Friday, November 16, 2012

Cure for the Tropical Blues

It's a cold, bright day in Colorado, 
and I find myself thinking of balmy breezes, tropical skies, and warm water.

I just want to go to my favorite beach!

Down These Steps Is Paradise!

Don't want to iron that mound of clothes!
Don't want to bake those cookies!

I just want to feel warm sand between my toes.

Terry's First Glimpse of Paradise!

Don't want to pay the bills!
Don't want to take out the pile of recycling!

I just want to hear waves washing on the shore.

My Favorite Beach, North Shore, Oahu

Don't want to sort through the mail!
Don't want to peel the carrots!

I just want to walk under tropical skies with Terry.

Terry in Paradise

Don't want to go to the grocery store!
Don't want to clean bird poop off the deck table!

I just want to float away in warm blue water.

Louise in Paradise

Guess I'll put on Zac Brown Band's You Get What You Give album
and drown my tropical blues in a glass of milk and warm chocolate chip cookies!

Cure for the Tropical Blues!

Knee Deep by the Zak Brown Band

I'm glad I baked those cookies!
Works every time!


  1. Oh Louise! I can see why this beach is so special to you I shiver away here on the north Atlantic coast!! Oh for a warm beach....

    Love Zac Brown too!

    1. I was determined not to like the Zak Brown Band because I hate beards and wool caps, especially together! But their music is phenomenal, and I couldn't resist!

      I've been to a number of beautiful beaches in different parts of the world, but this is my favorite so far. We had to swear to secrecy and promise never to reveal its name. You have to know how to get to those stairs; but you can walk to it over a mile+ of either pointy lava and/or hot sand. Most tourists have no idea that it is there. A bucket item list for me is to head back when the BIG WAVES are hitting the shore. Just to marvel at with awe!

      Curl up with Sophie and stay warm!

  2. Louise...I remember you saying you were going to Hawaii for a must have been so beautiful if the beaches look like these. What a wonderful trip for you and Terry...leave work and head for the beaches...oh yeah in Hawaii! ;-) ;-)

    1. Thank God for my nephew Neil and my new niece Jeannie! They chose to have their wedding in Honolulu. At first I thought: Really, Neil? Do you know what that is going to cost? But it was the best time!

      And I have always dreamed of seeing the North Shore of Oahu. I had always thought that it would be ruined - but it wasn't! There can be a lot of traffic on the weekend (all those people escaping Honolulu and the tourists), and I can't even imagine what it must be like when world class surfers hit the big waves, but it was paradise for us.

      We hadn't been to Hawaii in twenty-three years, a fact of great distress to me, but Terry is now champing at the bit to get back to the North Shore. But he has to get a "DEAL!" He is all about the hunt for the deal.
      I better stop buying the Producer's Pick - two really good hotdogs and a large drink + medium popcorn upsized to large - for $22 bucks. Twice was enough.

      Our seventeen year nephew is here for a week (his parents live in India - so it's hard for him to go home for the Thanksgiving weekend). We're going to go to the movies. He wants to see Sky Fall; Terry wants to see Argo and Lincoln; I want to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 (actually I want to see them all - never met a movie I didn't like!). So a number of movies are in my near future!

      Have a good weekend.


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