Monday, November 12, 2012

007 Payback

Sometimes payback is a B#$^&,
and sometimes it's pure pleasure.

Two weeks ago Terry took me to see Cloud Atlas 
with the understanding that I'd go to a movie of his choosing next.  
He picked the latest 007 movie, Skyfall

Like this was tough duty!
I was reading Ian Fleming before the Bond movies hit the theaters.

My first Bond movie was Goldfinger
and, as a very young teen, 
I was completely entranced with the myth of Jill Masterson dying 
from asphyxiation in a coat of gold paint.

I have enjoyed many 007 adventures since.
This movie did not disappoint!

Skyfall is a must see!

The movie is a spy action thriller, but it transcends the genre and becomes a compelling drama with well-defined characters whose struggles hook you from the beginning.

The movie begins with James Bond and another agent trying to recover a stolen M16 hard drive containing the identities of NATO agents working undercover in terrorist groups.  If they cannot recover the hard drive, the covert agents will be identified and killed.

The mastermind behind the theft is Raoul Silva.  He is a former M16 agent who has a personal vendetta against M, the head of M16, the British spy agency.  Raoul strikes with escalating cyber and physical attacks on M16 headquarters.  Bond's assignment is to stop Silva.

M16 Headquarters
Silva is not the only the only challenge for Bond and M.  They are both struggling with age and relevance in changing times.  It is a conflict between the old and the new, with the future direction of M16 at stake.

The opening chase scene will leave you breathless!
It gives motorcycle tricks and fist fights on train tops new meaning; 
and a plunge into deep water descends 
into a dark and symbol-rich subconscious.
It sets the tone for action throughout the movie.

Aston Martin DB5 Stunt Car Used in Skyfall

The cinematography captures you from the beginning.  
The film is visually gorgeous from Istanbul, to Shanghai, London, and Scotland.

The action is juxtaposed against unforgettable images:
tumbling oranges in a crowded bazaar, 
tiled roofs, 
a biting shovel,
a pool of blue in a dark sky, 
pulsating electric jellyfish, 
fire floating on water, 
a komodo dragon pit, 
a darkly luxurious casino 
where men menace in tuxedoes and women entice in sleek gowns,
rain lashing over gloomy gray buildings,
cold, sere, bleak moors.

The action cuts across quiet, tense moments:  
sexy, fear-laden, deadly.

The conversation is sparse and subtle, 
but colored with double entendre and wit.
Not a word is wasted.
The cast is excellent!
Daniel Craig is James Bond, an older, injured 007. 
Still powerful, unflappable, sexy, experienced, with the skills to meet any challenge.

Daniel Craig

Judi Dench is M, the head of M16.
Strong, cool, terse, and able to take the heat for her toughest calls.

Judi Dench

Javier Bardem is the villain Raoul Silva.
Creepy, hypnotic, a cat toying with mice in its claws.

Javier Bardem

Add in Naomie Harris (Eve Moneypenny), 
Ben Whishaw (Q), 
Bérénice Marlohe (Séverine), 
and Ralph Fiennes (Gareth Mallory), 
and you have a winning mix of characters you will not forget.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie on many levels.
I'm just going to have to see it again.

IMAX Cinema, Waterloo
And in case you wondered.
I did not bring a hotdog in my purse to the theater.
I've climbed up a steep learning curve.
Slap the STUBS and credit card on the snack counter.
Order the Producer's Pick (last weeks Manager's Special):
two very good hotdogs and a large cola
with a small popcorn upsized to a medium
in a carrier.

What's another $22 bucks?  Afterall,
it covers a souvenir Twilight bag and a Hobbit cup.  


  1. I haven't seen a Bond film in so long! And this one, thanks to your review, Louise, sounds very good.

    I remember seeing Goldfinger way back in the 60's and was so impressed by all the gadgets and futuristic look.

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thanks for reading my review. Since you read it, I went back and rewrote it a little, adding some open source/creative commons images. This is only the third review I've ever written, and I'm trying to find my way. The first was at least 40 years ago, the second Cloud Atlas. You are so kind to review my posts and add encouraging comments.

  2. Jim's going to want to go now....only thing is speedy bang 'em up and catch 'em movies are too hard to handle since his brush with concussions. You never know he might make it through. I love Judi Dench in everything she's done especially the PBS stuff..As time goes by...LOVE!

  3. Hi Ron!
    It's not all thriller action - although the action scenes are something else. The opening scene had me slumped down in my seat with my eyes barely able to see over the seat in front of me. And you know with a komodo dragon something bad is going to happen.

    There are pulsating lights in Shanghai and almost strobe-like effects in the fight scene in Scotland. I'm not sure what might impact Jim. Some of the most mesmerizing scenes are basically conversation.

    Did you see Judi Dench in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? She was wonderful and completely different from M!
    I'll have to check out her PBS stuff, because she is amazing.

    You have to see Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva in Skyfall! He is unforgettable!

    Thanks for all the time you have spent looking at my blog and encouraging me. I appreciate it more than you and Jim can imagine.


Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them very much.