Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Advent Calendar Countdown ~ in Clumps!

For months now,
I have been participating
in Jill's Made with Love
Scavenger Hunt.

It's been fun to meet 
new bloggers from around the world
and to see their amazing photographs.

Several regular and talented participants
are posting an Advent Calendar
Countdown to Christmas:
Amanda at Graham's Landing,
Joy at Daisy Row, and
Lizzy at Handmade Homemade Lizzy.

Now I thought this was a lovely idea,
and I've been following their Advent posts.

But knowing myself only too well,
I knew one photo post per day
for twenty-four days
would not fly in my winter skies!

But then I thought ~ 
maybe a clump at a time
I could do it.
So here goes a first clump of countdown photos!

Twenty-four days to go:  December 1, 2013

The E-P Enjoys a Quiet Moment
in the Lobby of the Ameristar 
in Black Hawk, Colorado

Twenty-three days to go:  December 2, 2013

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree

Twenty-two days to go:  December 3, 2013

Muleys with Christmas Tree

Twenty-one days to go:  December 4, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

It's a cold, snowy day,
and I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

Here's a perfect December song.
I know I posted it last year,
but it wouldn't be December for me
without listening to 
Sara Bareilles' and Ingrid Michaelson's
gorgeous Winter Song
performed with the U. S. Coast Guard Band 
at the 2010 National Christmas Tree Lighting

Source:  You Tube ~ Steph Gallaway


  1. Doing this in clumps is a great idea because with the stress of Xmas + finding the right pictures would put me over the top, unless of course if you schedule all the photos in advance ~~ hey there you go ~~ next year's 2014 Xmas could be done now. That's just a little too much early scheduling, don't you think!

    Love The Winter Song, thanks for this again!


    1. I'm feeling more than a little Christmas-stressed right now, so I'm blowing the "To Do" list off for today! I don't do a year in advance! I'm always coming from behind! Tee hee!

  2. Love your pictures! Clumps totally work for me. :D Don't you just love Sara's music. So talented.

    1. Thanks, Donna! I agree ~ Sara's music is wonderful!

  3. Get over the humps
    By doing it in clumps
    Nice shots every time
    You can keep the white though, end rhyme lol

    1. Hey Pat! I'd rather have my snow than your rain! You and the cat cut quite the figures in Trudessa's latest Bora Bora post! LOL!

  4. Your photos are absolutely lovely, warm and enchanting!

  5. Lovely photos, I'm just to busy with the end of school year, Christmas, and getting ready for our hoilday.

    1. Ain't that the truth! I'm playing avoidance today! It's funny to think of December as the end of the school year! And Christmas in the summer! Good luck with your preps!

  6. Hello,

    Thought I'd come over for a visit..really like the pictures..the only time I really like snow is the
    first snowfall of the season as it feels magical to me and I do enjoy a white Christmas..hope
    we have one this year.

    Thanks for visiting and reading my adventure :)

    1. Thanks, Truedessa! That first snow is absolutely magical! Although I have to admit it isn't quite as exciting or magical as it was when I was three or four! I plan to keep reading! Take care!

  7. Nice. My favorite pic is Dec 3rd.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! That shot was so hard ~ sunset, low light, moving deer. My husband called "Come quick, now!" And I started snapping! Sometimes you get lucky! Have a good one!

  8. Wonderful photos! Posting a bunch of photos at once is so much easier this time of year when everything is crazy! And it's going to get crazier as we get closer to the holidays...sheesh!

    1. Thanks, Martha! I'm spending some time this morning thinking about the craziness and what I can do to cut it back a little. I hope that you are having a good day!

  9. Oh Louise, you got SNOW. I'm so jealous! Love those muleys. :-)

    1. Hi Audrey! I do love snow ~ even when we're in the deep freeze! I'm wondering about the muleys and how they are faring this morning after the coldest night we've had in a very long time. An arid environment, clear skies, and a high elevation combined with Arctic air can make temperatures plunge! Brrr! Hope you're warm!

  10. Like Sandra, I love Dec 3rd's picture. It would make a great Christmas card.... well, maybe juxtapose the white of yesterday's storm on top of it!!
    Stay warm!

    1. Hi Dreaming! I wish I could pull off adding snow in #3! Now if I succumbed to painting maybe I could! I'm enjoying your artistic journey! I'm hunkered down near the fire! I hope that you are staying warm too. But with sunshine and blue skies back, it is a glorious morning ~ bitter cold or not! Take care!

  11. Hi Fundy,

    I loved the pictures! Right now I am really sick of the white stuff and the freezing temps :o( Saturday it is supposed to go up to -16 ... I can't wait lol

  12. Hey Sis! All your white stuff and freezing temps have extended into the heart of Colorado and beyond! I git it! -16 ºC is 3.2 ºF! I think we've climbed up to at least that by now. According to Buckley Air Base, Aurora hit a low of -9 ºF or -22.7 ºC last night. But we had wind that made it feel much colder. But I'll bet not as cold as in Calgary! LOL! I wonder if Donnie is wearing her powder blue thermo wear under her skirt. I'll never forget meeting her waiting for a bus outside a Macs in downtown Calgary when it was -40º on both temperature scales! Booted feet, legs crossed and powder blue long thermo wear below her business skirt! A favorite memory I have of the Dutchess! Stay warm!


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