Monday, November 5, 2012

When Starbucks Got the Chicago Blues!

Starbucks is a dangerous place!

Now I can safely sidestep 

all the Starbucks temptations 

such as ...

* venti coffee with 1 pump hazelnut, 2 pumps caramel, 3 shots of expresso,
     3 sugar in the raw, 2 equals, 1 splenda,
     filled to the top with cream, chocolate drizzle on top,
     double cupped with sleeve, and a stopper in the top; or,

* a non fat soy Tazo iced orange blossom tea latte,
     light on the foam, easy on the ice,
     a sprinkle of nutmeg on top,
     with a sleeve and a stir stick;

     and go straight for my medium regular with room.

But my trouble begins at the counter while I'm waiting for the barista to pour my coffee.

It's those dang Starbucks music CDs!
I just have to take a peak at what's new.

Those CDs are always unique, unexpected, and alluring!
Last Thursday my eyes spied When Chicago Got the Blues.

It was over before it started.
Out came the VISA for a card reload and the CD!

I love the Blues!
I think I fell for them when
I first heard Janis Joplin
belt out "Summertime."   

I certainly got an education
in the Blues when
I met my first husband 
on a blind date in Madrid.

He was a paralyzed 
101st Airborne
Screaming Eagle
singing country and blues 
to homesick American GIs
club to club in
and Madrid.

I was always such a romantic!

So while my ever-patient Terry was safely at work,
I rocked our home with Chicago Blues 
all Thursday afternoon and Friday!

Howlin' Wolf,  Sonny Boy Williamson,
Muddy Waters,  Otis Spann,  Little Walter,
Jimmy Read,  Bo Diddley,  Otis Rush,  Koko Taylor,
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band,
Junior Wells,  Buddy Guy,  Etta James,                                                                   Magic Sam,  Willie Dixon,
Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers!

It doesn't get any better than this!

Now it's not that I hide 
my all-too-frequent Starbucks acquisitions
from my EP-husband.
I just don't open a conversation with them.

So last night my EP-husband hit play on the CD player, 
and Howlin' Wolf hit it with Killing Floor.

"A new Starbucks find?" 
says he, giving me the LOOK!
He looks with exclamation marks.

Wang Dang Doodle!
Lord have mercy!
You've been made, girl!
Faster than a Buddy Guy blues lick!

Not to worry!
Pretty soon the EP was engrossed with his iPad,
and not much later he was groovin' to the Chicago Blues!

Now I am not a blues musician,
nor a blues historian,
but I know what I like,
and I love a blues harp!

My X Screaming Eagle GI could
blow, draw, bend, and block a harp with the best of them!

This album has some great blues harpists!

My absolutely, no holds barred, favorite cut
on this CD is 
Insane Asylum 
by Koko Taylor and featuring Willie Dixon. 

Now I've lost at love too many times,
and I've been sunk in a blue funk,
dark and deep,
more than once.

It might have been therapeutic to belt out: 
"When your love has ceased to be
 (Lord have mercy) 
 There's no other place for me
(Mmm mmm)!"    

Not that it would have made any difference to 
a certain silver-tongued  #*%^# :0 !!!

So, if you love the Blues Chicago Style
head out to your local Starbucks and rifle through its CDs.
You just might find
When Chicago Got the Blues!


  1. Oh, can you just imagine spending time in a bar back then and listening to them live!!
    Loved this Louise! A smooth and passionate way to end my day. Thanks.

  2. I wish! I think about it often. And I play my albums over and over, dancing around the house.

  3. You certainly have it right!
    I love them too!
    Thanks for your wise comment about the bees, we MUST all react and save them, our future depends on their well-being!
    Cheers from France!

  4. and as I was slipping into Starbuck`s for my grande noroom Americano and Jim`s grande noroom China Green Tips Tea....which I may add(the staff knows and jump to it to put a smile on my face)...I fumbled through the CD case and didn`t buy time I will be more observant and surprise his Royal Highass(ness)....he`ll be most impressed and joyful! Now what`ll I do until tomorrow.

    1. It does make your day when the barista starts making your usual order with a smile, before you reach the counter. Today I've been listening to another Starbucks favorite: Sunset Strip to Haight Ashbury - The California Scene in the '60s. Good stuff! Until tomorrow just think about how happy your RH will be! Pats to sophie...^5!

  5. Love this one Louise and in particular Willie and Koko now off to bed for me. I told Lisa about your blog so don't be suprised if she pops up. SDM

  6. Hi SDM! Thanks for the comment! I've already discovered Lisa. She left me a very long and super comment, and I returned in kind. That scottie was so cute, and the contents were delicious. But not as delicious as your shortbread!


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