Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014 Scavenger Hunt

And I thought January flew by!
Today is March!

Ice fog and spitting snow ~
a ground blizzard swirling and dancing.
Please come spring!

I hope everyone had fun
hunting for photographs this month.
Here are mine:

February's List

1.  F is for ?

Fun, of course!
Celebrating the Chinese New Year
at the Ameristar in Black Hawk!

2014 ~ The Year of the Horse

Lion Dancers

2.   3 p.m.
A House Finch Enjoying the Mid-Afternoon (3 p.m.) Sun

3.  Grain

We enjoyed the warm cherry wood 
and its lovely grain in this kitchen 
as we checked out this condo
with a real estate agent.

4.  Lamp

A small lamp 
adds a warm pool of light 
to this inviting guest bedroom 
in another condo we visited 
on the same day.

5.  Clock

This small clock has ruled my life 
         for many years!
         (And now I notice
         the camera saw what I didn't!                            It needs a bath!)

6.  Honey
My honey draws an envelope 
for a money prize at the Ameristar's
Chinese New Year's banquet.

   Did he win $888?   Nope ~ $8.  But it was still fun!

7.  Fountain

No fountains to be found in my February place and time!
Even flowing water was frozen ~
Like this icefall in Clear Creek Canyon.  
(Shot from the side window of our car while flying through the canyon)

Since it's the Year of the Horse,
here's a fountain I photographed in Reno last summer.

8.  Round
Round Wheels on an Old Wagon

Round Pine Cones

9.  Shadow

on the hunt
for shadows

Fence Shadows on Blue Garden Pots

10.  Group

A Group of Chinese Fan Dancers Perform
at the Ameristar 

11.  Repurpose
Repurposing Animal Habitat for Human

These are not pretty photographs ~
and they are not meant to be.

I looked out my window mid-afternoon
in order to see what was happening at 3:00 p.m.,
and my heart sank.

Earth movers were tearing up a hillside nearby
for more monster houses.
I cannot tell you how distressed I was.
I loved to walk in this field.

Some trick of foreshortening with the lens
does not give a feel for how big this area is.

12.  Clouds
Sunrise in Aurora, Colorado

Finally, after a month of hunting,
the clouds cooperated on February 27th!

March's List:
M is for ?,  9 am,  Berries,  Lit up,  Grate,  Working,  Brickwork,
Cutlery,  Flowers,  Crisp,  Ticket,  and A coloured door

Thanks to Jill and her Made with Love blog for setting up the hunt.


  1. You got some great photos. I really like the ones of the Chinese New Year celebrations, something we don't have where I live. The shadows on the blue pots are great as are those colourful clouds. It's always sad to see the countryside being eroded.

    1. Thanks, Mairéad! I do enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year! I was very excited when I found the shadow and sun bars on the blue pots. Sometimes you get lucky. Have a good one!

  2. Wow, just some amazing photos. And locations. You've had some grand opportunities there!
    (And did you know word verification is still on?)

    1. Thanks, Alex! I had no clue word verification was on! You're the first person to tell me that! I've been trying to figure out how to shut it off, but can't find it. I'll work on it though. I'm a little LD in computers. I'd have joined your ISWG by now, but I'm still trying to finger out how to add a badge! LOL! I may be slow, but I eventually get there! Have a good one!

    2. Hey, Alex! I think I found it, and shut it off. Suddenly there it was. The funny thing about being LD in computers is that when you keep doing something over and over, it often works out! Thanks for letting me know. I hate word verification!!!!!!

  3. The lunar new year celebration at the Ameristar looks like it was FABULOUS FUN!

    1. It was, Debra! Bet you're not having fabulous fun right now in the frigid Great White North! I heard it's CO ~OLD!!!! You have my sympathy! Stay warm and safe!

  4. The Chinese fan dancers look lovely, such bright smiles! Your cloud photos are absolutely brilliant! The bird is so sweet. I have so enjoyed this series of photos, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. You are always uplifting in your comments, Linda! Thank you! I've been trying to get a good shot of a finch for years. They flit here, there, and everywhere so quickly. Finally! Have a good one!

  5. Awesome shots indeed. So great you can see the dirt on the clock haha hopefully it got a good wipe

    1. Hey, Pat! Thank you! I still have to wipe the clock! I've been running around doing other things that are more fun! I apologize for the captcha ~ I hate those things and had no clue that it was showing up on my blog! I was utterly clueless when I started my blog (so much so I couldn't find it for three months). If I did see something like Word Verification, I probably thought of it as a spell check! Thanks to Alex who told me! Have an awesome day at your bay!

  6. Wonerful shots! The Chinese New Year celebration must have been a lot of fun. And I love the shot of the Chinese fan dancers.

    1. Thanks, Martha! Weren't the girls lovely? And, yes, the celebration was a blast! I hope that you are enjoying the weekend!

  7. Some great photos, The sunsets are lovely and the old cart as well. I feel for you with those builders, it seems to be happening everywhere at the moment with the villages here getting bigger and the wildlife becoming scarcer.

    1. Hi Gill! Thank you! I know that people need places to live, but so do plants and animals. I just wish we would tread more lightly on the earth. I live in a place that was open prairie ten years ago, so I'm just as guilty as the next person. I try to support open space preservation wherever I can. Have a great week!

  8. Oh no, they are changing your hillside. A similar thing happened to us. A logger bought the hill behind our house and all summer huge trucks carried loads of tall trees away. I didn't realize how destructive they were being until I went on google Earth and saw that they had destroyed the entire hillside. I am so sad. Luckily they did leave some trees between our house and the clear cutting. I am afraid that they might have disturbed the landscape and we might have water runoff problems in the spring. So sad. There were a lot of animals who made those woods their home.

    1. Your comment breaks my heart, Peggy! I hate clear cutting! Surely we can come up with more sustainable logging practices. I hope that you don't have runoff problems. The ground that was ripped up was full of many, many small animals who were dying ~ like those in your woods that couldn't move to safety. Have a happy week! I hope it warms up, but it's mighty cold in central Canada, so I don't know!!!

  9. Love all these shots - especially of the Chinese fan dancers!

    1. Thanks, Keith! It was hard to shoot the dancers because it was quite dark in the room, and I just have a little point and shoot camera. I almost always shoot in natural light, because I don't like the look of flash light, and it's intrusive when you're in a public setting. I am an in-the-moment photographer and try to capture what is in candid moments. Have a happy week!

  10. I don't think that wagon will be going anywhere soon. Great shots

    1. Hi HGW! We have a lot of wooden objects weathering away in Colorado: wagons, mining camps, railroad structures. It's sad. I hope your week is going well!

  11. These are so wonderfully varied and creative!!! Wow, so much colour and beauty. The last photo distresses me too. I am sick, sick, sick of houses being built everywhere, in any available space. Where my school is, there is literally NO space left, let alone green space. And the government and people wonder why there are so many angry, aggressive kids and adults around. Because they are craving space, open spaces, breathing space. I actually have a blog post planned on this!

    I'd LOVE to visit a Chinese New Year celebration- it looks so exciting!
    How appropriate that your CLOCK read 3.01pm, following after your 3pm post- was that deliberate!?!?!

    1. Hi Kezzie!
      Thank you! I agree people NEED wide open, breathing space to thrive. I can't wait to see your post on this topic!

      Chinese New Year celebrations are fun. I'm a particular fan of the lion and dragon dancers ~ well, the fan dancers too!

      Not deliberate on the 3:01. It was a different day, and I was trying to get 3:00. By the time I got the shot it was 3:01, and I didn't want to reset the minutes!

      Have a happy week!

  12. As always, I enjoyed your photos - well, except your ugly ones of the land being torn up. It makes me sick to watch that. In SC we had a lot of that and it was just a bit more noticeable because they had trees that they tore down first. Suddenly, whole forests were gone! Ugh! I love all of your Chinese New Year photos!

    1. Hey Dreaming! I hate that it's so much easier and cheaper to develop new land than to redevelop other places! It always hurts to see wild habitat disappearing. I was going to do a post strictly on Chinese New Year, but I always have far more posts tumbling around in my head than I can possibly write! Happy travels and painting!!!!!

  13. The radio alarm on my clock rules my life so much that, when I wake at the weekend, I still hear music in my head even though it's not on! I need some time off...
    Anyway, entertaining photos as always. My favourites are shadow and clouds. Repurpose made my heart sink. They seem to build on every postage stamp piece of land here and there seems to be no end to it :(

    1. Thanks, Julie. Somehow we've got to find a balance between preserving wilder areas and providing homes for humans. It's a difficult problem, but I think we'll ultimately destroy ourselves if we don't solve it. I'm still hopeful! Have a great week!

  14. I agree far too much house building. My Dad always says " that used to be all fields when I was a boy". Lovely cloud photos. Looks like you had fun with the Chinese New Year.

    1. Hi Lizzy! My mother-in-law used to say, "It's not there to look at! It's there to make money!" I think she was an urban creature at heart! I went back to Nova Scotia some years ago after a long absence, and I was dreading seeing what development had done to the province. A lot of small villages were losing population, and the fields were going back to forest. In some ways I was happy, but in others I was sad. The few "cities" were definitely growing though. I was so excited when I saw that sunrise ~ thank you! Have a good one!

  15. Another great collection of photos :)

    1. Thanks, Louise! I can't wait to see what you come up with in March! Take care!

  16. Wonderful photos ~ I thought I'd commented already, but obviously not ;) Loved the colourful images from the Chinese New Year celebrations and the shady stripes on the blue pots. That sunrise is beyond beautiful :)

    1. Thanks, Glo! Sorry I just found this ~ got away from me as I was getting ready to go on vacation! Hope all is well with you!

  17. Enjoyed your photo's, especially the Chinese dancers, pine cone and wonderful old wagon. How I agree about redevelopment on green spaces, there are so many empty and interesting buildings that could be restored, instead of building more shoe box houses that you can't swing a cat in. (UK) I reckon my village will become a town before long.

    1. Thanks, Fiona! It IS so hard to see development roaring ahead. Here the builders are making "monster" houses because there is more money to be made. You could swing a line of cats strung together in each room! It's the worst kind of development. Sorry I'm so late responding ~ sometimes things get away from me! Take care!


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