Thursday, July 3, 2014

IWSG Redux

"I'm running out of clean underwear," 
says the Ever-Patient this morning.


After thirty years of marriage, 
he knows The Signs.

My life is Out of Control ~ again.

"I thought you said you had plenty of clean underwear," 
I respond.

I'm feeling distinctly guilty
as I surreptitiously slip fuzzy strawberries 
and black red pepper into the kitchen garbage.
A Definite Sign.

Source:  wikimedia

Unlike the Wall Street gurus
on the TV in the background,
I know inflation is happening.

I've paid the high price 
of strawberries and red peppers 
in the grocery store recently!

"That was four days ago, Honey Babe," said the E-P.
Very gently.

Four days?  Yikes! 
"I'll try to get some done today," I promise.
Very sweetly.

Into the garbage I silently slide 
two more fuzzy strawberries,
as the E-P eyes the yellow sticky notes
festooning the coffee pot and TV.

Reminders from Me to Terry
Another Sign

"Only if you have time.

I'm good for my doctor's appointment today."
So that's why he's ranting about the damn underwear!

He gives me a quick hug and an encouraging smile.
Then wisely departs for his physical.

The E-P knows I have been somewhat overwrought
the past several days.
I've been duking it out with my computer ~ again.

And he saw me stumble out of bed this morning
after a late, late night
when I was strung out, wrung out, exhausted.

"Coffee's ready to go! 
All you have to do is push the button," 
he had chirped cheerfully 
as I gathered speed rolling for the coffeepot.
"I didn't start it because, well, I'm fasting."
He had whispered the last word.

He was probably grateful that I wasn't fasting.
I am not tickety-boo when I have to fast;
I'm foul enough to bite the heads off live chickens.

Yesterday was a rough, tough day.
I had woken up excited, 
with a Jupiter Great Red Spot 
of a brainstorm swirling in my head:
A maelstrom of ideas and enthusiasm!

Jupiter's Great Red Spot, 1979
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center,
Source:  wikimedia

Those were thoroughly deadened 
by over four hours at the Apple Store
sandwiched between 
two bouts of stressful driving.

Followed, at home, 
by two hours of video conferencing 
discussing complicated math spreadsheets.

Source:  pinterest

When you're learning disabled in computers,
such challenges can suck you dry.
I was a sere husk last night.

So while I got my IWSG post up yesterday morning,
before my technical misadventures started,
I did not finish thanking all the co-hosts
or visit enough blogs.
I'll get to it later today or early tomorrow.

The good news from yesterday?
My awesome Apple trainer 
and the patient tech at the Genius Bar 
figured out the ports to connect peripherals 
to my computer are defective.

A new thingamajig part is on the way!

And I thought it was my brain!

I'll be back as soon as I get some much needed sleep.


  1. Glad they figured that out - finally!
    Can you imagine if you were dealing with all of that while fasting?

    1. I think Terry would have run for the hills! LOL!
      I'm glad they did too!
      I do have the most patient and understanding Aperture trainer. She is teaching me so much!
      Thanks for all your encouragement, Alex!

  2. hahaha have to have those clean undies at ones sea. Glad the thingy magiggy is coming to fix the computer woes up.

    1. I can't wait! Bad ports explain a lot of the perplexing computer mysteries that have had me gnashing my teeth lately!

  3. Isn't it amazing how computers make our lives easier AND a living hell all at the same time?

    1. Living Hell is right! But I wouldn't give mine up for anything!

  4. Computers...cannot live with them...can't live without them. And clean underwear, of course :)

    1. Tee Hee! Fortunately I have the best of husbands!

  5. Thank goodness for patient husbands and I know all too well how computer problems can suck up time like a Dirt Devil. Hope yours are resolved!

    1. What a great analogy, Kim! It's scary how much time computers can suck up! Thank you for visiting and following my blog!

  6. Computers! Can't live with them, can't live without them. :)

    1. For sure, Linda! I'm heading over to your post now to laugh and relax! Stay cool!

  7. The never ending chores..when you want to explore what Jupiter has in store..

    1. You have summarized my greatest challenge and frustration in life! LOL! Have a good one!

  8. i love the name of your blog.

    how many blogs are not enough? sometimes i don't visit any. my life is hectic too, most of the time. i probably need to follow my own advice and laugh more. i hope things slow down a little for you.

    1. Thanks for your helpful comment, Michelle. I've been through perfect storms lately, but calm weather is on the horizon! And you gave me an idea for another blog post! :)

  9. strawberries are always fairly expensive. Though most grocery stores can make them affordable in their weekly deals.

    1. Hey Adam! I often get my berries and such from Sam's Club. They're always fresh, good, and have a high turnover rate. But Hurricane Louise sometimes defeats that!

  10. I think the solution is to buy more underwear. :) Everyone needs to know how to do laundry (I say this, but I'm the only one in my house that does it.

    1. LOL, Tonja! I would have pointed out that the E-P could do his own laundry, but I was feeling guilty because I have been seriously on tilt the past couple of weeks. And he often carried the full household load when my job pressures sucked up my time and energy. I started calling Terry the E-P in my blog because I recognized how much of a challenge it is to live with me with all my passions, tangents, and ability to get into trouble. Happy 4th!

  11. It's always such a relief when the problem isn't "us!"

    1. Spot on, Liza! I literally sagged with relief when I realized it. I always felt such empathy with my many young students who struggled with learning challenges. Lots of times it wasn't "them," and I was fascinated with how they attempted to compensate for and work around their individual challenges. Have a good one!

  12. I had a defective ram stick, (who knew) and had to replace the hard drive. A nightmare. Glad they found the problem. Here's to smooth sailing.

    1. Thanks, Joylene! The logic board has arrived at Apple, so I'm going in tomorrow to have it replaced. It's amazing how technology has crept into our lives and become such an important part of them. Have a good week!

  13. Oh boy, what a day! So sorry, but glad help actually did the job! Great post!

  14. Thank you, Lisa! I've managed to get my old computer running while I've been without my good one. I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow! Have a good one!


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