Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Lovable Labs Do the Burro Trail in Breckenridge, Colorado

"What a perfect day!"
says Rufus.

"I bet we can get Big T and LooLoo
to take us on the trail,"
says Gracie.

Rufus (black) and Gracie (yellow)

What did I tell you, Rufus!
Let's go!" 

Really ~ you just had to stop 
and take a picture of that mountain, LooLoo! 
thinks Gracie.
"Let's go!" 

Bald Mountain
Breckenridge, Colorado
13,690 feet / 4,173 meters
Source:  Wikipedia

The wood's are waiting!
Come on LooLoo and Big T!

Woods Along Burro Trail
Breckenridge, Colorado

"Can you move a little faster, please?" says Gracie.

Terry with Rufus and Gracie

Oh boy!  Oh boy!
Perfect trail on a perfect day!

Just off with the leashes ~ please!

Soft new snow, 
so inviting!

Along the Burro Trail

"Let's Go!" says Rufus. ...

Gracie and Rufus on the Burro Trail

"I'm not waiting for you slow pokes!
I'm outta here!"

"I'll wait for you, LooLoo," says Gracie.

"Let me tell you, peeps,
that LooLoo will photograph anything!"
says Gracie.


Oh Joy!!!!!

Did you get me on the run?"

"Just think, Rufus, there are peeps who want to stay inside,
when they could be doing this!"

"Some peeps just don't get it, Gracie!"

"Didn't I tell you, she'll photograph anything?" says Gracie.

"I'm waiting for you again, LooLoo.
Make me look good!
I know you can do it!"

"You called, LooLoo.
I come.
Even if I have to swim through the snow!"


Oh Joy!!!!!

"Did you get me on the run, too?"

The woods are the best!

Look at Rufus on the hunt!

"Thanks, Big T!
It's about time someone took her picture!
She's always taking mine!"
says Gracie.

"Oh say it isn't so ~
Do we have to go home?"

"We'd rather be taking these leashes off
than putting them on, Big T,"
the Buds agree.

"Almost out.
We're falling behind, LooLoo!"

"Like Rufus  said, it's a perfect day!
Just look at those ski slopes!
How fun it would be to run down those!"

Poor Rufus!  
His fur is so black it's almost impossible
to get a good shot of him.
But a blonde like me is an entirely different story!

"Trail's end!" says the photographer.


  1. Gracie is probably like my dog during walks. She's so excited she moves so fast, too much that she often moves faster than I can walk. I'd always wonder how fast we'd move if I'd walked her while wearing roller skates.

    1. Hi Adam! I think I'd be black and blue if I tried to roller skate with the dogs! Both Gracie and Rufus are fast and strong. When Gracie gets excited she jumps up and down like she's on a trampoline. Dogs are awesome companions ~ and spending time with Gracie and Rufus makes me realize that Terry and I need to get a dog of our own. I hope that the new year has started off well for you, Daisy, and your loved ones. Mine has finally slowed down a little, enough that I can get back on line. Take care!

  2. What a beautiful trail through the snowy woods! I love the last photo of everyone snoozing!

    1. Hi Debra! I do love the hiking trails around Breckenridge, and they have a spectacular beauty in the snow. What is it about men and dogs? They can crash anywhere, anytime! I hope all is well with you!

  3. How beautiful! Nothing like dogs enjoying the snow and the sun! Hope you are keeping warm down there - although I have to say things look pretty comfy! .

    1. Hi Francie! It's great to see you! Dogs are amazing. They live in the moment and are full of joy and love. When Gracie and Rufus look at me with their big brown eyes, I just melt! We've been keeping pretty warm. It's been bitterly cold up in the mountains this past week ~ well into the minuses, especially with the wind chill. I'm sitting between my fireplace and space heater right now. I'm sure that Ontario has been slammed much harder than us. I hope all is well with you!

  4. Those pups are just way too cute! Beautiful pictures Louise!!

    1. Hey Sis! My heart has been taken over by those lovable labs! OMG! I really miss them! At some point, we'll have to get a dog ~ or work as pet sitters for board around the world when Terry retires. He keeps pushing the date further into the future. I hope the city fixed that pipe problem for you! Don't work too hard! XOXOX!

  5. ADORABLE!!! So, so adorable. And it couldn't be any more beautiful out there!!! XOXO

    1. Hi Audrey! I don't know where my comment to you went! I hope that you, Alain, and the girls are safe and warm ~ It's been quite a cold snap. I agree that the labs are adorable. They have stolen my heart. I hope that you enjoyed your holiday season and that your year has gotten off to a great start! XOXOX!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and dogs! I was admiring the snow on the branches so thank you for the closeup. :)

    I love to see dogs swimming through the snow.

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you for the kind comment! Gracie was born in Malaysia, and she also lived in Indonesia and India ~ so she is learning all about snow and loves it! Rufus has been in Colorado years ago, but never in snow. He loves it even more than Gracie. My long ago Scottie MacBeath was always swimming in snow ~ partly because he was so short! I never saw a dog love snow more than him. I hope you are staying well and warm!

  7. This is just adorable and look at T falling right into line. The dogs are the same every where for sure. They want to go as soon as breakfast is over and then fun for hours and NOT want to come home. Poor Sophie just knows when it's time to TURN AROUND and head back to the car. I must say though she doesn't really put up a fuss at all and even stops to put on the leash. THANK U DOG, I mean GOD!!

    Your world is just so beautiful and invigorating.....super WOW! All that beautiful white snow. Ours is all 'dirty birdie' ~~ Misery LOL ~~ and more rain on Sunday. Oh well, could be worse!

    Thanks for this trek, really the best!

    Ron ~~ PSST: you did just fine with the doggy POV!!!!

    1. Hi Ron! Thanks for the kind words about my post. I was trying to channel Sophie when attempting to write from Gracie's point of view.

      We're headed up to Breck next weekend with our friends Cheri and Gary. Can't wait to see Noreen, Gracie, and Rufus. Noreen was supposed to come down into Denver yesterday, but the roads were bad ~ snowing again. Breck has had about 90 inches/228 centimeters of snow so far, and the ski runs all have at least 60 inches/152 centimeters of snow on them. Terry and Gary plan to ski ~ which should be interesting, since neither of them has skied in years. Cheri and I may try snowshoeing. Noreen will most likely be working at the ski resort for some of the long weekend.

      I don't envy you the "dirtie birdie" snow! Or the rain! Stay warm! I've got my space heater going nearby, and I'm going to go upstairs and get that second cup of coffee for the morning! Take care!

  8. I would have to concur with the fellow directly above......can't get a more perfect place for a dog walk than this, Louise!
    Your photos are spot on and I like the fact that you stopped and looked around and focused on some details. Really nice job.
    So question is......when will you guys be getting a pooch? Or are Gracie and Rufus 'filling that gap' just fine.....thank you very much.
    Have a good weekend and enjoy that beautiful countryside of yours.

    1. Hi Jim!
      Thanks for your kind words! I'm hardly ever without my camera, and how could one not take photos of our gorgeous Colorado mountains? I've found that there is beauty everywhere, and you are skilled at capturing all the beauty of Nova Scotia.

      I would love a pooch, but we still have lots of traveling we want to do. So right now we just have to make the most of Gracie and Rufus ~ until they move to England. :(

      Speaking of traveling, Roy and Sue said that it was just too dangerous to travel in the Middle East right now, so my trip is off. I am really disappointed about that! They talked it over in Calgary with Barb at Christmas. Terry, of course, is quite happy. He DID NOT want me to go. I still hope to make it to Petra and The Valley of the Kings in this lifetime! I'll just have to wait a little longer.

      Stay warm! Be happy!


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