Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Morning Music Break ~ A Little Bit of Gallant!

Sometimes a song can stop you in your tracks
the first time you hear it.

It can catapult you back to 
a person, a place, a time,
a heartache from long ago.

Lennie Gallant's Pieces of You is one such song.

Lennie Gallant
Source:  wikipedia

I stumbled across it on a CD 
I found in some small shop 
along the Digby waterfront.

Waterfront, Digby, Nova Scotia

Always on the lookout for sounds of home,
I couldn't resist this find:

Source:  Amazon

Since then I have played Pieces of You
many, many times.

The song was originally released 
on Lennie Gallant's album
When We Get There.

Lennie Gallant is a Canadian singer and songwriter
who comes from North Rustico, Prince Edward Island.

His music is a blend of folk, rock, Celtic, and country,
and he has released albums in both English and French.

Gallant is the recipient of many honors,
including an induction into the Order of Canada in 2003.

In July 2009 Canadian astronaut Julie Payette
took Gallant's album When We Get There
into space aboard the space shuttle Endeavour
to share with fellow astronauts 
on the shuttle's 16-day mission.
Source:  Wikipedia

Canadian Astronaut Julie Payette
Source:  Wikipedia

If you have ever loved and lost,
then this song will resonate with you ~
even if your life story has the happy ending
you were searching for!

Pieces of You:  You Tube


  1. Few can say their music has gone to space and had their tunes bring a smile to an aliens face lol

    1. Reading your comment was my first big laugh, Pat Hatt!
      I can always count on you for that!
      Take care!

  2. Ooooo, that compilation CD of "Atlantic Standards" must have lots of great songs on it!

    1. Hi Debra! Oh yes it does! Other tracks I've played over and over are Jimmy Rankin's "Morning Bound Train" (great walking song!) and Ron Hynes "Godspeed" (forever reminds me of my father). Sometimes I drive Terry crazy when I get in a Nova Scotian mood! Have a great start to you week!

  3. Hey Fundy,

    First of all Thank You for introducing me to Lennie Gallant's music a couple of years ago - I love everything I've heard ... but ... his french songs are even more beautiful than his English songs - even without understanding the words you can enjoy them. Ron Hynes' Godspeed" is one of the most moving songs I've ever heard - I'm listening to it now:)
    Cheers, Barb

    1. Hey Barb! You'll have to let me know if it makes you think of Dad too. Cheers back at you!

  4. I hadn't heard of him before but I really enjoyed the song and lyrics. x

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed the song, Julie. It has been my experience that there are so many amazing singers and songwriters out there that people may not be familiar with. That's why I love listening to songs that bloggers post! Take care!

  5. This is so true about how music from a particular time in your life can take you back to it. That mental association can be powerful enough to impact our immediate sense of place, in fact. I used that in one of my books, in fact. Even now, 30 years later, when I hear a particular song, I'm taken back to a hot muggy summer evening in Georgia.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Donna! For me songs are second only to smell when evoking memories. The words "on my sleeve was the scent you wore in "Pieces of You" puts me right back even longer, burying my head in the jacket of a boyfriend who had broken my heart and sobbing my eye's out at his scent on the jacket. Bam! Have a good one!

  6. Ok, the song is great but what I am really loving is the WOMAN ASTRONAUT!!!! Love it. What a great photo! Did you see that Scott Carpenter passed away a couple of weeks ago? Made me so sad. You know I love my astronauts! I just read The Astronaut Wives Club. Have you read it? I think you'd like it a lot. I fellow space nut!

  7. I so agree, Audrey! The moment I read about her, I just had to include that tidbit about her and the shuttle! I have not read TAWC, but I want to! Of course I read about Scott Carpenter's death. He is a Colorado hero! Do you know that an engineer who's mother lived next to my grandmother in Nova Scotia designed the shuttle arm that lifts things in and out of the shuttle bay. That's why you see Canada on the arm ~ It was a Canadian engineer. If I win the lotto I'm hitching a ride into space any way I can. Take care!

  8. Always wondered if it was easier to have short hair being an astronaut and all? Julie has quite the mane!

    1. Short hair is always easier, Ms. Doodle ~ I know you know that! But I caved and went for long after 30 years of short! My "tresses" are a pain in the you know what, but I'm keeping them! Julie had her mane piled up and tamed while she was on the Endeavour, but her portrait complete with Canadian flag, was so gorgeous, I had to post that photo! I hope that Daddy Ron is 100%+ now! Take care!


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