Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 2013 Scavenger Hunt: Nova Scotia

I wish I could say I had been in Nova Scotia 
this September!  No such luck!

A 500 Year Rain Event in My City

With all that has happened in Colorado in recent weeks, 
I've had to search through my photo collection!

I hope that you enjoy my photos of 
a place that will always be home to me!

Smith's Cove, Digby County, Nova Scotia

Thanks to Jill 
and her Made with Love blog
for setting up the hunt.

September 2013 Scavenger Hunt:
Nova Scotia

Location of Nova Scotia
Source:  Wikimedia

1.  White
Fisherman's Wharf in Digby, Nova Scotia

Apple Blossom Princesses, Digby, Nova Scotia

2.  One
Fishing Boat, Bay of Fundy, 
Out of Westport, Brier Island

3.  Graffiti
Graffiti, Point Prim, Nova Scotia

4.  Ears
Whale, Bay of Fundy

A whale's middle and inner ear are located inside its lower jaw.
Auditory information enters a whale's head straight-on
and travels through its jawbone to the bulla (middle and inner ear).
Source:  Science Blogs

5.  Repetition
My Sister Bertie Shells Peas from the Garden

Lobster Feast

6.  Disney
An Escapee from Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean?
No ~ A Baker at the Annapolis Royal Farmers Market

7.  Lace
A Field of Queen Anne's Lace
Mavillette Beach, French Shore, Nova Scotia

Queen Anne's Lace

8.  New
New Apples Ripening on a Tree

 New Pie Crusts Out of the Oven

9.  Door Handle
New Door Handle on an Old Door
Bedroom in My Grandmother's House

The House That Jack Built
Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia
(My Grandfather)

10.  Beach Life
Jellyfish, Grand Passage, Brier Island

Ducks, Grand Passage, Brier Island

11.  Tree
My Great Aunt Nan's Basket
Smith's Cove Museum

There is nothing stranger than to go to a museum  
to see artifacts that were part of your childhood.
This basket was given to my Great Aunt Nan 
by Chief John Pictou of the Bear River Mi'kmaq .
It is made of bark from the white, red, yellow, and weeping birch trees.

Chief Greg McEwan of the Bear River Mi'kmaq
Working with Strips of Ash Tree, 2010

12.  Tatoo
 Waiting Outside the Tatoo Parlor

Of course Nova Scotia is famous for
a much different kind of tattoo:

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tatoo 

Source:  You Tube:  RNSIT

October's List:
Orange, 2, Flower, Rubbish, Emotion, Flight, Home Made, Black and White, Coffee Time, Balloon, Weather Cock, Fridge Magnet 


  1. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, great group of photos. I really like white, beach life and new. Greenthumb

    1. Hi Jill! Thanks for your kind words! I've got my list and camera in my purse for October! Take care!

  2. Wonderful collection of images. I love the pirate at the farmers market!

    1. Thanks Martha! He was very cute! My family has been going to that farmers market for hundreds of years ~ literally! Take care!

  3. Hmmm i think I've been to one
    Don't get out much under my sun lol

    1. I'm a rambler and a rover, Pat!
      Hope you're having a good day where you're at!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Adam! I love to see whales on the Bay of Fundy! Take care!

  5. Great shots from your collection! Did you hear that there was a fire last weekend in Lunenburg that burnt down one of the big red buildings right along the waterfront? Faulty old wiring apparently. Too bad.

    1. Oh no! I hadn't heard that Debra. I think that was a world heritage site! How sad! Hope that your day is going much better! Take care!

  6. Such great photos, you always come up with some good ones! xx

  7. Thanks RVC! I really enjoy the Scavenger Hunt! Take Care!

  8. How fun ~ such good photos!!! (I keep seeing photos of Colorado in the news, etc and it's crazy. How scary it must've been for so many people. Glad you guys made it through okay!)

    1. Hi Audrey! Thanks for the kind words. What has happened in Colorado is hard to imagine. I met a doctor last weekend who had lost everything. His home was along the Big Thompson River, and It was completely destroyed. His son had been in an accident, and for about eight hours the dad thought the son was dead. Then he found out his son was alive, and that put the house in perspective. Still ~ to lose everything! I feel so lucky! Take care!

  9. What a wonderful collection of images as always. I would love to visit there someday :)

    1. Hi Keith! Thanks for the kind compliment! I hope you do get to go some day. Nova Scotia is special! Take care!

  10. Now I want to be in Nova Scotia too! *cuing up teleportation device* Well, um, if you don't hear from me for the next several hours... ;P

    1. Wouldn't it be great if there were teleportation devices. I keep saying, "Beam me up, Scotty!" Hasn't worked yet, but I'm forever optimistic! Have a great day!

  11. OK Fundy - now you've made me really home sick for Nova Scotia!!! And the Cove - Rae & Gerry are trying to convince me to go home for Christmas this year - the only thing holding me back is the possibilities of winter storms :(

    1. Hey Barb! Thought you were going to use those last three vacation days for Colorado! We haven't gotten back to you yet ~ Terry is really sick. He missed work yesterday and is home again today. Personally I think he is run down and really sick because of an overdose of football. Sunday is a marathon football day followed by Monday night football. Too much emotion and yelling and screaming is not good for ones health! I know ~ talk Rae and Gerry into coming here for Christmas with you!!!!! There are never winter storms in Colorado. They would love the warmth and sunshine. Truly! I can't call tonight ~ Survivor is on! But we'll get you tomorrow. LOL!

  12. I would love to visit that area - it has always intrigued me. Thanks for providing a 'snap shot' on life in Nova Scotia! I thought I would do the scavenger hunt... not this month. Maybe next!

    1. It's great to see you, Dreaming! I hope things are easing up a little for you! You have got to try the Scavenger Hunt ~ it's fun! With the holidays coming I'm thinking your life is going to be crazier! Take care!

  13. What a great collection of photos and a truly beautiful part of the world. I loved your interpretations, particularly lace. And I can't decide whether I want to eat the lobsters more or those delicious looking pie crusts! x

  14. Thanks, Julie! Take it from me ~ they were both delicious. There is nothing better than a lobster feed down home! X

  15. Wow, what a great selection of photos it's very difficult to choose a favourite. I only managed 6 of the clues!

  16. Thanks Paula! You had six great photos though! It helps that I am retired, photograph everything that moves or doesn't, and have many thousands of photographs in my collection! Happy hunting in October!

  17. I always enjoy your posts as I see new places! I love all your photos! I've just found the time to post mine for the SH.Happy week!

    1. Hi Rose Fern! Sorry ~ I just found this! Thank you so much for your kind words! Of course, I'll be checking your photos too. I hope all is going well with you and that you are enjoying new new class! Take care!

  18. Replies
    1. Thanks Little Blue Mouse! Hope all is well with you!

  19. I'm sure that you didn't regret taking part in this scavenger hunt. Well done! You have wonderful photos. The whale and the lobster feast particularly caught my eye. I just wonder if you were part of the said feast. That looks fantastic! Everyone must've been very delighted to have those huge lobsters in the table. Hehe!

    Rosalinda Hone @ Riddle Me


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