow guns working
from the base of Peak 10.

Source:  You Tube ~ Breckenridge Ski Resort

7.  Traffic

I have the most patient
and understanding husband!  
I spent the entire trip 
coming back from the mountains recently photographing traffic 
and looking for the shot!

Really ~ 
260 photos of traffic!

The Stuff of Nightmares!

Sometimes my husband makes a great sucking sound
when we pass trucks like this.
He knows I have a great fear 
of being sucked into rolling wheels .
I don't find it as funny as he does!

My Favorite!

Just passing us by
on E-470!

8.  Boxes
Boxes of light in Breckenridge.

9.  Staircase
Staircase Adjacent to Williams Stable, 
Central City Historic district

10.  Sunset

11.  Park
City of Aurora Park Along Piney Creek

12.  Pair
A Pair of Peaks,  Seen from Frisco
Torreys Peak, 14,275 feet/4,351 meters (left) 
Grays Peak, 14,278 feet/4,352 meters (right)

Thanks to Jill and her Made with Love blog for setting up the hunt.

December's List:
Silver, 25, Christmas, Religious Icon, Shiny, Movement,
Celebration, Words, Recipe, Candles, Window Display, Cake


  1. I want tons of number one
    Then like the pups away I'll run
    Five of a kind is nice too
    But gold gold gold at my zoo lol

  2. I'm with you, Pat! I could use some gold, gold, gold! Take care, my friend!

  3. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of all the traffic shots, bread and happiness. Greenthumb.

    1. Thanks, GT! I am having so much fun participating in your scavenger hunt! We just got back from a lovely Thanksgiving weekend in the mountains. Have a great week!

  4. A fantastic collection of photos. I love how you always manage to find so many for each word!

    1. Thanks, Louise. It helps to be retired! And I love photography, so it's great fun to go on the hunt! Take care!

  5. Oh, I love this! And like you, that bread cast from the bread from Pompei is just incredible to think about!
    The thought of your husband making that sucking noise when you pass by the big trucks made me laugh!
    LOVE all these photos and I agree with the above comment, great job in finding so many! xx

    1. Hi Kay! I have a bunch of photos on a Pompeii exhibit I've been trying to get to forever! Pompeii is such a fascinating place. My husband is quite a tease, and he is a very good sport! Thanks for the kind words! *big hugs*

  6. I learn so much reading your blog. Love it! The bread fascinated me - well, all things Pompeii have fascinated me since I first learned about it as a child.
    Oh... I recognize that sign (the one on 470) - I always sigh a bit of relief knowing I'm almost half-way home from my dad's when I see it. The other sign I love, that would have been fun with traffic around it, is the one on I-70 cautioning the truck drivers that they aren't down yet!

    1. Hi Dreaming! I've been fascinated with Pompeii since I was a little girl too. I hope you got to see the exhibit on Pompeii when it was here last year. It was amazing! I know the sign on I-70 ~ but we didn't come back that way in November. We're always coming from Central City and Black Hawk down Clear Creek Canyon. I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving. We just got back this afternoon ~ just in time for the kickoff of the Broncos game. Have a great week!

  7. I share your fear of being sucked under wheels, LOL -- but train wheels, not truck wheels. When I was a kid, we lived right beside the railroad track. My Mom always warned us to stand way back from any trains going by so that we would not be sucked under the wheels.

    1. Hi Debra! Oddly train wheels don't bother me. I've walked the rails all of my life, jumped trains stopped on the tracks, squashed pennies on rails (trains really flatten them), walked over railway trestles, waved at hundreds of engineers, counted thousands of passing rail cars with my brother ~ I dearly love trains! My mom was worse as a kid ~ she's gone under rail cars on tracks ~ until she was about twelve and almost got caught by a rail car that started to move right after she scrambled out. But Mom walked the rails with us and showed us how to flatten pennies with passing trains! Have a great week!

  8. I was enjoying all your photos and wondering which would be my favourite. Then I came to Park and exclaimed out loud - just stunning! x

    1. Thank you, Julie! It gives me such pleasure to know that someone has enjoyed my photos! Have a great week!

  9. Love your all your photos, the place you live is sooo different to me, but I think that we saw the same sun set!!

    1. Thanks, Lizzy! I never get tired of sunsets. I'm always shooting the sunrise or the sunset. I ran out again this evening during an exciting football game because the light was spectacular! Take care!

  10. I absolutely love every photo in this post! Thank you so much for sharing this fascinating and beautiful tour!

    1. Thank you, Linda! I love seeing the photos that people share on line. Have a great week!

  11. These are wonderful photos and very informative too, Teach! Terry is a real tease I see/hear!! Imagine!
    Love that 18/24 wheeler shot up close!! Now that is a good way to lessen your fears!
    The last 6 shots Louise are stunning!
    Oh, and thanks for locating Colorado for us 'ferinners' who only know the coastal states of the USA.
    Have a great week.

    1. Hey Jim! Thank you for the kind words! I loved those big yellow hubs. Now I ride to and fro with my camera trying to shoot all kinds of things. My trusty point and shoot camera croaked this weekend, so now I have to replace it asap. But I also have my SX50 HS which is bigger and takes awesome pictures ~ it's just more intrusive for candids of people and I love shooting candids. You have a great week too, Jim. We just got back this afternoon after four nights in the mountains! Look out ~ here comes Christmas!

  12. Those park shots are breathtaking! Central City looks like a grand place to visit. And I love the traffic shots too - aren't you glad you were on THIS side of the interstate? :)

    1. Hi Sue! I am so glad that you enjoyed the photos. I've been having a lot of fun taking photos at 70 mph! Yes, I was glad to be heading east when all that traffic was piled up going west ~ but not nearly as glad as my husband who was driving! Have a great week, Sue! Hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  13. Wonderful photos! I love that staircase, the pattern photos, images of historic places, you two, etc. It's all good!

    1. Hi Martha! Thank you! I've been exploring Central City and Black Hawk with my camera whenever I have the time. The mountain mining towns are fascinating to poke around in, and the light is always different! I hope that you have a great week!

  14. I know what you mean about traffic photos ~~~ lately we both have been running for the car to get in the passenger's seat so THAT person could snap pics of traffic in sunshine and rain ~~ RAIN is our favourite because we tweek it to pieces. So much to learn with photography and editing. I just changed my FB page header picture to a trip over the bridge to Halifax. The clouds were unreal ~~ and guess what I have plenty !! One thing I'm learning about photography ~~~ just keep snapping photos because the PERFECT picture will be there waiting for you!

    Great shots today, Louise!

    Oh to inhale that beautiful Colorado air!
    Some day maybe!


  15. Hey Ron!
    LOL at the image of you two racing for the passenger seat!
    I keep snapping and playing with photos ~ no rain to practice in this month! With digital, you can experiment with shots because you don't have to develop the photos! Best invention of this century or last!!!!!
    I've been tearing my hair out over Cyber Monday. I ordered a Canon SX260 HS to replace my old 110 that croaked this weekend, and Terry ordered a new TV. I was looking at vacuum cleaners, but I just gave up ~ overwhelmed.
    Hopefully later today I'll get a chance to go read blogs!
    Happy shooting to you.
    Facebook??? I can't even get on top of blogging right now! LOL!

    1. Deep breath my friend, CyberMonday was invented to stir up the stress levels, be careful and good luck finding a new camera/TV/vacuums.


  16. Oh my, the park photos are sensational, the mountain peaks just lovely, the sunset ... amazing. Gosh, just think they are all awesome and your narratives a bonus! Have to admit that my traffic photos were much like yours... racing down I-75 trying to keep up with the flow of traffic. My patient husband also agreed to take short detour into downtown Atlanta for my photo of our capitol building. So it seems we are both blessed with very patient husbands, indeed!! Smiles...Susan

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you for your kind compliment! Wow ~ your husband went above and beyond! I've never seen the traffic in Atlanta, but I've heard that it's epic! My husband has patience in spades, which is good, because he has to live with me! LOL! Have a happy weekend!

  17. I love all the park photos, and the blue white and pink building is gorgeous!

    1. Hi LBM! Thank you, and I'm so glad that you liked the blue, white, and pink building. I thought the building was gorgeous too! Have a good weekend!

  18. I love all the multiple shots and so educational for me!!!! How OLD is that bread?? Loved the dog in traffic shot@ my husband gets Sooo annoyed with me taking night time car light shots- I can't believe I didn't think to take one!!! X

    1. Thank you, Kezzie! That bread is way old! The Pompeii eruption was in 79 A.D. Amazing isn't it! I never thought of taking nighttime traffic shots! Now I have to try it! Have a good one!


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