Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sky Fire

Sometimes Terry insists I stop and look out the window.
Yesterday evening was one such time.
He is a lover of sunrises and sunsets.

Last evening's sunset was spectacular!

Southwest from Our Driveway

West from Our Driveway

Northwest from Our Driveway

Just one of the countless reasons why I love him!


  1. Yes, Terry is correct! It is always good to pause or stop and 'smell the roses' so to speak. I know it is difficult at times but just think of the beautiful things you would this beautiful sunset right outside your door!
    Great shots Louise.

  2. Thanks Jim! There have been many more sunrises and sunsets in my life because of Terry!

  3. These are gorgeous without a doubt. A lady by the name of Terry at 'Moondance Ranch'...a blog title you can find on my side bar if you are interested.... in Colorado posted some sunset pics too. You guys are so fortunate to experience Mother Nature at her best.

    PS...just came up from the did I hide those WHS pics or what! Still searching...I did find one of Ken Pineo at my birthday party in the late 1950's...I've got a weird crazy smile on my face and my brother looks like a hood...Ken is having a grand time for sure.


  4. I do love Colorado! And we have many beautiful sunrises and sunsets! I hope you do post some of those old pictures!

  5. Hi from another Colorado blogger! I saw your link on Jim's blog, and came on over. We must have enjoyed the same gorgeous sunset.

  6. Hi Terry! Thanks for coming over! I visited your blog and decided to follow it. Sophie, Ron, and Jim pointing me your way can't be wrong!


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