Friday, January 4, 2013

Swinging Bridge

Say it isn't so!
Sophie Doodle's Dad Ron informed me today that the Swinging Bridge was gone!
How can that be?

One of Two Dueling Photographers on the Swinging Bridge
May 24, 1964

We're both still taking photographs.

I can't even remember exactly how to get to the Swinging Bridge.
I have a vague memory of the White Spot Restaurant and some dirt roads.
Our Gang went on epic bike rides and had so much fun!

Not the Whole Gang but Some!

Pete (standing), Ron, Barb, Bruce, 
Jane (standing), John, Lella, Margaret, Mary, 
David (standing) and me (sitting on the bridge)
May 24, 1964

Thanks for starting me down Memory Lane, Jim!
Short post!
Still under the weather! 


  1. Very sweet post. It is always so much fun going down memory lane. These images are priceless!

    1. Thanks Martha!
      They are priceless to me!
      I'm hoping I misunderstood what Ron wrote and that the Swinging Bridge is still there.
      Have a good one!

  2. Lucky you! What a stellar childhood!!!

    1. You're right! I am fortunate in the childhood I had.

  3. Hi Fundy Blue! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I really appreciate all of your kind words. And isn't Kay great? I love all of the photos you have on this page....especially the one of the girls on the beach....the one that your grandmother didn't "approve" of. That is so priceless! Hope you're feeling better soon...

    1. Thank you of the kind comment, Audrey!
      Kay is great. She has a very interesting blog. I met her through my friends
      Ron (
      and Jim (,
      two friends of mine in Nova Scotia.
      They have wonderful blogs.
      I'm feeling a little perkier - thanks for the well wishes.
      Have a nice evening!

  4. Excelentes ortografias que retratam belas recordações....
    Feliz Ano Novo....

    1. Obrigado por seu comentário espécie, Chana!

  5. We used to have swinging bridges too, I remember them from the 60's, but they must have deemed them too dangerous and gotten rid of them.
    Also, what does your name "Fundy Blue" mean?
    I looked up "Standing Into Danger" and there is an interesting book by that name by Cassie Brown. Is that the connection? Do tell!

    1. Hi Kay!
      I am hoping I misunderstood what Ron wrote and that he meant something else.
      It was so much fun to jump up and down on the bridge or to try to run across it!
      It's heartbreaking to think the Swinging Bridge is gone!

      Tomorrow I will do a post on "Fundy Blue" and "Standing into Danger."
      I'm wiped out now, after chasing "garum" all over the internet today - way too much fun!
      I'm still haven't bounced back from this frustrating cold, but I'm improving.

      You are one curious and clever lady, Kay!
      There absolutely is a connection between Cassie Brown's book and me.
      It has to do with the wrecks of the USS Truxtun and USS Pollux, a terrible U.S. naval disaster
      off Lawn and St. Lawrence, Newfoundland.
      I worked as a geologist in the summer of 1972 in St. Lawrence with the grandson of one of the Newfies who helped rescue some of the sailors from the wreck.
      He told me the incredible story, and I have carried it in my heart for over 40 years.

      I have been working sporadically on a novel and an upper elementary picture book tied to this event for a long time. My passion for teaching got in the way of my writing, because I couldn't do less than my best for my kiddos. Now I finally have the time. I just have to figure out how to do everything I want to do in a more disciplined and organized way!

      Cassie Brown has written the definitive reference on the naval disaster, "Standing into Danger." She is an awesome Newfoundland writer. Among other things, she has also written "Death on the ice." That is a book I have yet to read and want to read very much. I need five lifetimes at least!
      Have a good evening!

    2. I am FOREVER telling people that they need to write a book, I am grateful that you will be doing so...I will look forward to it!
      I have never heard of this story of the rescue, but now that I do know about it, I will try to read "Standing Into Danger" and anything else I can find about it too. It sounds fascinating!
      It makes it so much more personal, doesn't it, since you knew someone connected to the story...that is why I am so interested in my World War II stories, so many of those men talked to me, you see.
      Thanks so much for your reply to my comment. I understand the five lifetimes needed to read all the books we want to read!
      Curious and clever, I don't know, but I am always curious!!

  6. Thank you for the encouragement, Kay! The story of the struggle to survive the shipwrecks is beyond fascinating. I think it should be made into a movie! You're definitely clever! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


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