Monday, November 19, 2012

Colored in Browns and Grays

I walked alone down into the park along Piney Creek this morning.
A hush lay on the land.

Not a leaf stirred, 
and the world was colored in browns and grays.

No sound of bird, 
no breath of wind.

No ripple touched the empty pond.

Even the fluff of bullrushes, 
among the fallen leaves,

And then,
a sudden silent movement,
a scamper of brown along gray,

vanishing into serenity.

A November palette between snows.

Pale stars beneath my feet.

A landscape soft and still.

Line and texture,
bark limned by space.

After years of seeking,

One perfect sparrow,
colored in browns and grays.


  1. The 2 colours are mirrored's truly quite stunning....I especially love the bark in the 1st photo...I a bark person(pun intended)...I have a couple trees in my backyard that I look at all the time because the bark is so intriguing...lovely captures today....thanks!
    PS...I'm #5 on the revolving globe thingie! ;-)

  2. Hey Sophie! # 5 How appropriate! ^5 ^5 ^5! I can't believe I actually got the globe thingie to work. Thanks again, Ron!

    I too am a bark person, Sophie. I am fascinated with the bark of the cottonwood tree. I look at it and touch it all the time. It is rough and hard and deeply corrugated, even when it is wet.

    It was silent and still when I went into the park yesterday. At first glance it looked barren, and I made it a game to find as many different things to photograph as I could when I subtracted color.

    That squirrel was a fluke - there and gone in a split second.

    And the sparrow - after years of trying to get a good picture of a sparrow - there it was. I had a friend who called sparrows "garbage birds." I think they are pretty, little birds and so lovely in their soft browns and grays!

    Have a good one, Sophie and Ron! ^5

    1. That very strange....but....his/her eyes remind me of Sophie's eyes...just something about the expression...maybe it's the outline around the's so interesting how these kind of things happen!

    2. There is something about that sparrow's expression! There is thought, with depth, in that eye. Whenever I look at this little sparrow, I feel incredible sweetness. It is such a tiny thing, and yet it is the essence of sweetness. I believe that there is a lot more going on in living things than we could ever guess.

      I've tried so many times to capture a sparrow in a photo, and now this unexpected picture. If I never got another good bird picture, I would still be filled accomplishment. and happiness.

      It used to drive me crazy when my friend (now deceased) would call sparrows "garbage birds." They may be common, but they are lovely and are such light-hearted spirits.

  3. Louise, you have left me speechless this morning with this post. Absolutely beautiful.I could 'feel' the quietness. Thanks.

  4. Thank you Jim! I'm so glad that you could feel the quietness. There is beauty all around us is the most unexpected places.

    I went into the park on Monday hoping to find the 5 point buck or the female deer. I checked out all their hiding places - nothing. And yet I found incredible peace and beauty.

    And one perfect sparrow - sweet, vulnerable, strong, and so tiny! I keep going back and looking at the pictures myself. I can't believe I took them!

    You always encourage me with your comments. You are awesome!

  5. Well done, I enjoyed looking carefully into each pic!
    I love this tinge, like a link between all of them!
    I think the sparrow has decided you were no threat! LOL!
    You brought up the quality of the bark beautifully!

  6. I just found this kind comment, Noushka! Thank you so much.


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