Friday, May 17, 2013


Well it's A-L-O-H-A!!!
My favorite beach in the world is calling!

   North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

And for all us map lovers ...

Map of the Hawaiian Islands

Island of Oahu
(We'll be staying near Shark's Cove
just above Waimea Bay.)

This time tomorrow the E-P
(yes he's back!)
and I will be in Las Vegas,
probably playing blackjack 
downtown on East Freemont
at the one and only El Cortez:  
single deck, $5 table with 
the best rules in Las Vegas.
(I'm still ticked at the Bonanza
changing its table rules!)

Then it's off for Honolulu and the North Shore!

Waikiki, Honolulu, at Sunset 

It's been an exciting lead-up to liftoff tomorrow morning.
Anonymous Grumpy Cat is long gone.
Terry started morphing back into the E-P
two days after the mail drop-off box debacle.


He was hanging out beside the fire,
grumping because he was cold, 
and having an animated conversation with his iPad,
when he suddenly discovered 
that I was no longer washing dishes.
I was taking pictures!

AGC:  What are you doing?

MLB:  Taking pictures of my Grumpy Cat.

AGC:  I don't want you taking pictures of me!
           I don't want to be in your blog!
           I want to be anonymous!

MLB:  No problem!  I'll call you Anonymous Grumpy Cat!

AGC:  Censored.


And then we were both cracking up 
and Anonymous Grumpy Cat was now the E-P!
(His picture is blurry because I was laughing.)

By Sunday the E-P was up for a two mile loop.

I was stomping along the sidewalk
having a Rick-Santelli-style rant about something
when suddenly I heard a growly-snarl behind me.

MLB:  What are you doing?

E-P:  It seems we have more than one Grumpy Cat in the family.
         In fact, I think you are the True Grumpy Cat.

I have created a monster!
Now, if I grumble or rant,
the E-P just gives a little growly-snarl,
and I get the message.
The TGC c'est moi!

The E-P now mocks me!
I caught his shadow in action 
as he snarly-growled at me
on our two mile walk:

If you look closely you can see the AGC's claws out;
but don't ask me what's going on with the shadow of his head,
I have no idea ~ probably something Woo Woo!

Teasing the E-P is always a two-edged sword.

Bottom line is ... 
I'll be taking a break from blogging.
I have learned that it is important 
to inform my blogging friends
if I am taking a break.
I have learned that if I don't,
a certain Labradoodle 
who carries an orange ball in her mouth
will hunt me down!

Take care everyone!



  1. Aloha!
    Hope you have wonderful time in Hawaii!!
    As a travel agent, I used to always show my travelers a map of Hawaii to let them know the location of the island (or islands) they would be visiting. Some of them didn't even have a clue how far out in the Pacific they were going!! (We had a globe too!)
    Your grumpy cat is a good sport!!

  2. Thanks Kay!
    It always amazes me how often people aren't clued in to geography! I love maps, and I try to include them in many of my posts.
    And yes my Grumpy Cat is a very good sport! It's one of the many things I love about him! Have a great weekend!

  3. How funny! He's a good sport. I have put it out to the universe that I want a trip to Hawaii. I would love to have that experience. Take lots of photos, I'd love to see them. Have a wonderful time!

    1. Hi Peggy! I love my T ~ Grumpy Cat or Ever-Patient. He is the best of sports! I hope you do get to Hawaii. In my mind, there is no place like it on Earth! Guaranteed, there will be pictures! Thanks ~ I am hoping to have a wonderful time! And if I don't, there is something seriously wrong with me!

  4. Hmph so rude
    Gloating about it with the now non grumpy dude
    While I sit here with rain
    At my lane lol

    Have a grand time
    Sure it will be sublime

    1. Oh Pat! I wish you sunshine!
      It is so fine!
      Don't mean to gloat!
      But I can't wait to float!
      Under the Hawaiian sun,
      I'm longing for fun!
      Take care!
      At your lair!

  5. Say hello to Vegas for me - there are likely some there who would remember me, it was only three weeks ago that we were there.... We didn't plan that very well, did we? And I'm totally jealous - Hawaii. Loved it there too. Truly a paradise on earth! Aloha!! (And travel safely!)


    1. Hi Ken! I will give a great big hello to Vegas for you! Next time let's meet in Vegas or at least Nova Scotia! Ken, you have no idea how much I love Hawaii! I am in Heaven with anticipation! It is so good to hear from you!!! Take care!

  6. Have a great time! Glad the AGC has turned back into the EP.

    It was so fun to see that map of the islands - it took me back to grade school when we studied them and I memorised their names (the 8 major islands, anyway). I can still recite them....

    P.S. Just think - no chance of snow there!

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you! I'm so glad I have my Ever-Patient back! Although Grumpy Cat was kind of fun! Oahu ~ there is something magical about that island. And to think, if my nephew Neil and his fiance Jeanne had not decided to have a destination wedding on Waikiki last July, I might never have gone to the North Shore! I can't bear to think about it! And no snow ~ yeah!!! Take care and have a great weekend.

  7. Aloha! Have a wonderful time!
    David and I were married at Wiamea Falls all those years ago.

    1. Hi Terry! OMG! You were married at Wiamea Falls! We are definitely going to the falls, and I will post a picture for you!! thanks for the good wishes!!! Aloha!

  8. The most beautiful in the world! You and Daisy have a great weekend, Adam!

  9. I do hope you have the best time, take lots of photos.

  10. Oh goodness this looks like heaven!! I will enjoy Hawaii vicariously through your blog :-)

  11. I know which Labradoodle you're speaking of! She's a cutie :)

    Oh my...what an exciting trip. Have a wonderful time!

    You and E-P sound like me and my hubby. We're always clowning around, and we enjoy each other's company so much. I think a great sense of humour between a couple is vital!

  12. You guys have too much fun!! Love that shadow photo!
    Have a wonderful break....both of you!

  13. H-E-L-L-O! MS. LOULOUWOOWOODOODLE!(slight change for a more ZingerDoodle of an effect)LOL!

    You know what?

    Terry is going to have the time of his life, I just know. When I saw that smile I then knew why you 2 connected. Just look at him full of the devil really! The drugs took care of his bug and now he'll feel so much better, and on a beach on Oahu ~~ no better place, me thinks!

    I hope you 2 win big in Vegas, I really do! Oahu will be happy if you do! Or perhaps, you can eat more expensive food. Have a Martian, oops a MaiTai, for us and Sophie Doodle, please!

    SO YES is the answer, I will hunt you down on the sands of time that spill over the beaches of Shark Cove ~~ If you don't post at least one post from there!

    Tell Terry he's being a good sport indulging us in your whims!!

    Winks and more Winks!

    A-L-O-H-A and any other Hawaiian sayin' that would fit perfectly!

    Sophie and Ron

  14. Have fun in Oahu, Anonymous Grumpy Cat and True Grumpy Cat! Oh, who am I kidding -- no one can be grumpy in Hawaii!

  15. I'm not really a beach person but I think I could happily manage one of those if only to stare in wonder at the gorgeous colour of the sea. You do make me laugh with your tales of E-P! Have a great holiday - looking forward to more amazing pics. x

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  17. Wow, the beach looks so fun!!! My Mom told me she went to Waikiki when she was little and the waves were really big. I wish we could go :D

  18. Hi Louise!!!! Hope you have a blast on your trip to Vegas & Hawaii!!! I think I need to live vicariously through you while you're gone. Look forward to hearing about your trip when your break is over!!! XOXO

  19. Glad he's back and have a great holiday! (I love the photo of the shadow monster by the way, :) )


Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them very much.