Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paradise 2

I married a smart man!
I could have been here:

Beach at Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort Beach

Ola Restaurant on the Beach

Instead I have this:

Ke Iki Beach

More Ke Iki

See Sophie!  You'd look so fine relaxing on Ke Iki!

Small Wave on Ke Iki

Another Small Wave on Ke Iki

All that "surfing" on the flat side of a bosu ball
did not prepare me for paddle boarding 
on something like this, let me tell you!

Nor this!


Did that wave faze Terry after his recent smack down?

Notice he didn't go into the water!
(Smarter.  Wiser.  Can't fool him twice.)

Sunset on Ke Iki

I have a sneaking suspicion
that Turtle Bay Resort blocks 
the sunset from its beach.
Not that I checked it out to be sure.

The E-P just knew 
I'd be much happier on Ke Iki
than in a gorgeous resort.

I'm so glad I married such a smart guy!
He knows me better than I know myself!

A little rain made it possible for me to post.
If we get more rain tomorrow,
I just may be able to catch up 
reading some of the awesome posts
I know I'm missing.

Aloha from Paradise!


  1. Your smart guy was right. It is so beautiful there. I'm picturing walking on that beach too.

    1. Hi Peggy! I hope all is well with you. I'm enjoying my morning cup of coffee and looking at my favorite beach in the world (so far!). The sand is perhaps 60 feet from where I'm sitting inside our studio. Pure bliss! I bet we'd enjoy walking on Ke Iki together! Have a good one!

  2. Bragging away
    At your bay lol
    But smart indeed
    Sure found the right spot at Hawaii's feed

    1. Pure bliss, Pat,
      where I'm at!
      Ke Iki feeds my soul
      and makes me whole!
      Have a good one
      under your sun!

  3. Oh, look at the gorgeous colour of that water!

    1. Hi Debra! The waves were translucent as the sun neared the horizon. It was challenging to catch the waves just right, so I have quite a few near misses. Talk about fun ~ trying to catch that perfect wave! I hope you and your Rare One are having a great day!

  4. Wow, beautiful! You certainly did marry a smart man :)

    1. Hi Martha! It is beautiful! I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! Terry always does an amazing job of putting trips together whether it's Hawaii, Cambodia, or Hong Kong! And I love to travel more than anything. I hope that you are enjoying your garden and that things are well in your corner of the world!

  5. aww the doggie loves the beach

    1. Hi Adam! There are quite a few dogs enjoying this beautiful beach. I keep taking pictures of them for Sophie (.from sophie's view). I've so bought into Sophie as REAL ~ every so often I have to remind myself that Sophie is really my friend Ron. We were in 8th grade together many years ago! I hope all is well with you and Daisy! Have a good one!

  6. You hit the scenery jackpot!

    1. Hi Barb! It's pouring out, so I have a chance to answer some welcome comments! The scenery is magnificent, and I never tire of drinking it all in. I am a Pisces, and I can never get enough of the ocean. I hope you had fun in Arizona with your girlfriends! If the rain lasts long enough, I'll have a chance to catch up on your blog to find out. The moment the sun comes out, I'm planning to go to Haleiwa to find a paddle board instructor. Enjoy those gorgeous Colorado mountains! I may have to leave Hawaii, but I get to go home to Colorado! Take care!

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Terry! I finally got to see Waimea Valley and Waimea Falls. What a wonderful spot! Of course, I was thinking of you and David. I put a picture of the falls in my post Paradise 3. When I get home I want to do a post on the botanical gardens and falls. I hope all is well at Moondance Ranch! Take care.

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Sandra! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for leaving a comment and becoming a follower. I'll be visiting yours very soon ~ maybe even today if the rain keeps up. Have a great day!


    Look, just look at those waves shots. The one of Terry walking into that wave is totally the best. Of course the other crashing waves are so great too. You are so lucky to be there.
    Now I know exactly where Jim and I should go and Sophie too. You need the sunset at night really you do.

    Hey Terry "you is one smart cookie"!!


    1. Hi Ron!
      Spot on about the sunset! We haven't missed one yet! Last evening I took dozens of photos just after the sun slipped below the horizon. I was fascinated with the colors and textures of the waves, foam, and sand. I can't wait to play with those shots!

      I love my new camera, but I have tons to learn about it. I'm going to download the full manual when I get home. Right now automatic and finding the horizon are my challenges.

      The first day I went out with my new camera, the sun was brilliant, and I began by trying to catch surfers on the waves. Ha! After about 100 shots, I realized that the camera beeped when it was focused. Duh! It has one of those viewfinders that opens up to the side, so you aren't pointed in the direction you are shooting. I could hardly see anything ~ I've since learned that you can see more through sunglasses than regular, although they polarize if you hold your camera vertically.

      I learned that you watch for a splash in the cresting wave (that would be the surfer kicking off), focus on the leading edge of the curl (that's where the surfer will be), and snap as soon as you spot him/her. I'm going to do a surfing post when I get home. I thought the waves were huge, but a surfer said that it was a mild day, they were only 4-5 feet high. I so want to see the big waves 20-30 feet high! Sometimes they actually reach 40 feet ~ but that is rare.

      It's brightening out!!! And calm (on the water), but still raining in our yard. Soon I get to hit the water.

      Have a great day! I do hope you get some solid sunshine. Your garden sounds beautiful! Take care!

    2. I'm reading a book by Trey Ratcliffe "A World in HDR"....I'm so excited by this new avenue I'm taking. He has a away of explaining his beliefs that I really click with. HDR is revolutionary just like the Impressionists of yesteryear. It's going to take a lot of mistakes/huh what happened/ and figuring out...just like you in your new camera world. That's what art and the right side of the brain is all about with the left side putting some order into it.

      Looking forward to those wave shots!!


    3. Hi Ron! Just found this! I must have accidentally deleted the gmail notice. So of course, I had to go google Trey Ratcliffe. I thought I was in trouble before! Looks fascinating! More fascinating than going to the grocery store so we have something to eat in the house! I have a lot of catching up to do! Hope your day is going well!

  10. Yep! Terry is the Smart One here!! Look at those small(?) waves!! great shots Louise! Yes, I like Terry's choice for you much better. What would we do without these smart men around? I ask ya!
    One would have to be a pretty confident swimmer to tackle that surf, I feel.

    1. Hi Jim! I'm catching up with my comments ~ a few at a time, since I'm tired from a lot of erratic hours. I did not go in that surf! Although Terry tried, and once was enough! Once the waves lay down, I was able to go in. The waves on the North Shore can run 20-30 feet high and sometimes 40. I so want to see these waves ~ well back from the shore! When I went paddle boarding at Waikiki, the waves were only about 1.5 - 2 feet high and much gentler ~ no wicked shore break or ledges there (at least that part). Take care!

  11. Then, you're lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Such GREAT IMAGES! How can you soak in all this beauty? I find it overwhelming!

    1. Hi Rose Fern! I just got home late last night, so I'm just able to answer your comment now. I'll be catching up during the next few days and look forward to seeing your blog again. Thanks for your kind words! Take care!


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