Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lovable Labs

Have you ever spent time with labs?

They are irresistible!
Sweet, gentle, and affectionate.

Gracie and Rufus

Terry and I unexpectedly found ourselves 
with furry four-footed houseguests
the past two long weekends.

Rufus (black) and Gracie (blonde)

We, who had lost our beloved 
Scottie Mac and Kerry Blue Dorian 
decades ago,
were suddenly immersed
in doggie love ~ AND

 doggie walks, doggie dodo,
doggie treats, doggie licks,
doggie dishes, doggie drool
and lethal lab tails
banging everything:
Thump!  Thump!  Thump!

Terry and his sister Noreen
headed out for that cold, dark 5:30 a.m. walk ~
before Noreen flies off to parts distant.


Don't let those sweet blonde eyelashes fool you.
Gracie is pure Diva!
She will hound you for affection,
and she knows how to work it!

Terry and Gracie

While Gracie insisted on constant love and attention
(pats, hugs, belly rubs, chin scratches),
Rufus quietly hung out nearby.


Big labradors mean big walks ~
miles of walking!

Heading Out for a Three-Mile Jaunt

Wow!  This doesn't look like New Delhi, India!
What happened to our world?

Having just moved here from India,
these tired labs were resting at 6,000 arid feet
two miles into their long walk.

Once home,
sack out time!

Tuckered Out Rufus

A wiped out Gracie is never-the-less vigilant 
for the crinkly sound of me opening a treat bag.

 Rufus Peeking Through the Kitchen Door

Come On Big T!
Give me a pat, an ear scratch, a treat ~

Brown-Eyed, Black-Haired Handsome Fella!

Just a Man and His Dogs

Give lovable labs a minute,
and they will take over your home and heart!

I'm going to make you love me, Big T!

You're gonna love me, too,
I just know it!


  1. haha labs are great
    Had one at my gate
    Growing up she was always there
    now they have a lab puppy at the other lair

    1. Hi Pat! I'm glad that you had a sweet companion by your side as you grew up! Take Care!

  2. They are so handsome. What fun for everyone to have visiting dogs.

    1. Hi Dreaming! We had so much fun! We get to see them again a Thanksgiving in Breckenridge! Hope all is well with you!

  3. Okay okay, you had me at that first photo. Oh the love! How can you stand all that cuteness and love? Can they come stay at my house? Love, Love, LOVED this post. But I'm sure you knew I would!

    1. Hi Audrey! "Oh the love!" is so right!!!!! I could hug, pat, belly rub, and chin rub Gracie for an hour, and she'd want more. She and Rufus followed me everywhere. Rufus loved all the above too, but he was happy with five minutes at a time! These globe-trotting labs would love your Clara and Sophie ~ and you! After having a feisty, spirited, independent Scottie, I was blown away by the affection and the dogging my footsteps! I'm glad that you enjoyed the post!

  4. Ha, ha - what beautiful pups! and so well travelled - they are going to love snow :) Can they comes and visit in Calgary?? I loved this post Louise.

    1. Hey Barb! And they were well-behaved too! But when Noreen returned from her trip, I was instant chopped liver. Gracie was jumping high up and down by the door when she spotted Noreen getting out of her car across the street. It was like Gracie was jumping on a trampoline! And I thought that Rufus's big tail was going to take out the wall when he saw Noreen! I plan to go to Breck with doggie treats, even if they are $22.95! Yikes! And my walking boots! The dogs loved to walk, and I loved to walk with them ~ except for the doggie dodo bags. Big dogs, big you know what! LOL! Cheers back at you, Sis!

  5. Hi Fundy - I've finally set up a gmail account so I can follow your blog - very proud of myself - lol

  6. Nothing better than Labs!! Of course I may be tad biased!
    Louise, so this is what you've been up to!! When Sophie 'took over our lives' almost 7 years ago, we haven't looked back. She gets us out every day and she is a constant source of entertainment.
    Your photos are great and capture their true Lab essence. What beautiful dogs!

  7. Yes Jim! This is where I've been! In addition to taking over our house and lives, I think they cured my cold. All those long walks in the fresh air cleared up my lungs. The dogs were better than antibiotics (which I can't take anyway!). I'm glad that you liked the photos ~ dogs are harder than cats to capture! Labs move a lot and want to lick you! I have a heightened respect for what you and Ron do with Sophie Doodle. Take care!


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