Thursday, January 3, 2013

Birthday Surprise!

And I thought today was important because it was JRR Tolkien's birthday!
I had forgotten that it was an important day in Jim and Sophie Doodle's life!
It's his hubby's and her Daddy Ron's (and my old friend's) birthday!
Happy Birthday, Ronnie!
(And I know how old you are, because you are a couple of months older than I am!)

So, Jim, here's the proof I have the same photo that you posted in your blog today.
I'm not sure why yours is colored and mine is not.
Maybe they were Ron's photos, and he gave me copies.
You'll never know when the past will come back to haunt you.

            Lella, John, Me, with Ron in Front

This is the infamous photograph that appalled my great grandmother Sara Cossaboom.  She thought no proper young ladies behaved like this.  I remember having it in color, but this is not.  My GGSC may have burned the colored version!  In deference to her, I won't crop, enlarge, or focus this one!

John, Judy, David, Me, and Jane

And here's our birthday boy.  He has always been stylish and good looking!

Ronnie (as we called him).

David, Ron, Me, and Lella Playing Miniature Golf

Lest you think I'm poking fun at just you, Ron, I shall include this next picture - 
the one my husband wanted to burn!

"What is that thing you are wearing?" says my Dear Heart.  
"That's the ugliest bathing suit I've ever seen!"

Alas, I was never a Fashionista!
Perhaps I should remove Dear Heart from the three way tie 
Martha, Jim, and I have for the best husband in the world?

Ron, Jane, Me, John, and David
Evangeline Beach

It just occurred to me - I have hugged two out of three of the best husbands in the world!
Not bad for a Fashionista-NOT!

Ron, Me, Renee by U Hall

Ron was always a Fashionisto, even when climbing a telephone pole!
And cute!  He didn't even have to try!

            Wolfville Street                                      Three Pools?

Happy Birthday, my friend!
May this next new year of wonderful you be smashing!
And may you and Jim and Sophie have many happy hours of goofing around.
Does he still climb telephone poles, Soph?

Don't worry if you can't find your pictures in the basement, Ronnie.
I have lots!
And I'm happy to email copies to your hubby!
Not tomorrow, though.
I  have jury duty!


  1. Louise! This is totally entertaining! We LOVED it! Isn't that right, RONNIE!!!?

    My photo was yellow because I hate using a flash (I know, get over it Jim!) and the result is from lack of light.
    Love your 'suit' Louise! I remember my sister had one just like it!

    |Ron doesn't climb telephone any more but I can't keep him out of trees!! Seriously, he is always up in a tree! Do you think he needs 'help'? Actually he loves to prune anything he can get his hands on. If it a tree....even better!! Always 'in the air' this boy! lol
    What a great group of kids and you are so fortunate to have such wonderful memories of your childhood, Louise!
    I have met John and Judy, David, and Jane. David looks the same today! Wolfville water, or what!!

    1. '.....telephone poles any....'

    2. Hey you may be right, Jim...IT'S IN THE WATER!!!!

    3. I'm glad you were entertained, Jim! I know I was!

      I was running up and down the stairs frantically searching for Volume 1 of my 84 numbered photograph albums in our storage area while the pasta for dinner was boiling. Having been an elementary teacher, I can move fast and accomplish a lot in the nine minutes it takes pasta to cook! Numbers 2 through 84 were all lined up, but no number 1! Obviously I found it!

      My Dear Heart started washing the dishes and cleaning up after dinner because I had, and have, a mean, nasty cold. He did so to help me and to enable me to write the Birthday Surprise post before I crashed and burned!

      I don't like using a flash either, and I see no reason for you to get over it. I'm still on the hunt for a new camera, one that performs well in low light and also has an excellent zoom and lots of megapixels or whatever those things are. I'm joining the photography club here at Heritage Eagle Bend to get better. I'm not going to invest $$$ in a camera until I am SURE it's the right one.

      I had the best of childhoods! That year in Wolfville was magical. I returned to Acadia, but everyone shoots off in different directions, so I didn't see as much of my old friends as I would have liked to. It's been such a joy to reconnect with Ron, Ken, and the Peters.

      I miss the Wolfville water - and I still like to climb an occasional tree! Ron is perfectly fine!

  2. Louise, Louise, Louise!

    You are still a major tease, not a thing has changed in 100 years (lol)...I do remember every one of these photos except the Three Pools and the Bicycle pic. I hadn't seen those ones.

    I loved that inclusive) it was the best bike, sturdy like all of! You know you can't get to the 3 Pools anymore from the direction we used way back then. The Power Corp erected a fence all along that route and from another direction too. However, I'm sure there is one other route that is available near Lumsden's Dam road. I'll find it, this summer. BTW...I have posted many pics of the Gaspereau Canal which is not far from the Swinging Bridge('s gone too).

    The beach bending-over pics are so funny...I know I have those because I looked at them last year. I can still remember that day clear as a bell. Jane(spelled Jayne now)hooked up with me on FB a couple years ago. Her mother remarried a few years back. I always liked Thelma, good sense of humour.

    So weird looking at the clothing I wore...I still wear them tight! Style then I guess.

    Well, Louise, my dear....David Burton is on FB too...he needs to see these. His wife, Anne will have a good laugh. You'd enjoy David's world, Louise...he very antique-oriented, huge library of books, gardener, fine carpentry work(lovely stuff) and photography. John, as far as I know isn't on FB and neither is Judy....I tried to suggest she join a few years ago but nothing resulted. Same with Lella, I know she lives in Wolfville still but not too sure if she has succumbed to FB.
    You've been a doll.....I'm sure Terry thinks so too! Hope jury duty isn't all consuming...knock on wood I haven't been called ever! I should be careful with putting that out there in the universe.

    Aaaaah innocence and laughter.....such was our youth!

    Mucho thanks Ron(nie)!

    1. Hi Ron,
      It was such an innocent and laughter-filled time! I am most fortunate to have experienced that time with our herd of friends. The Evangeline Beach group was a small group for us.

      I would love to reconnect with Jayne and David, so I'll have to get back on FB. I've been so involved with Christmas, blogging, and photography that FB and gmail have fallen by the wayside.

      I sent Lella a Christmas letter, and would love to hear from her. She is a free spirit and has never followed a predictable path. I often think of her as the seagull in some Prometheus play she was in at U Hall. (You'll have to send me your snail mail address, so I can get you on my Christmas card list too.)

      I was happy to hear that Thelma remarried. My parents and Jane's parents were good friends. It's unfortunate what things happen in life. I wish her every happiness.

      I'm working on getting those powerful, sturdy legs back. All the manual labor of working in the North -carrying water, chopping wood, pumping fuel, walking on all kinds of terrain and in all kinds of weather made me strong. Yesterday I had to walk around and around upstairs because I was too sick to go to the club. I had to cancel my session with my trainer Julie which I absolutely hate to do. Today it will be around and around again upstairs maybe for 8 minutes instead of 10.

      The last thing I checked last night before crashing was the court website to check what time I had to report for jury duty. I couldn't find my number, and then I realized it was in a large group of jurors who had been excused. Terry says that whatever trial I was being called in for had probably been settled out of court. This was my third summons! Was I ever relieved that I didn't have to go in today.

      Say it isn't so - the Swinging Bridge gone! :(

      Have a great day!

  3. Hello Louise,
    What great photos, thank you for sharing (and not asking Ron first... LOL!!)
    I had no idea you were school friends.
    Best wishes Ivan

  4. Thanks Ivan!
    I had such a fun time with these photos and with teasing Ron on his birthday.
    I tend to leap first and apologize later.
    Rest assured, though, I would never post an unkind image of someone! Or say unkind things!
    Jim set me loose when he published the photo of Ron bending over.
    Grade 8 with Ronnie and the other kids in our classes was a magical time when I was growing up. My family moved a lot, so I only had one year with them all. It was the best!

  5. OHMYGOD, I love this post! I LOVE seeing old photos of you all when you were young. Ron was such a good looking boy who grew into a good looking adult! These photos are adorable. Wow, you go way, way back! That is so cool. And that bathing suit you had made me laugh out loud because I have photos of myself in clothing that should have been used as firewood. It's the most amazing thing to have friends that you know from your childhood. Most of the ones I have I've known since elementary school. And I have photos (some weird ones) to prove it. Thank you for sharing all this. I've grown quite fond of Ron, Jim and Sophie, even if I've never met them in person. I hope I do one day. They seem like such a wonderful family.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Martha. You and Jim have been much more understanding about the bathing suit than my T. Tonight he told me he thought there were little balls tied all around the edge, then he said it didn't look quite as bad as he thought! Did deeper Dear Heart! I've lost touch with a lot of my friends over the years because my family moved so much - and two of my closest friends ever, basically sisters, have died too young. But I treasure my friends that I have. I do hope you meet RJS in person some day. Next time I make it to Nova Scotia , I'm making it a point to see meet Jim and Sophie and see Ron!

  6. Priceless!!! I have followed Ron and Jim for quite a while, and I loved this! How cool that you had such a wonderful childhood, and how very nice you are still in touch.

    1. It's way cool! I had such fun putting these photos together yesterday and teasing Ron. He's a sweetheart as are Jim and Sophie Doodle! Have a great evening!


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