Thursday, May 9, 2013

Proof Positive! It's a ... !

Yesterday was a day 
of glowering clouds
and pounding rain.

I went on a hunt 
for a new camera
to no avail,
and I got to drive
home in lashing rain. 

Before the sky
opened up.

So this morning I dashed
down to Piney Creek 
to check on the water levels
with my trusty old camera.

You should have seen 
the look 
on the camera store 
clerk's face
when he saw 
how beaten up
my little 
Canon PowerShot was.

All the settings 
have worn off!

It's had a hard life 
tossed into stuffed purses and backpacks 
and working in all kinds of weather. 

I'm always insecure
walking under this old cottonwood
after a storm.

The second tree, 
in the middle foreground,
came crashing down ~
over the path ~
during a storm 
some years ago.

Park rangers had to cut away
big branches
the path.

I always think
Will I be able 
to run,
if it starts to fall?

This massive
(of which you
see only
the center portion)
would flatten me like 
a train
running over 
a penny on a 
railroad track.

Do you see
how the
corrugated bark
soaks up 
the rain.
Some areas,
less wet and
more sheltered,
are light grey.

You can see
the fallen
in the background.

This tree keeled over last night!

When you get a good rain,
temporary ponds form in low areas.

There are berms and catchment basins
along Piney Creek
to control runoff from sudden rains.

I was standing on a large berm
when I took this next picture.

Normally this area is dry.
I have seen much bigger flood ponds
impounded behind this berm.

The male cottonwoods are beginning to flaunt their catkins!

Cottonwoods are dioecious,
meaning either male or female.
Both sexes flower in the spring
before they produce leaves.
The males flower somewhat before the females.
Both sexes form clusters of flowers in catkins.

These are male catkins.  
See their flashy burgundy flowers starting to bloom.

Male Catkins

These are female catkins.
Their green flowers are larger than the male flowers.

  Female Catkins

Soon it will be time for cottonwood sex in the park!
More to come!!!

Meanwhile I thought of that cottonwood
I posted on last fall.
Male?  Female?
Time to check it out!

I hummock hopped 
across the soggy ground
to that tree 
I had photographed thoroughly
months ago.
It had toppled over
long before I ever turned up
in this neighborhood.

    Sweet little robin      
singing its heart out!
Boy or girl?
Can you tell?
The tree ~ not the robin!

This old giant has acquired a vibrant coat of green since I stopped by last November!   

Proof positive!
It's a ... !


If you wish to see more 
of this venerable male 
check out my post

I'll keep you posted on
cottonwood shenanigans
in the park!

Proof Positive!
It's a Squirrel!
(on a better squirrel day in the park)

It's my story,
and I'm sticking to it!


  1. Cottonwood sex right out there in public? Oh my!

    1. It moves at a slow pace, but it's fascinating! LOL

  2. When those cotton seeds start blowing - watch out! I'm in Denver for a few days - we had a foot of snow last night in Breckenridge. It seems more lime spring here.

    1. You are so right, Barb! I've seen the cotton fluff in small drifts in my park! Fortunately I don't get hay fever! A foot of snow in Breck! My sister-in-laws baby trees will love it. Her home is by that big slashed area you can see so well across the valley from Boreas Pass Trail. She lives in India and rents her home out to skiers. You live in one gorgeous spot on this earth!

  3. Sex and Cottonwoods? Oh, my, what is this blog world coming to?!
    Don't you just love seeing things spring to life?! I love walking through the yard, and driving through the neighborhood to see everything that pops out each day.

    1. Yes I do, Dreaming! This world is a beautiful and amazing place! I think sex among cottonwoods is fascinating! Poor blogging world, it gets to see wherever my crazy head goes!

  4. Amazing photo of the glowering sky. And I can definitely see the squirrel now! The one on the right that is ;)

    1. LOL! The one on the left is a squirrel too! I'm sticking to my story! LOL! I will admit to a miniscule bit of doubt! But the discussion has been fun!

  5. HAHA we have proof now of the squirrel!! I love the Robin pictures.

    1. Thanks OE!
      I'm so happy to hear that you liked the robin. He looks so small and sweet, bravely singing his spring song on a cold, cloudy day! I like the unzoomed, this is how I see it pictures, sometimes.

      Never-the-less, I'm determined to get a better camera because I'm often frustrated by the limitations of mine. I drove to a local and big camera store a few days back to purchase one with their Mothers Day flyer ~ and they didn't have the camera in stock! Nor would they honor their sales price when the camera came in ~ after the sale was over! Then I had to drive home in lashing rain for 35 minutes! Arrggghhhh! All in my quest to get better bird pictures!

      Thanks for the squirrel comment. I've had so much fun with that. I tried your blogging technique of asking a question! have a good one!

  6. Lovely and so funny! You naughty girl! Anyway, I'm not sure I want you to get a new camera but if you insist, just promise you won't throw the old one away. Something magic in the old girl? boy? (Did you check?)

    1. Oh Francie! You found me out! I do have a little naughty streak! I usually keep it well-hidden, but this blog is bringing it out! I will keep my old camera. LOL, but the camera is a girl!!! Absolutely ~ a good girlfriend who keeps me honest!
      I hadn't thought about it until you asked! We're so in tune, she knows what I think before I say anything. Have a good one!

  7. Hi Fundy, It's Barb - I'm sorry but you have not convinced me about your squirrel - LOL. Have a great weekend & enjoy the fun trip you have coming up.

    1. You are one of the hardest people in the world to sway, even with solid evidence, Sis! But it's a squirrel!!! LOL right back at you. When I get back from Hawaii, I have an idea about how we can be walking buddies thousands of miles apart. I wish you could down into the park today and check out squirrels!

  8. LOL well they don't shy away
    From sex in the light of day
    And hmmm a squirrel you say
    Could be 50/50 at your bay

    1. Oh what fun the squirrel debate has been!
      I am convinced of what I've seen!
      Sex in the park
      in daylight and dark!
      Never a dull day
      in my bay!

  9. I LOVE the Cottonwood porn!!! Tee hee.... Hope you are well, Louise! XOXO

    1. Thanks, Audrey. I am well, but my hubby has been quite sick ~ unusual for him. I've been blown around by the tempests of life this past couple of weeks! Thanks for caring!

  10. Hahaha...cottonwood sex! Oh my... What kind of neighbourhood do you live in? Hahaha...

    1. I live in a fascinating one, Martha! It's true ~ I can entertain myself endlessly ~ just sticking with the facts!!! LOL!

  11. I love how creepy those trees look. My favourite style of tree. I'm getting one tattooed on my arm at some point.

    I'm glad you didn't get squished under any trees!

    1. Hi Laeli! The trees look different every day! And sometimes they are as creepy as a walk in a graveyard on Halloween. Other times they are glorious. I'm very fond of trees. I'm glad I didn't get squished either. I think about it every time! Have a good one!

  12. Hi,

    Interesting way to display your trees a bit of tease..but, I am sure all were pleased with what they've seen. That big cottonwood would look splendid in bloom. I like the way it twists and turns one can see a lot in a tree.

    1. Hi Truedessa! Thank you for the kind words! I'm very into trees! And cottonwoods are magnificent in every mood. Have a great day!

  13. Hee hee, sweet squirrel! I LOVE the pictures in this post! The grey skies, the grassy expanse -- beautiful -- I can almost smell the air! We get rain like that here, and it's so welcome. Your camera sounds like mine lol

  14. Hi Jan, aka B&R! Thank you for the kind comment! The air is rain-washed and fresh! Always welcome, I'm sure, anywhere in the world! Have an awesome weekend! I wish you COMFORT!

  15. nice pictures
    and the squirrel is so cute
    now following you

    1. Hi HO! Thank you for the kind words and for following my blog! I'm on my way over to see yours. I hope you are having a good day!

  16. When the cottonwood starts blowing Mr. M and I start sneezing ... I do hope this doesn't mean we're allergic to you know what. :)

    A few years ago during a horrendous spring storm, a hundred-year old maple rolled out of the ground and crashed on the upper story of the house where we live. I'm a little paranoid about trees myself when the ground gets soaked (though extremely fond of them in general).

    1. A hundred year old maple tree would be huge! One of my earliest memories was of Hurricane Hazel which uprooted giant chestnut trees across the street ~ when I lived in Prince Edward Island. Of course, I mostly remember it because the Tooth Fairy couldn't fly, and she had to pick up my tooth one day late! In our park sometimes the cotton fluff looks like snow! I hope that you are enjoying Mother's Day!

  17. I love the cottonwoods for their bark and their "cotton", but poor Paj is allergic to them. Lucky for us, no cottonwoods on the ranch!
    Good luck with your camera search - it will be interesting to see what you end up with.

  18. Hi Terry! I didn't know that horses were allergic to things like cottonwood trees! Poor Paj! I hope there aren't other things that he's allergic to, especially at his home. I'm off again tomorrow looking for a new camera. Hawaii is getting very close! Have a happy week!

  19. The Joy of CottonWood Sex!!

    You could make a killing on this, LouLouDoodle!

    Don't pass it up, seriously!


  20. Thanks for the funny and kind comment, Ron! I have so many irons in the fire right now! I've been taking photos for a possible children's nature book on Piney Creek, and when I do it there will be cottonwood trees! In reproductive action ~ but I might have to go with a different title! LOL


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