Thursday, December 18, 2014

One of Those Phone Calls

I just had one of those phone calls
from my sister, Barb.

Sisters ~ Louise and Barb

"Are you okay?" says she.
"I haven't heard from you,
and you haven't posted 
in almost a week ~
You haven't even 
answered your comments!"

Don't you love sisters?
They're the best!
And Barb was spot on.
I haven't been the best.

My Brother Roy
(A brothers is great too, even if he calls you "Weasel."

Just a pesky cold that won't quit.
I was on the mend 
until I pushed too hard
taking photographs of the 
Parker Christmas Carriage Parade.

I'd say "Live and learn!"
But I'm not so great at that!

My Sister Bertie

So I think I'll take a Christmas week
break from posting,
just to ease up a little
during this hectic time.

My Sister Donnie and I

My Northern post is scheduled to go tomorrow morning.  
Then on 
New Year's Eve
I'll publish my
December Scavenger Hunt.

By then I should be 
That's the plan!

I'll pop by your blogs during this break
when and if I can.

Have a wonderful holiday time
with your family and friends!

See you soon!

We Five with Mom:
Barb, Roy, Mom and Me
Donnie and Bertie with her Dolly
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Christmas 1962


  1. Oh, Louise, take good care of yourself. It's nice to know that you are missed. Stay warm and fight that nasty old cold. Have a happy holiday and I'll see you after the first of the year. Hugs, peggy

  2. Good idea not to overdo it at this hectic time of year! Love the family photos! You can see the family resemblance between you and all your siblings.

  3. Oh Louise, I'm sad to hear you feel under the weather. I hope it passes soon!!! I love that your sister called to make sure you're okay!!! I hope you have a beautiful Christmas! My goal is to post again early in the New Year. Oh how I miss blogging! So glad I was able to check in on you today ~ please rest and get better soon!!! XOXOXO ~ Audrey

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon Louise - hugs Barb (sister)

  5. Can't push yourself as then the germs will stick around. Take a break and have a great christmas too at your zoo

  6. I love your photos and am so sorry you aren't feeling good. There is a great tea by Celestial Seasonings...Bengal Spice. It is delicious with a little honey and it helps me a lot if I feel a cold coming on...or just because I want a nice hot cup of tea that tastes great. It has cinnamon, cardamon and ginger, I suggest you try it, and I hope it helps. :)

  7. Take care of yourself. I am swamped (hence my lack of posts) and had that icky feeling of a cold coming on. I can't get sick. I can't get sick. I just CAN'T get sick!!!!

  8. Rest, my dear. Rest and take good care of yourself.


  9. That is what good families do for each other, Louise. Good for Barb!
    Now missy, are you going to listen? Or pull rank because you are the oldest!! lol
    Please look after yourself. We will be here when you return. Have a wonderful break.

  10. Thanks for all the kind wishes, everyone!

    Peggy ~ I feel those hugs! Thank you!

    Audrey ~ I'm on the mend. Can't wait to see you back blogging!

    Thanks, Debra! We joke about the family ears and thighs!

    Barb, you're the best sister a girl could have!

    Pat ~ I had a great Christmas, hope you did too!

    Linda ~ I love CS tea, and I've been drinking lots!

    Dreaming ~ Hope you dodged the bug everyone has been getting. Christmas went just fine without my usual overboard preparation!

    Thanks, Janie! I have an awesome guy who takes good care of me when I'm under the weather!

    Thanks, Jim! I never learn! I think I'm 21! I'm also insane and trying to hide it! LOL! Take care!


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