Sunday, May 12, 2013

Anonymous Grumpy Cat Part 2: Vacation Deposit

As I said in my previous post,
I am no longer living with the Ever-Patient Terry.
He is now Anonymous Grumpy Cat

Things started seriously going downhill
last Saturday in Central City and Black Hawk.

A. O. U. W. Lodge Hall, Central City

The plan was that I was going to 
find and photograph
Sheriff Billy and Mary Cozens' home 
on East First High in Central City,
while Terry played blackjack at the Bonanza.
Then I was going to join the E-P
at the blackjack table.

Well, unbeknownst to the two of us, 
the Bonanza had just changed 
its blackjack table rules
to disallow doubling down on any two cards ~
now doubling was only to be allowed on 10s and 11s.

While that may have made things simpler for me, 
who can never remember the rules
for doubling down with Aces,
it also made the game 
less favorable for players.

Translation:  Players lose faster!

The Bonanza

Terry left the blackjack table in protest
and wandered around,  
while I hung out at the 
Gilpin Historical Society Visitor Center
and went on to happily photograph
Washington Hall, Williams Stable, and the Cozens home.


Like the E-P would know where any of these places were!
Like I couldn't entertain myself for hours in these pursuits?
Like maybe having two cell phones might be a good idea ~
instead of sharing one!

By the time we reconnected,
the E-P was feeling glum
and under the weather.

To salvage his afternoon,
we went to the Reserve 
to watch the Kentucky Derby.

The Reserve, 
Summer 2012

E-P couldn't raise any enthusiasm for the race. Most atypical!
In the last few seconds, when his horse Orb pulled ahead and won,
the E-P perked up.

Mine, Frac Daddy, finished 16th.
Had I known Sara Drill, baby, drill Palin 
had bet on Frac Daddy,
I'd have bet on Joe Kernen's choice,
Normandy Invasionand still lost!
No Derby hat for this fashionista-NOT!

We went back to the Ameristar, 
and the E-P-NOT! collapsed on the bed.
That was the first time I realized
he was now a Grumpy Cat.

I went down to the Star Club
to make him a plate of food ~
being polite Canadian good girl bred,
I had to explain the predicament.
The Star Club hostess was ready to send in 
security, doctor, and ambulance.
My little Anonymous Grumpy Cat (AGC)
would not have been happy!

The AGC stayed in bed 
almost until it was time to 
check out the next morning ~
only getting up once in the night
for a brief run at video poker!
This had never, ever happened before.
Normally the AGC would have been up most of the night!

Home we went, and the AGC tumbled into bed.
He stayed there until Wednesday morning.
This ~ too ~ had never, ever happened before.
The AGC never misses work!

The AGC insisted on going to work.
And I insisted he get to the doctor!
He did both and came home in a rare mood!
ANONYMOUS GRUMPY CAT in capital letters!

In the AGC's defense, 
I will say he was delirious with fever
until the antibiotics kicked in;
but ... 
we landed in one of the most irrational, 
rain-puddle stomping squabbles ever!

It started like this:
AGC:  Has our Hawaiian condo vacation deposit cleared the bank?

To be continued ...  


  1. Oh poor Terry! Everything went down hill pretty quickly!!
    Imagine changing the rules at the Blackjack table!! I wonder if many people will stop playing there?
    Hey Ms.Happy Face, a guy's allowed to be grumpy on occasion!! right? lol

    1. Hey Jim!
      Yes a guy's allowed to be grumpy once in a while!

      A number of regulars at the Bonanza have walked out over the new rules. The dealer was quite glum about it. Over the last ten or so years, casinos have been slowly decreasing the risk for the house and increasing the risk for players. :(

      I like to win! So does Terry! There are only a few places where we will play. I have fun gambling ~ but I like to stack the odds in my favor as much as possible! So for now the Bonanza I loved is off the list! I'm down to the El Cortez in Vegas which is where I'll be late Saturday afternoon! (Terry's antibiotics have kicked in!)

      Take care!

  2. OMG >>> I sure hope your Hawaiian deposit isn't going to frig things up for you!!

    Poor E-P ~~~ infection and DRUGGgggggGGGggGs always make peeps wOnKy. Unless you are addicted sort.... then bring em on!

    You were a dutiful Canadian broad/chick/nice person taking care of hubby!! He'll always remember you breaking your back to haul loads of food up to him ~~~ NOT!!

    Maybe you should do a post on gambling rules and such ~~ for us lessers!


    1. Hey Ron! Our Hawaiian condo is A-OK ~ not to worry! And Terry is on the mend! He is reverting to his usual even-keeled, easy-going, calm and sweet demeanor! Terry has too often cared for me, so it's good for me to have a turn. Carting food to him is nothing compared to the rock he has been for me! And he is such a good sport about Anonymous Grumpy Cat! I've been teasing him a lot, and now he's firing back! I hope your week is off to a good start!

  3. Gambled in my day
    A bit at my bay
    Won some too
    Then quit at my zoo
    Sounds like quite the ick
    He had being all sick
    But even with a themometer up him bum lol
    You took care of him being all nice canadian when he was glum

    1. Hi Pat! I always enjoy rhyming from where you're at!

  4. Now as you know, I love ALL THINGS Grumpy Cat but I'm starting to get worried about Anonymous Grumpy Cat -- sick in bed? antibiotics? fever? This doesn't sound good. And then a rain-puddle stomping squabble? Oh my!

    1. Hi Debra ~ There is a happy ending to all of this!

  5. Poor E-P-NOT... It's hard not to be grumpy when you're in that condition!

    1. Hi Martha! Yes it's hard not to be grumpy in such situations. Fortunately, T's turning back into the E-P! Have a good one!

  6. So, I came to see and read your news
    an interesting story captured my attention
    from start to sorry about
    the grumpy cat but, being sick is never fun
    he should be glad he has you to mend his ways..
    I hope you have a great day..

    that cat Pat has me rhyming wherever he's

    Take care!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Truedessa! I don't know how Pat does it! He is so prolific! I've had to bookmark a rhyming dictionary just to reply to him. And now you! I'd try to write rhymes right now, but Hawaii is coming in a few days, and I have a long To Do list! I hope you are having a great day!

    2. Hawaii, that sounds like a lot of fun..take lots of pictures to share.

  7. Not to worry - he'll be back to EP in no time.

    1. You're right Terry! My Terry is on the mend! And he is so happy that the weather has turned for the better! I'll bet your horses are just as happy! Have a good one!

  8. Grumpy Cat is so cute!!! I hope your Grumpy Cat will feel better soon :D

    1. Hi Rebecca! I just discovered Grumpy Cat a few months ago ~ Where have I been? I love Grumpy Cat! My Grumpy Cat is feeling much better. Thank you for your well wishes! I told Terry what you said, and he was very touched. I hope your week is going well!

  9. I love grumpy cat :) I follow him on Twitter.

    1. Hi OE! I must be the only person in the world not using Twitter! I have had an account for several weeks, but I've never looked at it! Twitter never reaches the top of the list! Have a good week!

  10. Un ho! I see he was really under the weather! I have a feeling the worst hasn't happened yet though. Hopefully the space aliens that stole your real husband will return him in the next installment! Fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Francie! He's back to about 80%! Thanks for the finger crossing! It's obviously working! Take care!

  11. hahaha that face is just so crabby and adorable.

    1. Hi Ana! How can one resist Grumpy Cat? Have a good one!

  12. Hahaha... the cuteness exceeds any other problems lol! Though I'm not sure about financial deposits...

    1. Hi B&R! Cuteness helps, for sure! Everything's a go for Hawaii! Life is never dull! Have a good one!

  13. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

    1. Oi Fernando!
      Obrigado por suas am├íveis ​​palavras!
      Espero que tudo esteja bem no seu canto do mundo!
      Tome cuidado!

  14. thanks for your lovely comment in my blog
    I just knew, since I managed another blog

    the cat is grumpy yet cute :D
    hope he gets well soon

  15. Thanks HO! My anonymous grumpy cat is now all better ~ back to his usual sweet self! Thanks for you kind comment! Have a good day!


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