Wednesday, August 5, 2015

IWSG: August 5, 2015 ~ Living the Dream

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I'm not feeling insecure or frustrated!
I'm living the dream!

The Best Traveling Buddy in the World

Heading Out of Vancouver, Canada
Chasing Bucket List Dreams

Maybe not writing dreams for a bit,
but exploring places I've always wanted to see.

Wild Alaska, Glacier Bay

Wild Alaska, Glacier Bay

And now I'm in Nova Scotia spending time 
with my extended family and friends!
It's hard to beat that!

My Siblings and I
Louise (Me), Roy, Barb, Donnie, and Bert
Boars Head, Tiverton, Nova Scotia

I'll Take My Family on the Rocks, Please!

This has been a crazy, wonderful summer,
with more fun and zaniness to come.

I just have to figure out how to increase 
my writing productivity and output while I travel.

Meanwhile I'm collecting lots of memories,
photographs, and notes for future writing.

Grand Pacific Glacier
Glacier Bay, Alaska

Does anyone have a good memoir to recommend?
I'm at least getting a page or two read at night before I crash.

Happy writing everyone!


  1. Definitely can see the family resemblance. I'd like to go to Alaska... The solitary bird on his tiny glacier is funny,

    1. Alaska is awesome, Susie! I hope you get to go there!

  2. Sure traveling here and there and everywhere from sea to sea haha nothing wrong with living such a dream.

  3. Wow - from one coast to the other! Your bucket list and mine share(d) a few items! I can almost smell the water! I lived in coastal SC for many years. The ocean breeze smells so totally different there - I love the crisp, cool briny smell from the cold water areas.

    1. Hi Dreaming! Coast to coast is right, and I'm headed back to Victoria on Vancouver Island for a month. Maybe then I'll be able to catch up with everyone. I am breathing in all the fresh, cool, salt air I can! Hope all is will with all the Dreamys!

  4. Great thoughts and nice and happy photos.

  5. You're adding to your list of experiences and that's what makes for a great writer.
    Great photos! I really like the lighthouse. (I wonder why...?)

    1. Hey, Alex! I feel like I've been doing the lighthouse tour of Nova Scotia! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Beautiful photos, Louise! Looks like a great time!

    1. Thanks, Linda! You're comments always lift my spirits. Take care!

  7. Your words always are entertaining, fascinating, and I always wait for Friday's words, as your Dad's letters and the way you introduce them, the places he was living, is truly wonderful. Without these, I would not know about any of the wonderful areas at all. I think you have ample to draw from to write about, and life experience enhances it all. Lovely family photo, what a wonderful time together.

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I've been thinking of you and Hugh, even if I haven't been able to get around and visit. I do hope he is recovering well. I'm having the best time with my family. Family is the best, isn't it! Although I do wish that Terry could have been here too. I hope that you are enjoying a lovely weekend! Hugs!

  8. Wow, you can't get a much more inspiring landscape. This trip must be doing wonders to expand your mind, and time spent with family must be very refreshing. I love the picture of the birds on the ice floe.

    1. Thanks, Nick! Sorry I've not answered before now; but I'm in the middle of a trip home to family. That means a lot of late parties. Thanks for the encouraging comment. Have a good one!


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