Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Special Time with a Four-Footed Friend in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Lucky me!

Someone special recently led me along one of her favorite jaunts
in Point Pleasant Park at the tip of the Halifax Peninsula.

Come On Weesie, Let's Go!

Big brown eyes,
fetching blond highlights,
an engaging and enthusiastic guide:
Who could resist an invitation like that?

From the One and Only
Ms Sophie Doodle!

Lucky Me!

Her dads Jim and Ron came too!

And of course, Mr. Orangie!

One side of Point Pleasant Park lies along the shore
of Halifax's beautiful Northwest Arm.  Location

The Northwest Arm

Right off the bat, Sophie Doodle led us down to the shore.

Now if you are familiar with Ms Doodle,
you know she has her own blog and frequents another;
and you also know that she loves, loves, loves to swim.

And if you aren't familiar with Sophie,
then right now zip over to her blogs:
From Sophie's View   (her blog that Ron transcribes)
and Ocean Breezes   (where she often appears in Jim's photos)

And when she swims, Ms Sophie Doodle 
is forever chasing her good buddy Mr. Orangie:
the bright orange ball with blue circle stripes
and more reincarnations than the Dalai Lama.

Ron Flings Mr. Orangie into the Air
with Sophie Doodle Ready to Pounce

Sophie Doodle Never Misses

Mr. Orangie Is Safe, Yet Again 

This is the second summer I've gotten
to spend a day with sweet Sophie.

Pure Joy

Intense Focus on What Ron is Holding

Good Buds Waiting to Play

But every bit as wonderful as spending time with SD
is spending time with her two dads.

I met Ron in Grade 8 and reconnected with him decades later.
He was a great friend then and an even better friend now.

And with Ron comes Jim.
They've been together for a long, long time.

And for the past two years,
I've had a new wonderful friend.

As I said at the beginning:  Lucky Me!


  1. I had a good laugh at your description of Mr Orangie having "more reincarnations than the Dalai Lama" -- it's true! Sophie Doodle is a sweet dog indeed.

    1. Hey Debra! Poor Mr. Orangie! He basically travels in a clutch of big teeth sitting on a wet tongue carpet!! I'm so glad that you got to meet SD! Happy, safe travels (if you're still on the road); if not, I hope you had a happy homecoming! Take care!

  2. Sure looks like a great time was had by all, glad Mr. Orangie was saved from drowning too haha

    1. Hey, Pat, where you're at! I had so much fun with the guys and SD. I loved throwing Mr. Orange out into the ocean for SD to fetch; although I can't come close to the powerful throws of Ron and Jim. Have a good one!

  3. You Sweetie You!!

    I actually walked around Point Pleasant Park which I have missed for over a year and half. Thanks for flying all the way from Colorado to assist on this walk. I needed it !!

    Sophie is laying on the sofa relaxing because we just returned from Stony Beach. She doggy surfed the waves and yet again saved Mr. Orangie! What a lifeguard mentality she has.!!

    I just took scads of photos and a couple videos and my camera jammed. Sand is no doubt the culprit, so I have some shaking and carefully manipulating of the buttons ahead of me.

    You as usual are a doll and so many thanks!!!!

    Ron for sleeping Sophie Doodle!

    1. It did my heart good to share that walk with you, Ron! Not to mention the fun we had the night before and the rest of the day! It's wonderful to see the difference in you from last year to now. Onward and upward, step by step!

      With those Labrador and Poodle genes, Sophie can't help going into rescue mode in the water.

      Good luck with your camera! That's another reason I have a point and shoot ~ I'm really hard on cameras and would be frantically and frustratedly pushing buttons if mine were jammed; probably impulsively banging it on the counter too! LOL!

      Have a great rest of the day, and please give Ms Doodle a bellyrub for me when she wakes up! Winkers!

    2. Update on camera: my battery needed to be re-charged......LOL!

      Thank goodness I have 2 batteries courtesy Jimbo!!

  4. Looks like such a wonderful time! And isn't it great to reestablish a good friendship years later and to keep that friendship? I love all your photos! :)

    1. Thanks, Linda! With such an adorable subject as Ms SD how can I not get a lovable shot? Yes, reconnecting with Ron has been wonderful! And now I have Jim as a good friend too! Have an awesome day, Linda!

  5. I knew where you would be as soon as I read the opening words," Point Pleasant Park" . What a grand re-union with friends, fun time with Sophie, and good to see Ron healthy and well, walking the slopes, in life we have so much to be thankful for, friendships that last always, and our good health. Are you home again? The intrepid traveller, maybe you inherited some of your father's courage and sense of adventure as well.

    1. Hey Nancy! I'm home again, but turning around for a trip to Washington, D.C., immediately followed by a month in Victoria, British Columbia. We had so much fun that we're headed back after just being there in July. I think I did inherit those genes, but from both parents. My mother was even more courageous and adventurous than my father; but she always had to do things with five kiddos in tow. Have a good one, my friend!

    2. Hey Jean ~ if you come to Nova Scotia we'll show you are Point Pleasant Park just like this!!


    3. You would have an awesome time, Jean! I highly recommend time with this threesome!

  6. I think Sophie Doodle dated Franklin on Janie Junebug's blog.
    I liked the photo with the two sailboats.

    1. Heavy duty dating going on there!

      Take it from me!!

    2. LOL to both of you! There always seem to be beautiful sailboats on the Arm and in the harbor. Have a good one!

  7. The pleasure, Louise, was all ours....believe me.
    We had a wonderful time with you.

    1. Can't wait to do it again! Grammy always warned us not to wish our lives away, so I've got a lot of good living to do before next summer ~ but that doesn't mean I can't wait!

  8. Indeed, lucky you, Louise! I'm green with envy. I can't wait until we make our way out east to finally meet this bunch and tour a side of our country we've never been to. This year should have been the year to go but priorities like getting my daughter ready for university and renovations to get our home ready so sell have sidetracked everything. Too much going on! I guess it'll happen when it happens. In the meantime, I can enjoy these three amigos through others who have been fortunate enough to get there. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos! Did ya scratch Sophie behind the ears? And is her fur as soft as it looks?

    1. One does not want to rush a good thing! Right!?!

    2. Scratched her behind the ears, stroked her ears, hugged her, gave her bellyrubs, fed her pizza bits, threw Mr. Orangie for her; you name it, I did it, Martha! And Sophie Doodle is soft, soft, and her tongue is wet and warm when she licks sweat off your arms. You've had a lot on your plate this year, and it must be bittersweet right now as your youngest daughter leaves the nest, followed by you and TMWMITW exiting it too. I recommend visiting The Three Amigos soon, because then you have more time for repeat visits!

  9. This looks like such a fun time! Sophie is adorable,and your friends look like keepers :)

    1. Thanks, Monica! Ron and Jim are keepers for life! Two great guys! Have a good one!

  10. Sophie knows how to enjoy life! We can learn so much from our pets. Love the photos. Love Nova Scotia. Hope to live next door one day soon. My youngest grandbabies are in NB.

    1. Thanks, Jolene! How wonderful to be thinking of moving near your youngest grand babies! I haven't been in NB forever, but I know it is a lovely province. I wish I could live in the moment like Sophie! Have a good one!

  11. I love these pictures. That looks like such a fun-filled trip with wonderful people and adorable Sophie Doodle :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Beate! How lovely to see you! I've been enjoying the photos that Keith has been posting of you both. Your happiness radiates! And I am so happy that you found each other! Hugs!

  12. You have a wonderful dog and in that middle photo, are those sailboats "Lightnings"?


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