Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Little Waikiki Romance!

At sunset Terry and I 
love to walk the sandy beaches
strung along Honolulu's waterfront.

Waikiki Waterfront

Sunset after gorgeous sunset,
couples like us are strolling.
It is a perfect spot for romance. 

Fort DeRussy Beach,
Just West of Waikiki

Sunset at Kūhiō Beach
Just East of Waikiki

Sunset at Waikiki

Waikiki Beach
from the Kapahulu Groin
at Kūhiō Beach Park

Last Friday night,
Terry and I walked out onto the Kapahulu Groin
to watch the fireworks at the Hilton.

The Pavilion at the end of the Kapahulu Groin
A Great Place to Watch the Sunset or Fireworks

Friday Night Fireworks at the Hilton
Source: ~ Cocoabiscuit ~ Licence

As we returned to the shore,
we saw a curious sight.

A young man was carefully placing glow sticks 
on the sand above the lapping waves,
and a crowd had gathered to watch.

Glow Sticks on Waikiki Sand

We joined the curious crowd.
The man was spelling something on the shore.
But what?

Everyone tried to read what he was writing.
Suddenly he ran back and began removing and rearranging sticks.
He had run out of glow sticks for his message 
and had to start again.
He was working up quite a sweat!

Can you read what he wrote in the sands of Waikiki?

The young man finished, and he asked the crowd
to guard his glow sticks until he returned.

Then he dashed across the street 
and disappeared into a hotel.

We all waited filled with nervous delight.
No one was going to move before this story played out.

And then he was back, but not alone!

The crowd cheered,
and the shutters clicked!
I love a happy ending!



  1. He scored some major brownie points with that stunt! Very cool.

    1. Hi Alex! Did he ever! All the females thought it was beyond cool! We were sweating bullets for him when he went to get his girlfriend. What if she said no? But she emphatically said yes in front of dozens of cameras and video recorders. Wow!

  2. that's an engagement story that's hard to forget

    1. You're right about that, Adam! And any female who watched the story unfold will never forget! We actually had to chase some kids away who came to pick up some of the glow sticks. We were all rooting for this young romantic!

  3. Awesome beaches indeed and he sure went above and beyond getting his happy ending

    1. Hey, Pat! I'll say he went above and beyond! Everyone was cheering and clapping ~ Then we all melted away so the couple could have some private time among the glow sticks.

  4. Very sweet and romantic! Gorgeous photos!

    1. So sweet, Linda! What a romantic guy!
      Thanks for the photo complement. The glow stick pictures were dark and hazy because I was taking them in the dark with my point and shoot camera. But I thought telling the story was worth the imperfect photos, and the faces aren't identifiable which preserves the couple's privacy. Such a sweet story deserves to be captured.
      I hope that you are feeling better!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jill! It was wonderful to be a part of this sweet event! Take care!

  6. Oh, that is sweet! Definitely something that she won't soon forget. *sniff* I love these stories.

    And I love your photos! What an awesome vacation. I can spend my life traveling to places like this, relaxing and taking photos. You wouldn't have to twist my arm for this lifestyle...hahahaha...

    1. Hi Martha! No one in the crowd ill forget either! We were all waiting anxiously for the end of the story ~ and worrying "What if she says no?" We had to scoot some children off who wanted to pick up the glow sticks. Everybody was happy and excited when she said yes!
      I still want to see so many places in the world. It is an amazing place.
      Have a good one, Martha!

  7. What a wonderful story. Glad you enjoy your walks on the seafront. Looks a lovely place.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Thanks, Andrew! Hawaii is a special place, and I'm so lucky to be here! Have a good one!

  8. How precious and creative is he? I wouldn't have left either until I saw that play out. So fun to get to watch. Glad you're still enjoying Hawaii!!!!

  9. Hi Audrey! It was fun to watch! She'll never forget that moment!
    How could one not enjoy Hawaii? Hee Hee! Today I was out beyond the surfers on my paddleboard. It was really wavy near the shore, so I paddled out to a calmer area inside the reef. I stood up for some of the time, but not all of the time, because I was by myself and it was a long way to shore. Do I love SUP! It's awesome to bob around on the waves! Looking at Diamond Head, which I climbed on Tuesday, is so awesome out on the water! This winter I'm really going to work on my swimming. I'm a good swimmer, but I definitely want to be stronger! Always something to improve on! Take care!


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